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  1. Because removing the focus point of a resistance would prove to those who haven't picked side, that there is in fact something to resist.
  2. True, but have those ideas not always been associated with their station, rather than their ability to Channel? That aside, I suppose if a Darkfriend did think those lines, he/her wouldn't have used common folk, but something much more insulting.
  3. One of the general themes of Darkfriend channelers, is that they think them self above non channelers. And therefore superior.
  4. They did get some vital information. So I would hardly call it repetition of what we already know. And yes, BS tweeted the link not long ago.
  5. "Above common folk" Sounds like something a Darkfriend would think.
  6. My mistake, I didn't specifically think of A song when I said The Song, but rather the Talent of singing to the land, as the Aiel, Ogiers and Nyms did back in AoL. Which also seems to be what the Tinkers are looking for, not a specific song but rather the Talent.
  7. Fairly sure that one wasn't mentioned until TSR. During Lanfear and Rands conversation in his bedchamber
  8. Day 30: Rand strode forward, lifting his arms out to the sides. Grass sprouted in waves, red blossoms burst from the ground like a blush upon the land. The storm stilled, the dark clouds burned away by light. A joyful song, a song of awe and wonder, though she could not understand the words. Seems like those speculating that The Song will be important for the Last Battle, might have been onto something ^^
  9. Day 24: "There were many good years. Good decades, good centuries. We believed we were living in paradise. Perhaps that was our downfall. We wanted our lives to be perfect, so we ignored imperfections. Problems were magnified through inattention, and war might have become inevitable if the Bore hadn't ever been made." Most likely Rand, but I could imagine one of the Forsaken musing over his/her decision to swap to the Darkside.
  10. Valan Luca being the true Dragon Reborn and The Captain of The Riverserpent being some sort of Messenger from the Creator and/or Immortal Soul springs to mind.
  11. Nice post DaoineSidhe, some points I hadn't thought of at all. And I agree with Cadsuanes quick recovery, it just goes to prove how experienced and well disciplined she is, she realized her mistake and quickly regained controls. Was about to say the same. It started to go a bit in circles and neither sides wants to budget. Suppose we'll have to agree to disagree on the matter.
  12. First part, true, my bad. As for the "cooly asking", that doesn't really say much when we are talking about Aes Sedai in a none Aes Sedai PoV. She didn't blink the previous chances, because as pointed out, she was in the middle of a fight, and the stress from her "failure" in keeping the Bands hidden and Rand exiling her, hadn't kicked in yet. She went to Sorilea earlier in the book to admit to failure, and they then came up with this plan, which have a very "Last gambit" vibe to it, whether that is true or not we wont know. But it did fail, and she did react in a way she wouldn't normally. As for the part about her being disgusted about using the One Power. Perrin was disgusted with himself when he tortured the Aiel Prisoner, another scenario with a person under extreme duress. Rand was disgusted with himself for killing that DF woman in TDR, again a person under duress doing things they don't like to do. So that argument is rather invalid in this very situation, as she is under extreme pressure and does not act rational.
  13. Why doesn't the other example fit? She decides to fire Balefire, in broad daylight, in the middle of Ebou Dar at Nynaeve. She then afterwards realize what she has done, and that it is completely out of character for her to do such a rash thing. And "well she is human and anything is possible" is hardly our argument. We've pointed out that she is under extreme pressure, and that while she is a remarkable woman, she's not without a breaking point. So that when her very last attempt at "saving" the Rand and the world seems to have gone wrong. She first calmly ask Tam if he stuck to the script, to which he replies that yes, he did, and it didn't work. So he went off script and mentioned her name, which made Rand explode. So not only did Tam not use the script that Cadsuane had told him to do, he also went and spoke her name, another thing he wasn't supposed to do. Is it really then so hard to believe that even Cadsuane, might snap and act out of character? Especially when considering the tone in which Tam spoke with her.
  14. Not sure if I would laugh or cry if one of Felixs crazy theories turned out to be true.
  15. Sigh. I really wish people would stop creating straw men. I've never once said anything like that. Again you can say well "anything can happen" in relation to just about whatever you like in the books. If it is totally out of character and goes against all of RJ's notes on Cads and textual evidence it just isn't particularly compelling. I see you all have completely given up on trying to show support for your opinion besides holding on to this last thin blade of grass. Just let go man, we know what happened in Asmodeans story. As for RJ's quotes I wouldn't be surprised if that is what it said as that is almost exactly how Brandon wrote it. About the same length and as blunty too. ;) Neverthless it would not happened to stop from hearing the truth and that is part of how she was dumbed down and made into a caricature of herself. No offense, but you are the one holding onto the last straws. We've given plenty of arguments as to why Cadsuanes reaction in that specific scene is reasonable and probable. Yet you keep denying it because it does not fit with the textual description of how Cadsuane is. We even brought up another incident of a character who acts unexpectantly because of human factors, which you then proceed to ignore the textual evidence of such things happening. Is the scene well written and was the full potential of the confrontation utilized? Most likely not, but it doesn't change that the her reaction was perfectly reasonable. Cadsuane isn't super human.
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