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  1. Man, some of these tattoo's are amazing. Flafro, Pminze, NicholasFallon, Windstrider, you guys are all hugely inspirational. Everyone else has great work as well, but something to be said for these amazing tattoo's. I've been a huge fan of the WoT books for years now, first picked them up 12 years ago and I've re-read them with every new book that has come out. I've been planning a tattoo for awhile now, and working on figuring out how to incorporate it into the other work I want to have done. You guys are truly inspirational in what you've done, and it's amazing to see the artwork put to life and dedication to a book series I equally love. I'm currently working on getting both sleeves done, though it is a fairly slow process as tattoo's are expensive. I've been planning many things to incorporate into it, but deciding on exactly what and where has been a slow process. I actually decided to finally join this website for this exact purpose. I've been looking up WoT quotations all evening, and plan on incorporating some words into what I want to get done. I also plan on using some of the Chapter marker images as highlights on various spots, which I think could turn out really cool. My main plan is to incorporate the logo with the spear, but some of these tattoo's have given me some different directions I may want to go. I'm planning on doing it on my left forearm, and so I want to detail things out a bit further before I bring the ideas to my artist. I know what I have currently isn't WoT related, but I'm hoping to go with an overall medieval/fantasy theme, and so this will help with the concept I think. I'll post more when I have more work done. This is my current right arm/shoulder tattoo:
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