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  1. 1 hour ago, ElleKayEm said:

    A couple notes:

    If you were an attending or supporting member of the 2019 Worldcon in Dublin, then you are already eligible to nominate for the 2020 Hugos.  But you will need a 2020 Worldcon membership in order to vote on the finalists.


    The Hugo Voters packet is entirely dependent on the generosity of the finalists (and their publishers).  Some provide the entire work, others provide a sample, and some choose not to participate at all.  To give you an idea, here's a breakdown of what was provided in the 2019 packet:




    Thank you for this awesome additional information!

  2. Hi folks, At this time, for various technical reasons, we're unable to sell eBooks to people with Canadian addresses. I hate that we can't do it, but it comes down to a technical limitation of our storefront software. I'm actively pushing to have this functionality added. But right now, we just can't do it without meeting the requirements Macmillan has for our online store. As soon as Amazon.ca has the prologue available online, I will be sure to link all of you to it. Thanks for your understanding.

  3. Hi folks. I updated the article above to mention why they are releasing this as an eBook. Also, let me clear something up before judgements are made. Trust me: Tor would LOVE to accept your international money for the eBook. But due to the way these legal contracts are sold, Tor does not have the right to sell AMOL to anybody outside the US and Canada. If you live outside Tor's region, and would like to see the prologue, then please ask Robert Jordan's other publisher in your area (Orbit, if you live in the UK or Australia). You can also ask a friend who lives in the United States to purchase you a gift, right?

  4. Hi folks. The question about international sales is a good one. I would LOVE to be able to sell all of these eBooks worldwide. However, Macmillan (the publisher that owns Tor and provides these titles to us) is limited in what they are able to legally do. Trust me: they would love to take your money in return for ebooks!


    I highly encourage you to read this link, written by a senior editor at Tor. He nicely summarizes why this is difficult right now.



  5. @ Semirhage666: First off, We'd kindly appreciate if you didn't use language like that. You're not making any impression other than a poor one.


    As for the need for the additional months, that's a valid thing to ask (nicely). The answer is that the book isn't FULLY done.There's still at least dozens of small decisions that need to be made. Continuity needs to be checked. New icons need to be designed. 450,000 words need to be read and re-read for spelling and grammar. The book needs to be designed in layout. Early copies need to be produced for quality assurance, early reviews, etc. Printers have to be reserved and scheduled. Shipping (on a slow boat from China) needs to happen.


    For normal authors... when they hand in a new book, they wait 12-18 months before it comes out. For the past 6 WoT novels, they rushed it into production as quickly as possible and the books were loaded with typos and easy continuity issues. Harriet (rightly) wants the book to be perfect. Hence, nobody is rushing.


    Hope this answers your question.

  6. There are no plans to make more prequels, sequels, outriggers, or anything else. The Wheel of Time is complete.


    You can look forward to the Encyclopedia, which will come out in the years following AMOL. I suspect (but have no official info on this) that it will include some interesting additions, but certainly no full more full novels.


    Don't forget about the movie and video games that are being developed. When we have news about those, we'll post it.

  7. Hi BlackAjah ... thanks for your comments. I don't know for certain, but I suspect that Tor had the following thoughts:


    1. DKS has passed away and his in-progress book cover cannot be used. What do we do?

    2. Answer: Let's make fresh covers

    3. But a new cove won't match the old ones

    4. So let's make new covers

    5. But we don't have time (or budget) to make 13 new paitnings

    6. LEt's use the overall excellent eBook covers


    People have complained that the covers dont' feature the ENTIRE art. Well, that may be true, but overall those covers represent a very modern look for trade paperbacks. In fact, one of the complaints about the original covers is that they scream "GEEK FANTASY!" rather than "Mainstream epic saga". These new covers are far more likely IMO to be interesting to a casual reader or somebody who has not heard of WoT.

  8. I posted this on our social networks today:


    I've had the privilege of seeing (and holding) the unfinished #AMOL book cover that Darrel Sweet was working on before he died. While his unfinished #AMOL cover wasn't perfect (it was only a 1st draft), I think it's his most emotionally evocative cover in the series. I emailed Team Jordan and Irene Gallo (Tor's Art Director) suggesting they include the art on the inside flap of the book along with a blurb about him. Yes, I hav pictures of it, but it is not my place to release it. Tor and Team Jordan would be the ones to do so, at the proper time.
  9. Hi Kadre, Those are good suggestions. In fact, some of them are on our radar already. Please keep in mind that the Wot community is very spread out. The majority of our traffic to DM is from people who never login or never go beyond the home page. In fact, some of our visitors ONLY know us via our YouTube channel. So unless we tell them in a video, they won't know about all this stuff.


    Keep the suggestions coming. Email them to us at webmaster@dragonmount.com. For now, just enjoy these quirky little videos we put together. Thanks


  10. Ouch. But okay. Thanks for the feedback. What would you like to know? What would have been useful for you to hear? Keep in mind that nobody (not even Tor or Team Jordan) know when the book will be in stores specifically. Nor do we know what will be in the book (and if we did, we couldn't tell you, right?)


    Thanks for the feedback. :loial:

  11. Hi seasnake,


    I appreciate the feedback. I've updated both this news article and the Premium Account listing to more accurately describe why we are doing this. Dragonmount has always been, and always will be, a labor of love. We are not running this site with the goal of making money. In fact, I've turned down certain opportunities because I felt they sought to take advantage our visitors. But that said... we have a big site. And it costs time and money to keep it running. While the core staff (myself, Jenn, and others) volunteer our time, we regularly have to hire contractors to provide certain services. It's for that reason that we run banner ads, and offer products for sale. But please notice that those banner ads are not as obnoxious as we can make them. :) And the items we sell are all WoT related, and offered at a very reasonable price (the jewelry items are cheaper here than anywhere else) .


    You were right about one thing: the price of the premium accounts was too high when we launched it. So we've lowered it by 50%. The new cost is $20 for the 1st year. And with the coupon (now extended until August), you can get it for $12. That's a great way IMO to support a website you care about and get access to some nice features in the process. Not to mention it can pay for itself by giving you a bigger discount in the store!


    One last thought: AMOL is not the end of WoT. Yes, it might be the end of the series, but it's not the end of the franchise. There will always be new readers. New conventions. Movies. Games. There are no beginnings to the turning of the Wheel.... or to DM. :)


    Thanks for your feedback and support

    Jason Denzel

  12. With all due respect to the incredible masters doing the eBook cover art (for which I'm a consultant), the Japanese book covers are, hands down, my favorite Wheel of Time covers. The attention to detail is amazing, and the essence of each character is perfectly portrayed. I could just look at these for hours.

  13. @ Ituralde's Bannerman


    Because for many people, the experience of WoT is more than just the words on page. There's a thriving, active community in which stuff is happening every day.


    We respect that not every episode will appeal to every visitor, but we're also open to ideas on topics you want to hear about.

  14. Hi Cindy,


    Thanks for the feedback. Sorry you're having a negative experience so far. Like you, I can get frustrated with new things that don't work as I want them to. So your input is perfectly valid. Feel free to email us a webmaster@dragonmount.com with some specific parts of the site that aren't working for you.


    What specifically is not working as well? It is our intention that you need to be logged in in order to post. It cuts down on the amount of spam.




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