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  1. Waking up at some point, Jon groggily remembers drinking too much wine. He cant seem to cone up with a reason for drinking at all. Was it simply to relax and let himself go for once? or was it for no real reason other than boredom? Realizing that he's still dressed, Jon changes his clothing, and attends to his bodily needs. Making water, brushing out his bed made hair do, and freshening his breath. He becomes aware that the sun is no longer up, and wonders if it's before, during or after the nightly party at the Haus. Jon steps to his door unlocks it, and heads downstairs to find out.
  2. Jon collected some late breakfast, and sat eating methodically. Apparently many people wake late while staying here, because the staff didn't bat an eye at his late breakfast request. Crunching through a peice of toast, Jon sees Kitten slip upstairs. He waves, but she ducks away 'I guess she didn't see me. Or shes avoiding me for some reason. I swear that woman's moods change by the second.' Waiting around downstairs hoping that one of the sisters would come and chat with him. Jon starts to get bored. All of his business affairs are well in hand with the exception of this the Haus. He's n
  3. Side stepping to stand behind his chair, Jon leans on the chair back with his elbows, "What terms?" Jon scoffs before continuing, "The only thing that resembles terms that I have received from you, is that I am to pleasure you if I want your contract. A contract that I haven't even seen." Jon takes a long breath through his nose, before continuing, "So you've already drawn up a contract?" Jon asks rhetorically, "How do you expect us to negotiate anything if your terms are set? You don't even know the full extent of what I'm offering you and your haus." Jon shakes his head, then continues, "Thi
  4. Jon woke up again in stages, first he started to notice the birds singing outside his window. Then he felt the blankets, still sitting exactly where they were when he went back to sleep. He then became aware of his own morning breath. Jerking back his head, and giving it a shake to clear his nose of that smell. Finally opening his eyes, Jon saw that the sun had moved considerably higher. 'How did I sleep so long? It must be closer to lunch than breakfast at this point.' As if in answer to his thought Jon's stomach grumbled, low and fierce. Taking a deep breath Jon swings his legs off t
  5. Jon laughed, an laughed again at the face Sapphira made when he laughed the first time, "Brilliant! You are bloody brilliant!" Jon smiled to show that he wasn't poking fun, but instead giving rather enthusiastic praise. "This is exactly why I want to strike a deal with the Haus of Three. Thank you for that example of your prowess." Jon saw the flash of confusion register upon the woman's face, quickly hidden, but hard to miss so close. It was then that he realized that she was being serious about her advances, and her suggestion of pleasuring her. Thinking quickly on how the extradite him
  6. Jon woke up in the middle of the night to Emmeline thrashing around, apparently having a bad dream about the events surrounding the last time Jon visited the Haus. She kept mumbling things about the murder, and Jon heard her call his name a couple times. "It's okay Emmeline, I'm here, and you're safe. I won't let him get you." Gently running his fingers through her hair, he waited until the dream had past and she slipped back into sleep before he let himself calm down. 'My poor Emmeline, that night scarred you badly.' Jon thought sadly. He hugged her lightly, so as not to wake her, and whisper
  7. Jon snuggled his face up against the back of Emmeline's neck, and inhaled the scent of her deeply. He released the warm breath slowly taking almost a minute on that one breath alone. Sinking deeper into relaxation, Jon murmurs his response, barely audible, "Sex is a natural part of life for me as well, not so mundane as eating and drinking mind. Unless we're talking a festival meal of course." Jon winks so his eyelashes brush the back of Emmeline's ear, "I've found that a few things are worth waiting for, and I believe that you are one of those things Emmeline." Jon falls into a semi-conscienc
  8. 'Light, she's good. Perfect indifference, well done Miss Belrose. Well done indeed.' Jon thinks while watching Jodelle through his own perfectly indifferent mask. "You are correct. My lodgings plus the cost of the required entertainment would be too much, which is why I was willing to pay for the entertainment. My own lodgings will cost you next to nothing. I eat very little, and I drink virtually no alcohol. Your tea supplies might suffer, but If required I can provide my own tea leaf." Jon smiles, not to show a jest, but by way of friendliness. "I will also not be sharing a bed with any of y
  9. Jodelle's forceful voice commands, "Enter." and Jon does as he was bid. Jodelle would notice Jon keeping his eyes averted at first, to give time for a reaction in case Jodelle was expecting someone else. Once inside Jon bows formally, "Good day to you Jodelle. Please forgive my intrusion, I will keep this brief so you can get back to what you were doing." Jon pulls out Kitten's moonstone necklace, keeping it carefully hidden within his hand, "I have been speaking with Emm-" He cuts off abruptly, and tries to cover with a cough. "ahem, excuse me. I have been speaking with Kitten about the e
  10. Laying there, curled up together with his arms wrapped around her, Jon was confused. Confused by her sudden shift in mood, covering up and turning away like that. Jon mentally went back over everything that had just been said, looking for where he must have misspoken. Finding nothing ovious he tried to look at things though her eyes. 'Where did this begin.' Jon thought, 'Are you a virgin she asked, and apparently no was not the right answer. Now... Why?' The barrage of questions about his past lovers struck him one after another, and at first he just layed there stunned. Inhaling suddenly as i
  11. Jon starts to laugh between gasping breaths. "I bet you meant to think that last question." He manages to say, while he tucks a stray hair behind her ear. Controlling his laughter, Jon continues, "I'm not a virgin Emmeline, but I can see how you would confuse my sexual restraint with inexperience or fear." He brushes his fingers across her cheek, and then runs his fingers through her hair. Jon sighs, both because he is content in this moment, and because he's not sure he should say what he wants to say. He chooses to push forward, "Emmeline, I enjoy your company. There is something very sp
  12. Jon sat mesmerized listening to Emmeline sing, but the full import of her song was so sad and lonely. 'How can one little person be so sad inside, or lonely while in the presence of others.' Jon thought sadly. The Jon started wondering if she was trying to tell him something of the futility of love, or at least of a relationship with her. He mentally talked himself down, 'Sometimes a song is just a song.' Aloud Jon only said, "It is a beautiful piece, and beautifully sung too." He smiled down at her, "You are full of surprises Miss Emmeline Belrose." She surprised him by slipping down, and hoo
  13. Continued from Some Time Later at the Haus: Reply #28
  14. Having been off balance long enough Jon forces the events of Sapphira's room out of his mind, 'What happens in Sapphira's room stays in Sapphira's room.' Jon thought, adding a mental smirk for good measure. Now feeling much more himself he turned his full attention to Kitten, just in time to see her pout for a moment while seemingly distracted by her own thoughts. The pout was gone in a flash, perhaps never there at all. It was replaced with a look of determination of all things. It took a good part of Jon's merchant training not to raise an eyebrow at that one. The unfeigned look of disappoin
  15. Jon pauses outside Sapphira's door to take a few deep breaths, because his temperature was still running a little high from his encounter with Sapphira. With negotiations complete, at least for today, Jon thought that maybe he would sit tonight out, and spend some time relaxing in his room. Heading toward his room, Jon went over the business aspects of everything that just happened in Sapphira's room. He wanted to make sure that the deal went smoothly, and that both sides benefited from the arrangement. Lost in thought, he didn't see Kitten step out of her room to intentional bump into him. Re
  16. Jon knew he was in trouble the moment Sapphira opened the door. It may have been the look in her eye, both playful and mischievous. It could have been the corset she wore, which showed enough pale flesh to make Jon swallow hard. Or perhaps it was the skirt which was only two hands wide, or the golden stockings, whose garters disappeared under that tiny, tiny skirt. Maybe it was a combination of all of those things. "Welcome Jon." She said. The words seeming at first surprisingly formal, considering what she was wearing. The use of his first name however, helped soften it from formal to somethi
  17. Jon quirked an eyebrow, and muttered lamely, "How does my question beget no answer?" He realized that he spoke to quietly for her to hear as she walked away, and sighed heavily. 'This woman will be the end of me yet.' Thought Jon while standing up and dusting off his own clothing, Jon walked slowly back into the haus. Instead of going up to his room right away, Jon stops by the bar. Asking the bartender, "Can I have a glass of wine please. But can you water it down so that it's only one quarter wine, and the rest water? Thanks." Smiling to the girl while paying for the wine, Jon tips her a lit
  18. Jon's teeth showed with the breadth of his smile when Emmeline finally gave him permission to call her by that name. Even if only when they were alone together. He has always seen her as Emmeline, and Kitten is this other person that she wears as a mask to protect herself. Perhaps that's why he he feels so protective when Kitten is distraught, because that's when a little piece of Emmeline shines through. The vulnerable core of her person. "Thank you Emmeline." Is all Jon says in response, in a quiet voice that you can hear the smile in. Jon held back a laugh when Emmeline scrunched up her
  19. Kitten's intimate touching startles Jon, since he's not used to women being quite so forward. Jon keeps his focus on what is important, even though he is enjoying the passionate kisses. The Important thing is making sure Kitten is okay, and so Jon pulls back gently and takes her face in his hands forcing eye contact. "You don't have to do this, it won't make anything better Kitten." When she stops Jon releases her face, and wraps his arms around her once more. When she nuzzles against him again Jon finally relaxes. He didn't realize how tense he was until it was all released at once, causing h
  20. With the mess of glass, Jodelle slapping Kitten completely off a stool, and the events following that excitement Jon has little to do while the sisters make ready for their evening festivities. He dispatches a few messenger boys before heading up to the room provided for him. Once inside Jon sends the girl they left for him away without making use of her talents. He gave her a silver penny, mostly because he felt bad that she may have missed another opportunity with a real client if she hadn't been told to warm his bed. Jon then settled his belongings, and prepared for his meeting with Sapphir
  21. Jon's hand, which was not used to manual labour, and thus rather smooth, continued to run it's course up and down Kittens arm. He was oblivious to the shiver that ran though her at his touch, whether it be because he has rough skin to her or because Kitten secretly believes him to be a murderer he was none the wiser. Jon's guiltless met Kittens's without flinching, and when she reached up a hand to touch her sisters cheek Jon relaxed a little bit. Kitten would be okay, she cared for her sister - whom Jon knew meant the world to her. Also, Jon was kind of excited to see the two twins kiss,
  22. Jon studies Sapphira closely for a moment, when she mentions that she is rarely seen without the dragon torc. Confused slightly since he can't see the jewelry on her right now. However when Sapphira winks, and Jon clues into the fact that he has seen some of her performances the last time he was in the Haus. That's when he realizes what she would have to be wearing (or not wearing) to make the torc visible. Jon's cheeks turn crimson, the flush creeping up his neck and continuing to the roots of his hair. Knowing full well that he couldn't hope to hide such a fierce blush, Jon simply pretends t
  23. Jon spends most of the conversation speaking with Jodelle, with Kitten being unusually silent. The topics of conversation vary, but none of them are the business they were speaking about before Kitten's arrival. Jon starts to notice a trend of leading questions, questions which always lead back to learning about Jon's past, while revealing almost nothing about Jodelle. Knowing that Jon lets himself be trapped by the leading questions, since he really doesn't mind sharing that information. besides, last time Kitten and Jon were together they didn't spend a lot of time speaking about themselves.
  24. "Now why would you open a friendly negotiation by misleading me about how busy you've been Jodelle? I always keep a close eye on the businesses that I invest in, or am thinking about investing in." Jon turns around and leans on the bar facing Jodelle, his body language and facial expression remain on the friendly side of neutral, but Jodelle would easily see that she has his full attention. "Now I know you want the upper hand here, but realistically I'm already offering you a fantastic deal. You've tried to source my product yourself since I was last here, and haven't been able to match -
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