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  1. I wonder if Perrin fighting the pattern's tugging could possibly be the answer to the problem of the dark prophesy that says that the Chosen will kill Perrin. It is possible that Perrin had two alternative paths coming out of Tear. He could have gone with Rand or he could have returned to the Two Rivers. Perhaps one path would have ended up fulfilling the dark prophesy, and the other path would have fulfilled light prophesy. I realize that it is not certain that the dark prophesy refers to Perrin. I still entertain that as a possibility, but if it does relate to Perrin his fighting the pattern coming out of Tear or at some other point could be an explanation about why the Dark prophesy would be wrong.
  2. I am still disappointed about the delay in the ebook release. Delaying the digital release only increases piracy and robs Team Jordan and TOR of some ebook sales.
  3. I just wish we could preorder the ebook version. The backward-looking strategy of windowing the release is annoying.
  4. Best Egwene ever in my opinion. I in a reread of LoC at the moment, and I can see this Egwene passing as a dark-eyed Ariel.
  5. The last battle may change the world's perspective on people who can channel. It is possible that people in the next age will name their new cities to honor the residents of Tar Valon, even if the city itself isn't directly linked to Aes Sedai. It is also possible that there will eventually be several cities associated with Aes Sedai. In the third age there was one center for all Aes Sedai in Randland. It doesn't have to be that way. There could be separate facilities for governance and training. The White Tower probably cannot handle the incoming deluge of channelers. Egwene's opening of the Novice Book has already resulted in a flood of new novices. And that flood has resulted from a pretty narrow amount of geography covered by the rebel's line of march. Realistically a major center dedicated to training is going to be needed. Several training centers may develop. One might focus initially on rehabilitating former Sul'dam and Damane as well as the channelers beyond the Waste. Eventually there may be enough Aes Sedai Windfinders and Wise One Aes Sedai that they may open training centers in the islands and the Waste. It is also possible that some or all of the Ajah will open their own centers. Newly raised Aes Sedai would go to them for their final training, and the centers could also serve as research centers dedicated to the needs of the various Ajah.
  6. There is another possibility, and that is that Cadsuane was at least partially wrong. One of my favorite things about the series is the way that things that the heros know for certain turn out to be wrong. Usually there is some kernel of truth in the original belief, but the details are off the mark. To me the essential flaw in Cadsuane's explanation is what it does to Rand's role in the Last Battle. The Dragon is supposed to be pivotal at the last battle. If he is linked to a anyone and the other person is melding the flows, then the Dragon is basically reduced to serving the role of a high voltage battery. We also know that at least part of Cadsuane's explanation is also out of date. She says that Callandor magnifies the taint. That is now irrelevant. One part of Cadsuane's explanation does make sense up to a point. Men cannot initiate circles. Therefore if a circle must be used, a woman must initiate the circle. However, Cadsuane is like most Aes Sedai in that she is highly sexist when it comes to men channeling. She may be assuming that a woman must lead because fully trained and raised Aes Sedai are the best channelers and must therefore lead the circle. The origins of Callandor are still a mystery. Even when we saw it in the Hall of Servants in Paaran Disen the Aes Sedai there seemed to be a bit confused about it. Perhaps they saw Cdsuane's flaw, but maybe they just didn't fully understand its function. My guess is that there is some major feature of Callandor that we don't know about. To someone who doesn't know what they are looking at, it may look like a flaw. It is also possible that it is a true flaw, but perhaps Rand or someone around him can take advantage of it. My guess for the three are Rand, Nynaeve, and Logain.
  7. I think it is pretty clear that he used compulsion when he captured them. I don't think that he had to use compulsion to seduce Tovene. I don't think he even to work very hard at the seduction. It looks like Logain has only used the compulsion to keep the AS from escaping, but it is still compulsion in my book.
  8. I am waiting for the Tam/Morgaise reunion. Granted, the first meeting isn't documented explicitly in the series, but I think it did happen and there might be a nice reunion moment. It might clear up some of the story of Tam's life out of the Two Rivers. When Rand was taken to Morgaise she said that she had an advantage over her advisers because she had heard the Two Rivers tongue, but that Elaida and Gareth had not. That suggests that she heard the dialect before she became Queen. That raises the question of how and when she had heard it. Few people except peddlers and merchants visit the Two Rivers and few people from the Two Rivers ever leave. Tam is the only person that we know to have left in the last thirty or so years. At Fal Dara Moraine says that she just recently learned Tam's history, and she mentions that he went to Caemlyn before going back to the Two Rivers. That would have made the timing just about right for him to have met Morgaise prior to becoming Queen. Tam may have been married at the time, so I doubt if there was a romantic relationship (on the other hand, we are talking about Morgaise, here). My guess is that Tam may have rescued her from one of the other houses during the succession or played some heroic role in her life that made him and his way of speech memorable. If Morgaise had met Tam al'Thor, then it might give some insight about why Morgaise released Rand against the advice of her advisers. She might have recognized the name, and she probably would have known that Tam had a heron-marked sword and an out-land wife. That would have indicated to her that Rand was indeed telling the truth. Her stated rational of justice might have been part of the reason, but I don't think it was the whole reason. Tam and Morgaise did briefly travel with Perrin following the rescue at Malden and they theoretically could have had their reunion then. However, I don't think they actually met during the time with Perrin. There were over a hundred thousand refugees, and it is clear that Tam stayed with the rescued refugees. He didn't even seem to have much to do with the Two Rivers camp because he was training refugees in combat. Morgaise may have heard the name and recognized it, but she was still traveling incognito. In fact, she might have avoided contact with Tam on purpose. Tam was already gone by the time Morgaise's true identity was revealed to Perrin's camp.
  9. Let me add mine. Although given long history of Mat and women who can channel, maybe the following are givens instead of speculation: 1) Whatever honor they give him, he will not like it. 2) Whatever honor they give him, it will force him to be responsible. 3) Whatever honor they give him, it will create work for him. 4) Whatever honor they give him, it will probably land him in the middle of a battle at some point. 5) The honor may bring him great wealth, but he will have to spend most of it rescuing other women who can channel. 6) Not a single Windfinder will ever call him "Mat" which is the name he prefers. I think that the Pattern has decided that Matrim Cauthon is a universal Warder to all women who can channel. Except for the time he spent in the Waste his entire storyline since leaving Tar Valon in TDR has involved nothing but saving one group of women who can channel after another. Mat is proof that the Pattern does have a sense of humor.
  10. There are several things playing into this type of scenario. At this point in the story both Rand and Perrin are physically with a mile or so of each other, so an early meeting between them is very likely. There is also a large gathering of Tuatha'an near Ebou Dar, and Rand is aware of them. However getting a mass of them to the last battle quickly may involve coming to terms with Fortuona and the Seanchan. One thing arguing against Perrin's role is that he may not be on the best of terms with the Tuatha'an after Perrin give permission to Aram to pick up a sword.
  11. I think that Perrin will move the Dreamspike from the Black Tower to the White Tower. That will thwart the Saenchan invasion of the White Tower. The Seanchan are not sophisticated users of the OP, and they know little of ter'angrael except for making A'dam. They will be totally baffled about why the weaves fail. I think it will be a very bad day for Elaida. Fortuona will want answers about why the weave fails, and Elaida will not have a clue. I am not sure what will happen after the battle at the WT is thwarted. It could be just a fizzle that disappoints a lot of readers, but at least it will avoid the need for several battle chapters in the AMoL. It could throw the massed Saenchan forces into chaos and set the stage for Rand to make a move while the Saenchan's faith in the OP is shaken. It might also be that they will redirect the invasion to other locations where their spies have reported large groups of channelers. The possible targets would be the Plains of Maredo or the royal palace in Caemlyn, although I don't think either is likely.
  12. Technically, the Age of Legends began with the Mierin's attempt. It ended with the Breaking. This is a different age, the Third Age. Mierin's attempt to tap the True Power happened near the end of the Age of Legends, and in some ways it started events that are the running theme of the Third Age. I wasn't clear in my wording. I meant to say that it would be appropriate if the Third Age ends with the successful release of the TP from the DO's control. It would be interesting if Mierin/Lanfear/Cyndane could be part of that. However, I think Cydane is probably too crippled in use of the OP to be a part of the link, and I think Nynaeve's position in the circle is pretty secure. I have been perplexed about Callandor's purpose since we saw it in Rand's vision of the breaking. My impression is that the AS who were standing around the table with Callandor were unsure of Callandor. I wonder if Cadsuane's assessment that it was flawed is at least partially wrong. I wonder if it was made my Mierin or someone like her that had the idea of using it to unify the three powers. The AS around the table might have recognized that it wasn't a normal Sa'angrael and assumed that it was flawed or incomplete.
  13. I still think there is a possibility that the three will be Nynaeve wielding Saidar, Logain wielding Saidin, and Rand leading with the True Power. This age effectively began with Mierin trying to liberate the TP, and it may end with the realization of that dream. The three Ta'veren will be important, but I can't see how they would become one. The prophesy says that the three become one; it does not say that three meet in one place. It seems to me that for three to become one there must be more to it than the three being in the same place at the same time. I think that for the prophesy to be fulfilled there must be some type of dynamic link where they act in total unison or somehow represent a single entity. I don't think that the three Ta'veren coming together in a way that will fulfill the prophesy. The visions of each other might form the basis of a unifying link, but it doesn't seem that powerful unless it grows so much in the last book that somehow the three know what the others are thinking and they act in unison. I am of the opinion that the visions are mainly a plot device that allows the reader to sync up the various time lines.
  14. Where was this written? Not doubting, but I would like to look it up. Just about every time we see one of the Chosen in the Pit they have thoughts about how channeling there or even embracing the source would mean instant death.
  15. The objects of power left at Rhuidean are apparently under the protection of the Wise Ones. At least Egwene told the WO that they could keep the ones they still had. I think the ones in Tear are still under Wards set by Rand and possibly Morraine. I have heard people say that the ones left at the dock are still in Cairhein under guard, but I don't know of a reference for that. I do not think any of the caches have made it to the White Tower yet.
  16. Regarding Saidin in weaving the Bowl of the Winds-- I think there are several explanations why the Bowl of the Winds was channeling Saidin as well as Saidar. Here are my ideas in decreasing order of likelihood: 1) Nynaeve wore a paralis net into the circle. They thought it was just an an'grael at the time, but in fact it has a collection s of little ter'angreal whose use is still unknown. If it was a breaking-era net like Cadsuane's, it probably had some Saidan interacting tools. 2) Just before going up on the hill Elaine had set several objects of the OP out on the edge of a well. They would have been within line of sight of the hilltop, probably less than a half-mile from channeling that was so powerful it was felt more than 20 miles away. The were even more relics in the saddlebags. Who knows how they may have interacted with each other, especially in the field of powerful channeling? If the Bowl was overloaded, how many of the other ter'angreal in the general neighborhood were also driven beyond their red-line? Nynaeve's little trinkets were almost certainly overloaded in the powerful fields the circle was generating. 3) Ebu Dar and Altara seem to have been relatively untouched by the breaking. We read constantly of rolling hills in the area which suggests long-term erosion over hundreds of thousands of years. There also seem to be a fair number of ruins in the area that are older than 3000 years. If there were any standing wave generators left it is possible that Altara has one.
  17. I think you may have hit on it with teaching Asha'man and AS to work together and trust each other. It is probably going to be essential, and the trend up until now has been nothing but growing hostility between the two groups. Heck, at this point the Windfinders and AS have a better relationship than the Asha'man and AS. I had assumed that Moraine would be the bridge between Rand and the AS, but Cad has worked with the Asha'man quite a bit, and Moraine doesn't even know that they exist. Cadsuane has already started. She organized linked circles of Asha'man and AS to battle the Forsaken. That is not truly working together or trusting each other, but it is a start. The linking happened when they were cleansing Saidin which is an essential task if the two groups are to work together. Cad might not have liked the idea of AS bonding Asha'man, but she has been very pragmatic about it now that it has been done. She has used the AS with bonded Asha'man and has grilled them for information about Saidin. She does not like how Alanna bonded Rand, but she admitted that if Alanna had not done it, she might have bonded Rand herself. I think she would have bonded an Asha'man by now, but she doesn't want her death to be inflicted on her Warder. Presumably she would not have worried too much about the effect of her death on Rand because she expects him to die before her. Most AS are not going to like the idea of trusting or working together one bit more than the Asha'man. However, as a Green and with her legendary reputation she is probably in the best position to make it happen on both sides of the OP. This doesn't mean I have given up on my knitting theory. The bore will be sealed by stuffing it with a giant knitted tea cozy. It will happen like this: Sitting on the FOM, Egwene realizes that she doesn't have an alternative to Rand's plan to smash the seals. Chesa is sitting in the corner and remarks to no one in particular that she once plugged a mouse hole with a tea cozy. Egwene realizes that Chesa's suggestion is better than anything she has come up with so far and finally takes Chesa's advice on something. Egwene has Cad teach Asha'man to knit, but Cad is utterly frustrated by their inability to purl properly. Cadsuanne's solution is to have Asha'man and AS work together by having Asha'man do the knit stiches and AS do the purls. YES! It all comes together. I finally figured out Chesa's role in the last battle and got the obligatory Egwene bash in this thread!
  18. The warder bond does seem to have several aspects and may actually be a combination of several subweaves. It has at least some of the same effects as the first-sister bond. We saw Elaine modify the warder bond into the triple bond. I think that if mutual bonding becomes common the parties will work out some modified form. They might include some new features such as making it easier to link or make it easy to travel to the other person's location.
  19. >> except that none of you will like learning it from her. You aren't going to like it at all. I think that Rand actually likes what she has taught him so far, so I don't think the vision has been fulfilled yet. My current thinking is that she is going to teach them to knit. The Asha'ma will just not be able to get their purl stitches even and will therefore hate knitting.
  20. The Whites usually have white shawls. I don't recall any other Ajah having the color of the shawl routinely mentioned. Whites usually have shawls that are white with the flame outlined in white thread. I think of the whites as being excessively obsessive, and I will admit that the white-on-white-on-white-with-white-fringe contributes to that image. From the area around one of the portal stones being ringed in Ajah colors, I assume that the seven ajahs have transcended the ages in some form. I have wondered if the shawl tradition goes back to the AOL. And if it did, what did the males wear? When we first met LTT he was wearing a grey cloak with crimson trim. I have often wondered if the grey cloak indicated his Ajah.
  21. >>twice dawns the day A very mundane explanation might be a battle that lasts two days, or at least extends through two dawns. Something is tickling at my memory about this actually happening during a battle in real life and people calling it the day with two dawns. Another possibility would be seeing a sunrise and then traveling through a gateway to some point to the west or to a different elevation in a mountainous area and seeing a second sunrise. If the prophesy only applies to Rand, then the prophesy would be fulfilled if Rand saw the second sunrise. Presumably he would have someone with him to be a witness, sort of like what Perrin did on Dragonmount. I am not saying that either of these will happen, but I think they are possible interpretations.
  22. Whether to break the seals or not may be a moot point if they have kept deteriorating at the rate they were going the last time we saw them on screen.
  23. Perin has repeatedly seen the hammer as better than an axe because a hammer can be used to make things instead of just killing. I think this is foreshadowing that superhammer will be used for something in addition to a weapon. Perhaps it will do something like forging the seal on the bore.
  24. The role of Fortuona and the Seanchan is probably going to be resolved by the Crystal Throne itself. Egwene had a dream where she saw Rand taking something that resembled a chair from a woman, and the woman was very angry about it. I think that Fortuona and the Crystal Throne are the most likely subject, although it would be amusing if the vision refers to Egwene herself and the thing like a chair is the Amyrlin Seat. People have speculated that the Crystal Throne itself is a ter'angreal. Foruona is relying heavily on the Seanchan prophesy that the DR will bend knee to the throne, but Ishmael might have messed with their prophesies. If the prophesy is true, it seems like kind of a feeble prophesy. Fortuona has put her full faith in it meaning that the DR will submit to her, but there are so many other ways to interpret the prophesy that it takes the sport out of it. There was also something that appeared to be a crystal throne among the ter'angreal at Rhuidean. I would love to see a battle of dueling thrones.
  25. Mat's bond could be transferred to Fortuana without her needing to channel. We have seen Lan's bond get transferred twice. Nynaeve received the bond without channeling. My guess would be a healed Satelle bonds Mat to save him. She would want her real bond to be with her husband, so she would pass on Mat's bond to the most reasonable person who also happens to be something of a friend. I am guessing Fortuana's attack on the White Tower will be a bust. I think the dreamspike that was protecting Taim and the Black Tower will get moved to the White Tower. That would thwart a traveling attack on the White Tower while also allowing the foretold attack on the Black Tower. If the attack on the White Tower does materialize then the Seanchan are likely to run into both male and female channelers. The first battle was battle-trained Damae against AS who often avoid learning combat weaves. This time they will probably encounter Asha'man who are living weapons. Asha'man would also likely be accompanied by AS. The AS could act as spotters for the men which would put the Damae at a distinct disadvantage. But I don't think it will actually come to a battle. I will also toss out another possibility for two becoming one. Perhaps it refers to Saidar and Saidin being channeled together. That has already happened to a limited extent, but it is likely to be a major aspect of the last battle.
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