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  1. Although I love the continuation of the books, there were a couple points where I just had to put it down and tell myself "It's not Robert Jordan writing this right now." And I appreciate every effort BS has done, but yeah. Different ways of storytelling, plain and simple. Personally I prefer the manner of which RJ wrote, as someone said above, he was a superior wordsmith. But the story/plot is still there, and it's always amazing and fun to see it's progression and movement forward.
  2. These are a couple recent additions to my collection that really just caught my eye: (Glen Cook is now one of my favorite author's after reading this series as well, and some of his other works. Totally does his own thing and I love it.) And this is a sci-fi novel/trilogy that at first glance (I was going through quickly at a used book-store) I thought was fantasy until I inspected closer and started reading a bit more:
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    It's a series of books that I attempted to read a few years back, and was one that I couldn't get myself fully into. I didn't want to pick up the entire series because I wasn't that drawn into the first book, and so it's worth revisiting I think. I don't particularly like the press about it being a "rip-off" or whatnot, and there's something to be said for taking a plot-line and spinning your own take on it. If it's done well, then it may give the same end feeling of the story, but it's always the journey I'm really after, not really seeing if they really "win" or "lose" in the end. I've read a few books that have made me think that I'd seen a particular point, or even a similar character, before. But that doesn't make them any less enjoyable if you can take any given series for what it is, and not try to compare it to anything else. I think come the end of the year (I have a pile of books I just picked up) I may very well give this series another go-around.
  4. So, this has been something I've personally done for as long as I have been reading. I've always heard the metaphorical phrase, "don't judge a book by it's cover" and thought it was rather rubbish, since that's how I pick my books out in the store. I've been told I'm a bit foolish about it, but it's something that has treated me well over the course of my adult life. Ever since I picked up my first Dragonlance book at the used bookstore when I was 13 (I'm 26 now), it's been generally how I choose books when I need a new series to read, and I don't know the first thing about most of them. Lately I've gotten to the point where I've read so many of the popular series, that a lot of things that I am pushed into reading are things I have little prior knowledge of in reviews. So this point sticks even further with me, as that if a book has an interesting cover it will grab my attention, and chances are I'll pick it up. I'm someone who loves going into a bookstore and physically handling and looking at books, and I don't buy my books online. I primarily only read fantasy, though I've come into a few Sci-Fi books because the cover was misleading and I mistook them for fantasy, but I don't mind reading those most of the time either. Now am I alone in doing this? I've not really talked to many other people about it, but figured I'd give it a shot here on this forum. I can honestly say that I first picked up the WoT series for this very reason. It looked like a long series (which I particularly enjoy) and the cover art made me say hey, it looks like a medieval fantasy, exactly what I'm looking for. And man, it delivered.
  5. It really comes down to who paid for the phone, and who is paying for the service plan. If he's footing the bills, you're most like S.O.L. because it's technically his. You can get an inexpensive phone at most CVS/Walgreens/Walmart nowadays with pay-as-you-go plans. Or get your own phone plan if that's what you really need. I personally cut my ties financially before I was 18 with my parents, so I know I would be more than pissed if someone was hacking my personal phone. It's not right, and if you own it, it's probably against the law. Also, you can always just talk to your father about it. And just tell him you know something is up, and this is something that's completely unacceptable to you. That's probably the most adult form of action you could take with it IMO, though I know it won't be the easiest. Once he gets past looking at you like a child, and more of a young adult, will probably be a turning point for the better in your relationship.
  6. Man, some of these tattoo's are amazing. Flafro, Pminze, NicholasFallon, Windstrider, you guys are all hugely inspirational. Everyone else has great work as well, but something to be said for these amazing tattoo's. I've been a huge fan of the WoT books for years now, first picked them up 12 years ago and I've re-read them with every new book that has come out. I've been planning a tattoo for awhile now, and working on figuring out how to incorporate it into the other work I want to have done. You guys are truly inspirational in what you've done, and it's amazing to see the artwork put to life and dedication to a book series I equally love. I'm currently working on getting both sleeves done, though it is a fairly slow process as tattoo's are expensive. I've been planning many things to incorporate into it, but deciding on exactly what and where has been a slow process. I actually decided to finally join this website for this exact purpose. I've been looking up WoT quotations all evening, and plan on incorporating some words into what I want to get done. I also plan on using some of the Chapter marker images as highlights on various spots, which I think could turn out really cool. My main plan is to incorporate the logo with the spear, but some of these tattoo's have given me some different directions I may want to go. I'm planning on doing it on my left forearm, and so I want to detail things out a bit further before I bring the ideas to my artist. I know what I have currently isn't WoT related, but I'm hoping to go with an overall medieval/fantasy theme, and so this will help with the concept I think. I'll post more when I have more work done. This is my current right arm/shoulder tattoo:
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