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  1. Can someone tell me do those missing days from Rands’ ToM storyline from Ebou Dar to Maradon get addressed in AMOL? Is there any explanation for what was he doing then? Flashbacks or mentions in conversations? Anything?
  2. There is ongoing discussion in tread Combat Skills; Egwene vs. Nynaeve (no ter/sa angreal) that touches upon maters of strength and dexterity. I’d like to ask if somebody can provide me with more information on subject: are there any Words of Creators on relation of strength and dexterity? I mean are they proportional (greater the strength greater the dexterity) or are they independent (strong channeler can be of low dexterity, dexterous can be off limited strength) of each other? To clarify: I’m only interested in quotes of RJ, BS and Team Jordan, not anything off fandom.
  3. To answer the original question most infuriating moment in books for me would be Elaynes’ behavior in her conversation with Mat in ACOS Ch. 38. There she, assuming that Mat “forced his attention” on Tylin goes (understandably) ballistic on him, but after finding out that situation was reversed she find it actually funny and teases Mat for his predicament. Now, telling victim of sexual harassment/assault that what happened to them is actually pretty funny is low in it self however she managed to top it by suggesting it only 3 paragraphs after throwing a rant how crapy and intolerable such acts
  4. Problem with Egwene is that she is “gray” character in ridiculously black and white setting. And narrative refuses to acknowledge her moral ambiguity. She could be solid magnificent bastard in hands of some other writer, in some other series. But she is not, so she ends up as just a huge bastard. Ad to that spotlight steeling squad factor for her, supergirls and AS in general and fact that she is such humongous bastard (yes, I said that just sentence ago, but she is such a jerk that it warrants multiple mentions) all backlash is really no surprise. Concerning “Eghaters are just Randfanboyz” co
  5. Not to be a D%%k or anything, but reading this line in itself is hilarious. I asked myself - if the books were very clear, we wouldnt have this forum to discuss it. I am actually one that wants proof the Aiel Killed Laman - which aiel was it? There is no where that it mentions they actually killed him. Sure they loot his body, but did they stab him? Is it too far fetched to think, Laman ran to Tar Valon seeking sanctuary, and got killed by Tam on the mountain while defending the king of illian from a crazed rabid Laman? Yes, yes it is.
  6. DoS lasted for 4 years, were founded by 2 Accepted put out of Tower, had 23 regruted women. How would similar organization – numbering around 2 dozens channelers with core of 1- 3 former Accepted and at least 5-6 Accepted level women – influenced events on eve (or rather dawn) of Seanchan invasion and later?
  7. AS support many thrones. They supported Morgase for instance, it certainly doesn't mean Siuan was trying to annex the land for the WT as Nial attempted to do in the WC war and on the plain. Support and Nial's actions are two very different things. Yes, AS only wanted to support throne of Murandy, just as Catherine the Great only wanted to support crown and independence of Poland … by installing Stanislav Poniatovsky (spelling) for king. Again, we don’t actually know more than bare minimum about WC War, we don’t even know what was WC publicly stated purpose. Was it to annex territo
  8. All people treated equal? You must be joking. Even if we set aside damane they have a very stratified system. Nobles kill people for looking them in the eye. Seekers kidnap and torture at the merest sign I dissent. The prospect for advancement is so low that families sell future generations into slavery to even have a shot at moving forward. Only the top % of hereditary slaves have any position of respect. The others can be torn from their families and sold like cattle. Further the land mass is not united, that's propaganda put forth by the empire. We know in fact Karede has put down "numerous
  9. What is this in reference to? What about Siuan? It's about presumable north-murandian noble Dulain whom Siuan wanted to establish as ruler and one to unite Murandy. Mentioned in first Siuan conversation with Bryne at Salidar, about halfway through TFOH. Basicaly, Siuan and Elaida pressed Morgase to ignore his raids in Andor. I could be misremembering his name. Ah the Murandian Siuan wanted to put on the throne that was killed in a raid? Murandy as a nation has a "troubled" history and I'm sure Siuan was looking for a way to provide stability. No one has said they are infallible
  10. What is this in reference to? What about Siuan? It's about presumable north-murandian noble Dulain whom Siuan wanted to establish as ruler and one to unite Murandy. Mentioned in first Siuan conversation with Bryne at Salidar, about halfway through TFOH. Basicaly, Siuan and Elaida pressed Morgase to ignore his raids in Andor. I could be misremembering his name.
  11. Not sure what you are referring to? Regardless we know per RJ that her reputation is solid and has been earned. Not only where the stories true but in most cases were more than the story told. I understand some people don't like her but the facts are she is a throw back to what Greens are supposed to be and doesn't let WT politics get in the way of her doing good for the light. Again this comes straight from the author. That is why I don' understand thisguy's point above. We know Cads's track record for the light means she has earned her reputation. On the flip Nial has actually commited a
  12. Oath of fealty Egwene extracted was definitely about obedience, not establishing her authority. Her threats to Lelaine and Romanda after War vote were along that line, but oath was about them obeying what she orders them to do. To help you with numbers it was 2 AS that volunteered (Faolain and Theodrin) and 7 (Nisao and SS) that she blackmailed and there is no “ ” about it. She threatened to expose their cover operation (sending group off sisters to Tower to spread information - most likely fabricated by Siuan, yes, but believed to be true – without informing Hall due to fear of possible moles
  13. Hmm, I suppose I never saw those situations as quite so dangerous. I figured both the Aiel and Logain would deal acting with it and move on, because the alternative isn't really a good one. Whether they like it or not Rand is the key to victory so unless they want to lose they should probably stand by him. Even if Rand is acting like a fool (not to mention a complete ass, especially towards the Aiel). Incidentally, no, Logain would not have had time enough to leave, the shadow attacked right afterwards. I agree that the moment with the Aiel was one of Cadsuane's best moments. The scene in Tea
  14. Since this turned into a Cadsuane tread I’m going to ask this: the reason for her and Rands’ first meeting to end as it had – her not being thrown out, or banished, or whole encounter ending in OP confrontation or some similar disaster is due primary to Rands’ specific cultural conditioning as TR man and both his unwillingness to harm or mistreat (elderly) woman and unwillingness to insist on respecting his position as leader\ruler (which I assume to come from egalitarianism and inexistence of state in his homeland as well as his personality). However it doesn’t seem that she was aware of th
  15. Then that candidate would have a secure base in Caemlyn with zero hold on the rest of the nation. In addition they would still need to secure the proper votes from the high seats. That can hardly be called being handed the throne. Once again I have provided quotes where Rand says he does not rule in Andor and yet you continue to hold to your own personnel opinion instead of what is written. By his own admission he didn't conquer Andor and on he only ever controlled Caemlyn which is far short of "owning" Andor. He can not control the High Seats and they have shown willigness to resist him shoul
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