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  1. Hi Wert, Thanks for the awesome report. I will also write down my experiences if i think of it:) I think it was an awesome panel and i have been to a few wot panels. regards, Isabel
  2. I don't believe the 'detailed ending'. They said that Jordan left detailed notes but Sanderson confirmed that all of Jordan's stuff was max. a few dozen pages with many contradictories. They said that Jordan (on his deathbed) told them the ending, but there was no tape (!), so someone recorded his words with shorthand. Sanderson told us that he 1. did not touch the ending, 2. tinkered a little bit, 3. tinkered a lot, so I assume the 'detailed ending' is just a myth. There is a tape. On the first Jordan Con they let us listen to part of the tape in which RJ told us part of the prologue:)
  3. I also haven't got a pin yet, although I sent them a message about it.
  4. Hey bluecole, I think it's awesome you posted a blog with defense of the wheel of time :) I hope more authors will do that. And of course i hope you will nominate WoT for a hugo. Regards, Isabel
  5. I will definetly support WOT for the nomination:) And will visit world con if i am able!
  6. As people have said : the word marriage does not belong to the church. Atheïst,buddhists, muslims etc can marry. The church cant say who gets married or not.
  7. There is no free market. We already interfere with the free market with all the rules we have. Otherwise we would have more things like children labor and slavery. So its no problem for society to decide that we raise the minumum wage.
  8. In our society the reward is indeed financial. However, how did you get the idea i want to cancel that reward? I don't. There is a big difference between decreasing the income differences and completely removing the financial reward. You haven't replied to what I said about a rich person also doing good for his employees. It's no use to society if a rich person donates to a childrens hospital, but on the other hand doesn't pay his employees enough and doesn't give them health care benefits so that they can visit a hospital or docter.
  9. If you pay my flight ticket, i will share a room with you I hope you find someone. Wish it was cheaper to fly to the USA and go to more con's.
  10. No, if he does that in the first place, than people aren't dependend on someone who might or might not donate money. It's better for people to be able to support yourself.
  11. The obsession how much of it has impacted the donor's quality of life has to do with the impact. If you have to pay € 100.000 in taxes, but you hardly notice it and another person has to pay € 1000 in taxes, but cannot go on holiday. who has it worst ? And regarding donation: I am happy if people donate, but as I said i am very sceptical of the really wealthy, because they can also help to create the inequality and the need for donations. I would be interested to see a percentages of the wealthy in the USA and how they earn their money and how they treat their employees. If a small business owner makes millions, but treats his employees like crap, than it's also wrong.
  12. If you look at how much good was done with the money, than you can only say that millionaires are doing any good. Since they have huge amountsof money. Other people literary cannot donate so much. Quality of life in society is one of the most important things in live. It's importantant that everyone can have a good life and buy the stuff they need. Looking at society that way means that indeed someone who earns € 20.000 a year needs most of their money for the basis needs (food, water, shelter) and perhaps for some small luxaries. A millionaire can pay more taxes before he notices anything in his basic needs. That doesn't mean that he should be poor, but the class difference in the USA is huge. It won't hurt if it slightly decreases. Another thing about millionaries in the USA. What are they doing in with their businesses to make live better for others? A lot of millionaires in the USA gain their money over the backs of their empoyees. Like with paying minimum wage and no health care benefits. Why should I cheer if they donate some money to charity?While they help create this situation themselves?
  13. I also meant that a full time job should be a living wage. (36-40 hours a week) No matter what you do you should be able to be able to at least support yourself. I am not sure what you mean with a family living wage. For me one mimimum wage (36 hours work) is probably not enough to support a non working spouse and one or two kids. But if both parents work or even if one works parttime it should be doable. A part time job isn't automaticly a living wage, since it's part time.
  14. I don't think anyone is saying the government should use tax payers dollars for this. I am saying neither the government nor the employing company should have to give someone higher compensation than what their work is worth. Well, than they should pay a living wage. A living wage ( which should be the minimum wage) should be the minimum worth for work.
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