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  1. Waking up at some point, Jon groggily remembers drinking too much wine. He cant seem to cone up with a reason for drinking at all. Was it simply to relax and let himself go for once? or was it for no real reason other than boredom? Realizing that he's still dressed, Jon changes his clothing, and attends to his bodily needs. Making water, brushing out his bed made hair do, and freshening his breath. He becomes aware that the sun is no longer up, and wonders if it's before, during or after the nightly party at the Haus. Jon steps to his door unlocks it, and heads downstairs to find out. -Jon Smythe
  2. Jon collected some late breakfast, and sat eating methodically. Apparently many people wake late while staying here, because the staff didn't bat an eye at his late breakfast request. Crunching through a peice of toast, Jon sees Kitten slip upstairs. He waves, but she ducks away 'I guess she didn't see me. Or shes avoiding me for some reason. I swear that woman's moods change by the second.' Waiting around downstairs hoping that one of the sisters would come and chat with him. Jon starts to get bored. All of his business affairs are well in hand with the exception of this the Haus. He's not interested in any of the girls who are not Kitten. With nothing else to do Jon orders a bottle of wine, and takes it up to his room. Jon locks the door, but fails to check the windows to see I they are locked. Sitting down on the bed Jon sets to work on the bottle. Half a glass in he begins to feel the effects, but he pushes through it and manages to drink four full glasses. Sitting there drunk Jon wonders idly when he took off his pants, and where they are now? Shrugging he lets the room spin slowly around him.
  3. Side stepping to stand behind his chair, Jon leans on the chair back with his elbows, "What terms?" Jon scoffs before continuing, "The only thing that resembles terms that I have received from you, is that I am to pleasure you if I want your contract. A contract that I haven't even seen." Jon takes a long breath through his nose, before continuing, "So you've already drawn up a contract?" Jon asks rhetorically, "How do you expect us to negotiate anything if your terms are set? You don't even know the full extent of what I'm offering you and your haus." Jon shakes his head, then continues, "This may be how you do business Mistress Belrose, but it is not how I do mine." Jon pauses, smiling before he continues, "Which is exactly why we need each other." Jon stands up straight, "When you want to try this again, without all the theatrics. I'll be here for the rest of today, and all of tomorrow." Jon bows, never taking his eyes off of Sapphira for a moment. Then he turns and heads for the door. 'That went well.' Jon thinks sarcastically.
  4. Jon woke up again in stages, first he started to notice the birds singing outside his window. Then he felt the blankets, still sitting exactly where they were when he went back to sleep. He then became aware of his own morning breath. Jerking back his head, and giving it a shake to clear his nose of that smell. Finally opening his eyes, Jon saw that the sun had moved considerably higher. 'How did I sleep so long? It must be closer to lunch than breakfast at this point.' As if in answer to his thought Jon's stomach grumbled, low and fierce. Taking a deep breath Jon swings his legs off the bed, and groggily makes his way through his morning routine. Now fully dressed, clean, and with refreshingly fresh breath. Jon makes his way downstairs to see what might be left over from breakfast. Or perhaps something that has been prepared early for lunch. *edited out badly autocorrected words for what they were intended to be in the first place.
  5. Jon laughed, an laughed again at the face Sapphira made when he laughed the first time, "Brilliant! You are bloody brilliant!" Jon smiled to show that he wasn't poking fun, but instead giving rather enthusiastic praise. "This is exactly why I want to strike a deal with the Haus of Three. Thank you for that example of your prowess." Jon saw the flash of confusion register upon the woman's face, quickly hidden, but hard to miss so close. It was then that he realized that she was being serious about her advances, and her suggestion of pleasuring her. Thinking quickly on how the extradite himself from this situation Jon smiled again, this time with a hint of flirtation in it. Placing his hands on the outside of her thighs, Jon pressed upward to indicate that she should stand. He hoped she would assume that he was looking for a better vantage point to follow up on her suggestion. When she stood balanced on her left foot, and extended her right foot to rest on the chair back behind Jon's shoulder, he had to swallow hard again. Jon's eyes travelled along supple pale flesh until he jerked his head up to meet Sapphira's eyes. She was smiling now, and the smile danced in those eyes. Shifting forward, Jon abruptly stood. He easily lifted Sapphira's tiny frame. The squawk of surprise nearly made Jon smile, but the anger he knew would shortly follow wiped any hint of a smile from Jon's face. Stepping forward back into view of the keyhole, Kitten would see Jon carrying Sapphira. Her right leg draped over his shoulder, with one hand on her right thigh to offer support. His free arm was wrapped around her left leg, both to support her small weight, and to prevent any kicking. Leaning to the left, and shifting his grip causes Sapphira to drop suddenly to the side. She makes another squawk of surprise as she falls, only to be caught cradled in Jon's arms. Setting her upon the edge of her desk, Jon promptly steps back out of kicking range, and unknowingly back out of Kittens view. Jon Smythe
  6. Jon woke up in the middle of the night to Emmeline thrashing around, apparently having a bad dream about the events surrounding the last time Jon visited the Haus. She kept mumbling things about the murder, and Jon heard her call his name a couple times. "It's okay Emmeline, I'm here, and you're safe. I won't let him get you." Gently running his fingers through her hair, he waited until the dream had past and she slipped back into sleep before he let himself calm down. 'My poor Emmeline, that night scarred you badly.' Jon thought sadly. He hugged her lightly, so as not to wake her, and whispered, "I will take care of you Emmeline, if only you will let me." Jon slipped back into a fitful sleep of his own, where dreams of shadows chasing Emmeline plagued him. He couldn't defend her from these shadows, in some his staff swung right through them. In others he was away on business, only to return and find out that they had gotten to her while he was away. While in a third Kitten was pointing a finger at him, and accusing him of the crime itself. No matter what type of nightmare he had, they were all terrible to Jon. The first because it seemed supernatural, and the supernatural had to do with the One Power.The second because it reminded him of his past fiancee who fell ill, and died while he was away on business. The last because he could never do the terrible things that he was accused of in those dreams, and the thought that Kitten might believe that he could was almost more than he could bear. Jon awoke fully as his door clicked shut, and when he opened his eyes to see Kitten gone he only sighed. He was surprised that he slept through her leaving this time, but with the dreams he had had all night still fresh in his mind he could at least understand why. She must have just left, since he could still feel her on his lips, and her side of the bed was still warm. The scent of her still hung in the air near the blankets, and pillow. Not the perfume she wore, but the smell of her herself. Jon buried his face in her pillow and closed his eyes. Still too groggy to face the day, Jon let himself drift back into sleep. Bless the Light, this time he didn't dream. -Jon Smythe
  7. Jon snuggled his face up against the back of Emmeline's neck, and inhaled the scent of her deeply. He released the warm breath slowly taking almost a minute on that one breath alone. Sinking deeper into relaxation, Jon murmurs his response, barely audible, "Sex is a natural part of life for me as well, not so mundane as eating and drinking mind. Unless we're talking a festival meal of course." Jon winks so his eyelashes brush the back of Emmeline's ear, "I've found that a few things are worth waiting for, and I believe that you are one of those things Emmeline." Jon falls into a semi-conscience state, his mind no longer really awake, while his free hand gently runs his fingers through Emmeline's hair. This continues for about an hour before his arm flops over, and lays still. -Jon Smythe
  8. 'Light, she's good. Perfect indifference, well done Miss Belrose. Well done indeed.' Jon thinks while watching Jodelle through his own perfectly indifferent mask. "You are correct. My lodgings plus the cost of the required entertainment would be too much, which is why I was willing to pay for the entertainment. My own lodgings will cost you next to nothing. I eat very little, and I drink virtually no alcohol. Your tea supplies might suffer, but If required I can provide my own tea leaf." Jon smiles, not to show a jest, but by way of friendliness. "I will also not be sharing a bed with any of your employees, so there will be no cost to you for that." Jon sighs deeply, "Based on the options you have provided, and your unwillingness to continue negotiating..." Jon trails off for but a moment before continuing, "I'm sorry that our business dealings must come to an end after such a promising start." Jon drops his mask of indifference, replacing it with a look of sadness, "I'm a fair man Miss Belrose, and that deal before you is a good one. I will leave it with you for tonight, and all of tomorrow. If you want to continue negotiating any of the business aspects of our arrangement, you know where to find me. If you worry that my social trips to the Haus would be a cost, we could make further arrangements for me to cover my own costs during those visits. If however you wish to continue to attempt to control any aspect of my social life, on this I am not willing to negotiate." With that Jon turns on his heel, and walks back to his room wearing righteous indignation like armour.
  9. Jodelle's forceful voice commands, "Enter." and Jon does as he was bid. Jodelle would notice Jon keeping his eyes averted at first, to give time for a reaction in case Jodelle was expecting someone else. Once inside Jon bows formally, "Good day to you Jodelle. Please forgive my intrusion, I will keep this brief so you can get back to what you were doing." Jon pulls out Kitten's moonstone necklace, keeping it carefully hidden within his hand, "I have been speaking with Emm-" He cuts off abruptly, and tries to cover with a cough. "ahem, excuse me. I have been speaking with Kitten about the events that transpired earlier today." Jon studies this woman carefully, the only one of the three sisters who hasn't come onto him today. "She hasn't sent me to you, I came on my own to once more offer my services." Jon smiles, a modest smile. Not even in his top five, he didn't want this sister to think he was flirting with her during a negotiation, "I believe I can have your mirror replaced before you open tomorrow, at no cost to you once so ever." He notes the slight change in her eyes, "You are correct of course, there is always a catch." Jon shrugs helplessly, "This is all I ask in return, allow me to use this place as an office, and broker some deals where my services would be of benefit." Jon pulls out a sheaf of papers, "This is a list of every item I've seen downstairs, in the kitchens, and within the rooms themselves." Jon indicates the first column on the page, where a detailed itemized list divided by location can be seen. "The second column is the price you would pay if I broker the deals through my extensive network of contacts. The items would be of similar quality, or better. I do not deal in low quality merchandise." Jon let the woman's eyes scan down the list, he knew full well that all but three of the items on the list he had a better price for. More than half the list he could beat his competitors price by at least ten percent, and three of the Haus' most used resources he could beat the going rate by almost half. "I know you can see the value here, and all I ask is for is two things. First, room and board when I'm in the area. Second, the services o enough girls, who would be paid for their time, to entertain my business guests." Jon pauses for a second before he adds, "Oh, and privacy from those same girls for myself." when he remembers the girl he asked to leave his room earlier today. Jon waits still carefully watching Jodelles every movement.
  10. Laying there, curled up together with his arms wrapped around her, Jon was confused. Confused by her sudden shift in mood, covering up and turning away like that. Jon mentally went back over everything that had just been said, looking for where he must have misspoken. Finding nothing ovious he tried to look at things though her eyes. 'Where did this begin.' Jon thought, 'Are you a virgin she asked, and apparently no was not the right answer. Now... Why?' The barrage of questions about his past lovers struck him one after another, and at first he just layed there stunned. Inhaling suddenly as if surprised, Jon realized where Emmeline's thoughts must have gone. "My dear Emmeline, please allow me to explain further." He tensed his arms, gently squeezing her by way of a hug, "First, know that I do want you." He shifted slightly, pressing the evidence of his wanting against her, "The only reason that I've been restraining myself with you at all, is that I don't want to be just another man in your life. I know you can have your pick of men, you are beautiful, and seductive. You have no idea how hard it has been to resist your advances." Jon's voice takes on an exadurating tone to show just how tough it has been, "I want to be special for you. No, I want to be special to you. I want to be the man that you want to come back to, not just that guy you sometimes share a bed with." "Let me ask you this: If we had slept together that first time we could have, would I even be interesting to you anymore?" Jon held her tight, asking his last question into the back of her neck. His lips so close that they brush against her tender skin.
  11. Jon starts to laugh between gasping breaths. "I bet you meant to think that last question." He manages to say, while he tucks a stray hair behind her ear. Controlling his laughter, Jon continues, "I'm not a virgin Emmeline, but I can see how you would confuse my sexual restraint with inexperience or fear." He brushes his fingers across her cheek, and then runs his fingers through her hair. Jon sighs, both because he is content in this moment, and because he's not sure he should say what he wants to say. He chooses to push forward, "Emmeline, I enjoy your company. There is something very special buried inside you. You try to hide it with your Kitten persona, but I can see it sometimes." Jon smiles warmly, "You've been revealing a little of yourself since outside, and much more so since you entered this room tonight." Jon lets his eyes wander down her body intentionally slowly, savoring her beauty. At some point the silk robe had come open, revealing the transparent dress beneath, "No pun intended." He jokes. "I really like the dress by the way. It is..." he trails off looking for the perfect descriptor. "Enticing" he finishes.
  12. Jon sat mesmerized listening to Emmeline sing, but the full import of her song was so sad and lonely. 'How can one little person be so sad inside, or lonely while in the presence of others.' Jon thought sadly. The Jon started wondering if she was trying to tell him something of the futility of love, or at least of a relationship with her. He mentally talked himself down, 'Sometimes a song is just a song.' Aloud Jon only said, "It is a beautiful piece, and beautifully sung too." He smiled down at her, "You are full of surprises Miss Emmeline Belrose." She surprised him by slipping down, and hooking a leg around his own. She pulled and closed what little distance remained between them. Laying there facing each other, with Emmeline's leg thrown over his and hooked behind. Their bodies pulled tight together, they kissed again. Jon had intentionally distracted himself from the situation with his story, and Emmeline's song had helped with that as well. However there was no distraction now, and Jon was fully aware of the warmth of Emmeline's skin. The soft feel of her breasts every time she took a breath. The smell of her perfume mixed with the soft scent of her filled his nostrils. He was aroused, and he wanted her, but he had to be very careful. All the men in this woman's life want her, and those men are not special. Jon truly wanted to be special for Emmeline. To be her safe place in a world full of storms. Their eyes met for only a moment before she buried her face against his chest. Those eyes, they filled him up and cast him out to an endless sea. He could get lost in those eyes, and happily drift away. "I never learned how to read or write," she said while tracing his hand, embarrassment singing from her words, "Sapphira and Jodelle learned when they were younger, but I never did. So Jodelle's mother would teach me songs, so that I could know what were in the books my eyes would never understand." She started to sing again before Jon could say anything in response. He was going to offer to teach her, but he wasn't sure if that would embarrass her further. 'I bet her sisters have already at least offered, if not already tried.' Closing his eyes Jon let himself get lost in the sound of her voice, and the feel of her body pressed against his. Once she stopped tracing his hand he began running it down the the length of her curves. He ran the backs of his fingers down her body from shoulder to knee and back up again. Intermixing soft caresses to the curve of her waist and lower back, with the gentle squeeze to her behind during one pass. Jon opened his eyes and they silently studied each other for a long time, before she traced a path from his forehead to lips with the tips of her fingers. As Jon's hand glided up her body once more, she redirected his hand to her breast. Jon could feel the speed of her heart beating, and when he kneaded her breast with a gentle squeeze and her breath caught Jon smiled, and moved in to kiss her again. This time the fire in his blood wouldn't let him hold back on the kiss, and he intended to leave her breathless. Leveraging himself up on his elbow, he took hold of the back of her neck with that hand. He used that hand to turn her head to the side, exposing her neck and breaking apart their lips so she could breath. Jon didn't stop however, he trailed kisses across her jaw and onto her neck. Where he focused more attention, continued kisses, and gentle bites.
  13. Continued from Some Time Later at the Haus: Reply #28
  14. Having been off balance long enough Jon forces the events of Sapphira's room out of his mind, 'What happens in Sapphira's room stays in Sapphira's room.' Jon thought, adding a mental smirk for good measure. Now feeling much more himself he turned his full attention to Kitten, just in time to see her pout for a moment while seemingly distracted by her own thoughts. The pout was gone in a flash, perhaps never there at all. It was replaced with a look of determination of all things. It took a good part of Jon's merchant training not to raise an eyebrow at that one. The unfeigned look of disappointment that Jon wouldn't be joining the sisters below almost made Jon change his mind right there, but the memory of Kitten with those two men was enough to banish that thought altogether. "I was hoping you would start calling me Jon. I think I like hearing my name on your lips." Jon smiled his second best smile, not wanting to over do it, "I would be happy to keep you company until you have to work for the evening." The kindness of her smile, and openness in her attitude made Jon think that he might be visited by Emmeline, instead of Kitten for a change. That thought, Jon liked very much. Jon watched her walk away, his eyes flowing down her blonde curls and tracing the lines of her body. When she turns back for a second at her door, Jon was too busy enjoying the grace of her turn to realize that he was about to get caught sneaking a peek at her behind. Once Emmeline had entered her room, and shut the door. Jon walks past his own door, and knocks gently at Jodelle's door. Jon waits, focusing his mind, and bringing out the best of his merchant side. He wants to remain in control no matter what the third sister throws his way. Jon enters once he is admitted, and exits the room shortly thereafter. Just as he pulls his own room door shut he sees Kitten's door open. 'Excellent timing on that one.' Jon thinks, smiling to himself. He steps back, slowly, and soundlessly pulling the door closed, careful not to let the latch click shut. When she doesn't knock almost immediately after, he wonders if she saw him exit Jodelle's room. He wonders if Kitten would be jealous or something if she did see. Then he wonders briefly why he had tried to avoid her noticing in the first place. This really had been a trying day, and he really was terrible at judging how Kitten was going to react to things. 'Nothing for it now.' Jon thinks, 'I've got a fair bit to do before Emmeline returns.' Getting to work, Jon tears through his travelling gear. He sets out a new set of small clothes, since the ones he is currently wearing have been sweated through. With a wary glance at the door Jon strips down to nothing, and scrambles into his fresh clothing. Jon breaths a sigh of relief when Kitten doesn't enter the room unannounced while he was changing. Jon then sets to work packing all of his belongings into the dressers, and the lock box at the foot of his bed. With the room in order, and Jon in fresh clothing he watches his hands and face. He then runs a damp cloth over his arms, neck, and shoulders through the collar of his shirt. With nothing left to do, Jon begins slowly pacing near the door, thinking about the days events. The odd thumping at the door, not loud enough to be a hand knocking, and too low for all but children threw Jon off. 'It has to be her, I wonder what she's up to now?' Jon thought as he approached the door, preparing himself for anything. Jon opened the door quickly, and once again Kitten fell into his arms. He managed to hook her armpits with his elbows and cross his arms in front of her for support. That's about when Jon realized that the soft warmth under his hands would be Kitten's bust line. Jon froze, waiting for Kitten to get her feet back under her. Once she was stable again. "That seems to be the second time you've caught me today, I think," She said laughing. Jon knew she couldn't have missed where his hands had ended up, but was relieved that she was going to let this one slide. Jon smiled, finally noticing that she was fully covered and carrying tea. He watched her carefully for signs of anger, still dumbly standing by the open door. She seemed content to set the tray down on the small table, and begin pouring their two cups. Giving himself a shake, Jon quickly closed the door and listened as Kitten began speaking of tea. Some of the things she spoke of he already knew, while others were new to him. 'Who knew that tea would be an interesting conversation?' Jon thought briefly. Jon took the offered cup of tea, his hands following hers as she slowly took them away, not wanting the contact to end. By the time Emmeline moved toward Jon, he was starting to relax. Tea, and conversation were far preferable to shattering glass, and tears. When she leaned in to kiss his cheek Jon let go of his inhibitions, and turned his face to meet her lips. He kissed her passionately, one hand holding the back of her neck with his fingers tangled into her hair. He released her slowly, breathing much more heavily than before. She stepped back and giggled, and Jon added, "I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm really not. Besides, if one is sorry for something, they really shouldn't do it again." He left that for a moment to let the implication that he wanted to do that again at some point sink in, "The other times our lips have met just didn't feel right. It is my sincere hope this time makes up for those times." Jon winks, and brings out his best smile. That's when Emmeline moved toward the bed, and Jon got worried that he had been too forward. Jon only hesitated a moment, just looking at her sitting there with her feet up, sipping some tea. She really was quite beautiful, and this thoughts drifted briefly to wondering what she was hiding under that robe. Moving over to the bed, Jon slips in beside Emmeline intentionally closer than needed on such a large piece of furniture. Not wanting to give her the wrong idea, Jon sips his tea and begins telling her a story. The story itself was one he heard from a gleeman, and Jon considered himself quite the story teller. He was no gleeman, but he could spin a yarn well enough not to shame himself. He picked a story with quite a bit of action, and a lot of travel. He had noticed when he told his own story that she had liked the adventure and travel the most. About half way through the story Jon had finished his tea, and placed his cup on the end table beside the bed. When he sits back up, he runs his now free hand around Emmeline's narrow waist, and pulls her gently over to lean on him. He interrupts the story briefly to whisper, "I like it when we sit together like this." Finishing the story, Jon kisses the top of Kitten's head. Then he tilts her head up to face his, and kisses her again... -Jon Smythe (Jon's story interludes again here)
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