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  1. Cheers, yeah this was always my sign name I have masema floating around in my memory. I may have used that... It's a bit hazy now. The site has changed massively if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Hey All, I'm back ready for action. It's been a long while (circa 14 years) but definitely ready for the fight and some dice! 😉 *Brews for all* I'm born and bred infantryman getting the job done. Great to meet everyone!
  3. *feels the wee bundle of happiness in his head* Well done Chaelca!! *gives her a hug*
  4. I have been concentrating on my work recently but my activity will soon rise again...
  5. Im glad to hear you want to keep it exclusive! And Eve, 1.I will take care of her so no worries there, she knows that to...i think, if not, then now she does :) 2.I am a great guy :D
  6. Thanks guys, thoses brownies are looking good, think ill have a few...
  7. *stands up and embraces her again* This feels weird, good weird though Thanks Corki!
  8. *Kneels* I True Source accept this offer of bonding, to protect and guide you as your warder and to be a trustworthy and reliable companion to be called upon in times of need. May this bond stay strong forever.
  9. *strides into the hall in a soldier like fashion looking dangerous in full armour, sword at hip, red cape swaying slighty. Stops in front of Chaelca smiling slightly and embraces her* Nice dress. Its good to be here, *looks around*, im looking forward to this...
  10. Meeting Nighteyes is perhaps the most important thing because it shapes Fitz's character throughout the rest of the series.
  11. I was bored ao i went into a shop in my local town and saw it on the shelf, I read the prologue and then bought, and now im here which basically says what I thought of it! 8) Short n sweet for y'all. Join the band of the red hand, its good fun!
  12. There are music and travel threads there if you want to use them, they are used regularly actually! The big Lebowski is my fav film to. Walter is a legend "Jackie Treehorn draws a lot of water in this town...you dont draw s*** Lebowski!" Class quote. Yeah I think the fools gender is not important and that point made about Fitz delving into him and being able to know all about him confirms it for me, not to mention s/he has a massive lifespan to. As for him dying he passed on himself into his wolf and let his body die, as far as I can rememebr Burrich healed it and persuade
  13. Yeah, I definately see where you are coming from as well. Its hard to tell, Im sure also that the fool was in love with Fitz. You could do well in the band too if you joined... Your name isnt taken form The Big Lebowski is it?
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