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  1. Кукасё - Айз Седай - Белая Айа Kukaso - Aes Sedai - White Ajah Don't watch, not much interested, don't have tv, Russian team is banned
  2. Ahahaha! When I open AutoCad files at ArchiCad it asks if it should change the background color to black! Why black???
  3. I wanted to ask the same but thought if he hadn't written he doesn't want to tell
  4. Thanks, Sooh! My sister is a teacher too so she loves stories about teachers most Thanks, Dar and Tal for explanations! My sister says that you all write such great stories with explanations and all
  5. Thanks, Ryrin! How have you made your choices? For example, when you chose to become a journalist? Did you do something journalist like at school or you knew some journalists who inspired you? Had you any support from your parents, teachers, friends? Or maybe you had to fight anybody's opinion? And when you changed to social work did you have any support or otherwise? We have a lot of influence usually, especially from parents and your story sounds like you were absolutely free - trying, choosing. Or was there interference? Thanks, Tyzack! Had you any support from your parents, teachers, friends? Or maybe you had to fight anybody's opinion? Or nobody interfered and you were free to choose whatever you like? Maybe oyur parents saw you as history teacher and were shocked? :) Thanks,Taltos! I guess you had not much choice when you worked in agriculture and forestry. When you chose religion did you have any support from your family, community, teachers, friends or somebody advised you against it? Was it important, helped or it was absolutely your independent decision? And about PhD in biology had you any support, advises or you desided it on your own? Thanks, Dar! Why have you chosen ingineering? Were you interested in it or it was just a close opportunity? What is it for you to be an ingineer now? Is it just a job for money or it gives you something else? What about your dream about horses? You have horses now, right?
  6. My sister is making a career self determination program, as she says - to save the world She doesn't like how it's done now (at least in Russia) and wants to help future generations :) So she asked people in her facebook to write about their career choice and I thought it would be interesting to read the stories of people all around the world. So if you'd like to share your story here are the questions: How have you chosen your career? What helped you? What interfered with your choice? What could have been useful to make your choice easier? Have you chosen right from the beginning or changed everything in your life in future? Maybe you are stil looking for your place? I'll really appreciate if you share your story. If you'd like to share anonimously you can write me a PM. Here is mine: When I was at 9th grade my parents and me decided it'd be useful to have language education (in a way it is useful, I can talk to you :)) and sent me to the school where languages where learned more and the program in general was formed so that it was easier to enter language institute for high education, I have been choosing between studying for a lawyer or economist with the second education as interpreter. But after the 10th(there are 11 grades here) grade I suddenly decided that I want to be a designer We were rebuilding our country house and I've drawn some sketches of how it should look like. Then I understood that it's much more interesting than laws or economy (now I can't even imagine me there). There was a problem because I had absolutely no art education and I needed to draw and paint to enter some art specialty. Actually that's why I hadn't even thought about it before though now I realize that all my childhood I was drawing houses for some tiny toys, those were house plans actually. I think my parents helped me a lot because they supported my sudden decision and I think they'd supported any other decision too. Most of all helped a coincidence, I think if there was no rebuilding I wouldn't have tried and went to study for a lawyer. The problems were mostly because of lack of opportunity to try different things, my personal psychological problems, some stereotypes about artistic professions(that it's not serious). I think that was a good choice but not the best. I'm still looking for my place in the world. I definitely don't want a career of interior designer. I realized recently that I like to organise things not necessarily in that profession but in general. And I hope to find out soon what I'd like to organise most of all
  7. Thanks! Though it won't be my wedding dress I just like the photo
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