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  1. Wow, welcome to "Deadliest Warrior: Wheel of Time edition" =) Some one feel like listing each combatants weapons, armor/defensive techniques and special considerations (way of life, size, personality, ect)? Here's a few: Avi: Weapons- short spears, daggers, hands and feet Armor/defensive tech- leather shield (as a maiden), Aiel combat training? Special- Aiel cultre (sturdiness from Waste survival, outrun a horse, warrior up bringing), Aiel genes (hieght/size) Tuon: Weapons- hands and feet (only ones I can remember) Armor/defensive tech- Seanchan martials arts training Special: Seanchan ascendancy (has to constantly deal with threats to life from other Empress heir hopefuls), small size (smaller target) Just a thumb nail, I'm sure others can be flesh these out better and more detailed, especially Tuon. Anyway, wouls be an interesting look at what each brings to the table.
  2. Was going to say the same thing when I first started reading the thread.
  3. I know this was 2+ years ago but I lol'd for two reasons: 1) So wrong but stated so emphatically 2) If I was here at the same time I'd have put the same response.
  4. On a mobile device so finding exact quotes can be a pain so I inserted the bullet points I wanted to talk about. A) You must consider how a tineline in individuals worlds work before tackling this issue. In some fantasy worlds timelines are linear, as in you make a change in a time line it remains the same timeline just with different events taking shape. In these worlds your talk of balefiring (is that a proper verb? Ah well, I guess fantasy worlds get fantasy grammer) merely erasing deeds works. I'll skip the other common one I've seen (changes create new timeline); what we have here in WoT is unique: it ISN'T linesr or any other I've seen, it's liken to weaving a tapestry. In short it's like this: let's say you're wearing a frayed coat and you have several loose threads. If one thread were to magically grab another thread and yank it out (essentially what balefire does) could you replace the thread by merely yanking out the other thread? No, your coat would just be missing two threads. Is that a 100% parable of WoT? No, but it's how I see it. B) I think you touched on it in your posts but wanted it to be clear. In using the source to create fire or lightning (or other works of the OP) you're not creating energy any more than you're ceeating energy by rubbing to sticks together to create fire. Sure, fire contains energy but that energy is tranferred from the rubbing. I only have a basic HS chem knowledge working for me so you could probably expound on that more and better than I have but I believe I have the basics of it, no? Not trying to belabor that point, as I agree that if the channlers had more imaginatio and knowledge of how the world works we'd be seeing much more carnage on the battle fields.
  5. Heh, don't remember that one but it's a good one. My favorite curse: blood and bloody ashes. Would qoute it like scripture, book:chapter, but I don't think my mobile carrier would be to please with me sending several gigs of data for one post on a message board... then again, I don't know if my thumbs would make it through the Dfagon Reborn.
  6. Male, 31 years of age. Itroduced to the series +/- 10 years ago. Favorites: Bridegette "bowazon" Silverbow (have played Diablo 2 since 1998), gotta love that we get to interact with a living legend and known hero of the horn. Perrin, as he's the one I see myself as the most. Pretty much had me in his intro, "he picked his way carefully through the crowd, leaving appologies as he bumped people in the crowd, though he was big enough to just move people out of the way." Also was likened to a "loan wolf" when I was a freshman in high school so that part of his character clicked as well. Other favorites: pretty much all the main characters (Rand and company are 'made of win' but 'win itself is made of Mattrim Cauthon') and Paddan Fain due to how much I dislike him/how well he is written. Dislikes: The bad guys (I tend to favor the good guys) and the "will lead you because I know what's best" characters, most of which tend to be Aes Sedai.
  7. Very nicely done. Thanks for the report. Those interested in the Sherlock Holmes/Watson parody might find this link an interesting read (I know I did when it first came out lo these many years ago). Sherlock Holmes Examines the Death of Asmodean My guess is that this is the one that RJ's note refers to. Just found the site a little while back... great link! Totally see why it was supposed to be obvious, RJ shows us that the 4 foresaken meet there and that Amso died sinilarly to the guy in Tear, AND why it was so hard to figure out all in one.
  8. Okay, I kind of skimmed through the thread and did not see the answer (read first 7-8 pages and last three of 31+ at this point) so if someone answered in the 20ish pages I didn't read please forgive. Anyway, here's what I thought about it: Robert Jordan has been setting this up for a LONG time, pretty much since Avi was introduced. I remember the Wise One's talking about Avi fulfilling her duties to the Aiel when she tried to stay a maiden, which I chalked up to her becoming a Wise One and helping her people that way. You also have them assigning her to be Rand's teacher in Aiel culture and several other things I'm blanking on right now, including a scene where it seemed like the Wise One's had dreamed of the future and came to the conclusion that Avi was involved with the Aiel surviving after TG. Anyway, the Wise One's make enough comments about her being the one to help save the Aiel that this didn't seemed contrived to me. Man, I wish I had read through more recently to give a more detail description but at the very least I picked up on the whole "Something bad will happen to the Aiel unless Avi does something" way back in my read throughs. As I read through this time I'll try to jot down stuff to see how well Jordan did set this up.
  9. Wow, had forgotten some of this stuff. That Rand moment, killing the warders, was awesome. Then the stilling of multiple Aes Sedai at once when breaking free...
  10. All Moments Must Be Taken From Only Books 1 - 12 For Obvious Spoiler-Courtesy! :-) Best Romantic Moment: 1 - Nynaeve and Lan's ''moment'' with the ring. 2 - Mat and Tuon's Wedding. 3 - Bryne and Suian. Dang, the one I was about to post wasn't so much a romantic moment but another moment involving Nynaeve and Lan in book 13 (she just becomes beyond epic as the series goes on), so I guess I'll chose their moment with the ring. Best ''One-On-One'' Confontation: 1 Lan/Toram Raitin 2 Mat/Gawyn+Galad 3 Nynaeve/Moggy 4 Valda/Damodred 5 Couladin/Cauthon Best confrontation? Well I can think of two that aren't on the list: Nynaeve vs. Suian (er, spelling off, the first Amryilin we see), one of the first times we see Siuan on the boat where she is giving Egwene and her Nynaeve a lesson with the power. Nynaeve losses her temper (or something) and ends up tied up with air... only to be shielded from the Source by Siuan... barely. Dang, the other slipped my mind and involved Rand... and while racking my brain I did recall the confrontation between Rand and Egwene in the Shadow Rising, if memory serves, where Moraine has changed tactics in how she's dealing with Rand and Egwene has noticed. She goes from openly arguing and losing her temper with Rand to actually keeping her cool and getting the best of the argument. Don't recall it perfectly but I remember loving Rands reaction to her change in tactics, how he was totally unprepared for it. That said, Matt v. Andor brothers for me just because of a) I've always loved watching people fight with staffs in movies b) was a great turn for Matt who, up to that point, hadn't had much of a claim to fame in all the epicness of WOT. Most Heroic Moment: 1 Rand refusing (''When the sun turns green, baby'') to let go of Lan. 2 Mat literally BLOWING up the Stone to rescue the brats. 3 Mat rescuing Elayne from Gholam (Promises to keep. ''You can't bloody have her.'') Don't know if it counts as a heroic moment but this thread has brought a lot of fond WoT memories back for me. Anyway, I loved when Nynaeve overcame her block. There she was, totally unable to get angry and :bam: she finally has to fully surrender. Up to that point we all knew Nynaeve was, for lack of a better word but knowing if she were near I'd be in danger of a stick to the head, baddass but the block was like watching Michael Jordan play basketball with a cast on one foot. As for my actual vote: Intager, his redemption was going to cost him his life but he did it anyway. Got to love it. Coolest ''Loss of Temper'' 1 Thom: ''I have a man to kill first.'' 2 Perrin moving that Aiel Chick with his bare hands. 3 Mat with the Sea Folk in ACOS. While Nynaeve and Rand are made of win and win is made of Mat, I have to agree with an above poster about Perrin losing it and taking that Aiels hand. o_O who knew he was capable of that. Apparently a good rule of thumb is never make it a point to anger normally mild mannered big guys. Best Battle 1 Falme 2 The Wells 3 Emond's Field 4 Malden 5 Mat's Seanchan Battle to allow Tuon to escape. Wow, could go many ways here but will go with the all out epicness of Falme. Best Death Scene 1 Mat and Avi's in Book 5 2 Mangin's in Book 7 3 Moiraine Damodred's in Book 5 4 The little girl in the Stone. Of these I'd go with Moiraines, though it wasn't truly a death. The one I only just remember that I'd vote for is Matt having to defend himself from his Aiel df girlfriend (is that #1? I don't recall her name) and ending up killing a lady. His reactions/thoughts were moving, though I guess the actual death itself wasn't that great or profound. Best Ending of a Book 1 Book Three: Mat promising to hang in there and mentally already planning an escape. 2 Book Seven: Callandor wackiness. 3 Book Six: Dumai's Wells Book 13... just because the knowledge of the agony of the wait for the last book in the series has been killer. Though I think something good happened there, the wait is the main thing I remember lol.
  11. I remember missing that my first read through! On my second I was thinking, "wait a tick... RJ really just did foreshadow that perfectly!" So many I could probably share... if I could remember. I do remember being surprised about Verin being what she was. I mean, Verin? Really? I hope to catch all the little signs this read through.
  12. Well, let me appologize to the thread starter (op here? Will need to look up your guyses abreviations),sorry for getting off topic. I do agree that this series is SO deep that each time through you always spot something. I am a few chapters into Eye annd, man, all the foreshadowing is crazy! Even within the first 200 pages Jordan was setting a solid foundation for the rest of this epic series. Looking forward to rereading this series for the 6th plus time and seeing all the stuff I've missed.
  13. As this is only my second post and I don't have ready access to the internet I'm not going to get into a full fledged debate on this but maybe if people actually read and followed the Bible medically and scientifically we'd be better off than what 'Christianity' and those who had the reigns of the religious structure did with it. It wasn't the Bible that held us back so much as the people in charge of 'Christianity' that dropped the ball on distributing the knowledge therein. Main thing: those laws are there for a reason. You may poo-pah the morals and the supernatural events that take place don't take the laws lightly; for instance, the need to wash with an anti-septic after touching a dead body (the forerunner to washing hands with anti-bacterial soap). We now know that's common sense but it the law was in place roughly 3500 years before proper handling of the dead was figured out. There are many other little things like that I could point out, LOTS. The Bible was way ahead of it's time scientifically and much destruction and loss of human life could have been prevented if those boring laws were read and taken seriously over the centuries.
  14. New to the forum but been reading WOT for, what, 10 years now? Anyway, this is a great thread and thanks for sharing coz! This thread was so entertaining I ended up registering so I could post here. Anyway, even though I've read through the series several times I'm blanking on Selene as well (the tid bit that has gotten me to register). Still in Eye of the World on my last read through (or so I'm saying now) so I'll be a while before I get there reading wise... I think I know who she is and won't post my thoughts but, man, it's bugging me because I should now it! How many other tid bits have I forgotten through the years since my last read through (2004ish)... Anyway, glad to see you're enjoying your read through and thank you for serving, coz! May the Lord bless thee and keep thee.
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