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Status Updates posted by Lenlo

  1. Ive lost my old Jay Lenlo avi and I am now sad

  2. I work as a tutor now! :D

  3. Almost on 4 years now... wow

  4. Mmm... No one likes you Plato.

  5. Holy Mathimatics Batman! Polynomial Regression is difficult. Programming it moreso.

  6. Running a Pathfinder game now

  7. Guess whos baaaaaack?!

  8. Learning the Piano!

  9. Preppin for grad. Cant wait to be done so I can focus on the Aiel

  10. Learning Gaelic right now. Lots of fun.

  11. Woooooo! Earned a Merit Scholarship!

  12. Wooow. Everyone is suddenly so hostile after the election.

  13. Feelin... alright. I guess.

  14. *Is super busy. :(*

  15. Missed my cousins wedding... :(

  16. Yaaaaay found my wallet.

  17. Yaaaay... lost my wallet.

  18. *Is asleep*

  19. Hum dee dum. Hum dee dum. Thank you end of year testing for giving me a reason to sleep.

  20. Yaaaaaaay for familial troubles. Heres hoping it blows over in two-three days.

  21. *Whistle* Wow... Just finished Mistborn Trilogy. Must say the last 4-5 chapters were... amazing. Wasnt expecting about 90% of that.

  22. So should I be worried about Maidens Kiss? Seems everyone is laughing for some reason.


  23. Sleep... why u no come? English teacher.. why u make me write 6 essays and 5 summaries. Y U hate me!

    1. Lenlo


      Coffee... Y U have ability to keep me awake to finish these.

  24. Feels odd seeing my face on my profile now...

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