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  1. Just finished 'Doses of Forkroot,' lemme just say Androl is one bad man :) Epic use of gateways...
  2. Just wanted to say that of the major Greek v. Persian battles I know of Lans charge most resembles the battle of Marathon. If memory serves the smaller Greek force charges the Persian force as they're landing then fall back into a pass and surround the larger force on all sides and proceed to dismantle enemy, causing a frenzied retreat to the boats that costs lifes in and of itself. Anyway, either way it's not myth so much as ancient warfare.
  3. Rand is the Dragon. A lightly higher pay grade than an Amyrlin. If we count Rands time as LTT wouldn't he be considered 'Tamrylin,' the male eqivilent of Amrylin? (spelling on those two words is from memory and likely botched)
  4. I've thought of this connection myself. A small pass/valley where a much larger army will be bottle necked and unable to make use of it's vastly superior numbers. A small army that's highly trained and probably the best at what they do, calvary in this case, that needs to hold or bad stuff is going to happen behind them. Governments that have yet to send help and, by the looks of things, may wait until the small, valiant force is wiped off the face of the map in a blaze of glory for the ages to actually try and do something about this threat. Many similarities there, just hope it's not a blaze of glory like the 300 because I like Lan; however, I can totally see the fall of these heroes mirroring the 300. When the 300 and their army fell in Thermopylae it triggered events where all of Greece banded together, finally, and pushed back the horde of Persian with the sacrifice these guys made as the rallying point of the city states. Thus could be the set up for our Malkeri friends.
  5. Q: Which books would be nice to have? A: Voted Age of Legends novels Really several of those would be nice but I think getting a chance to see this age would be kind of cool, especially if it was pulled off right. Sometimes trying this kills the mystique of the era, ala Star Wars, but if done right you get to see more of the characters you know in passing and get to know them better, again like Star Wars (the one part that really went well in the prequels). Q: Of selected options, when would you want to see them? A: Any time after finishing Prequels/Outriggers Basically, if Harriet and company have the notes to do books, ect that would lean heavily on Jordan's notes then go for those, first, before attempting any other types of books, ect. If Jordan doesn't have a lot of notes for the prequels or outriggers then they shouldn't be done... I love the way the Sanderson WoT books have gone but they still aren't the same even if heavily influenced by Jordan himself. Q: Who would you like to be the respective author/authors? A: Does not matter If they have to do the novels sans Jordan it doens't really matter who does them. Sanderson has done well with the two new novels and I would love to see him continue but anyone that has a good grasp of WoT and can carry the tone of the series would be okay.
  6. I partially agree with Terez here, I agree that she most likely was attack by Whitecloaks because of the use of their term for Aes Sedai, Witches, but don't necessarily think it was Fain's Whitecloaks. Other than that I cannot remember it being brought up again, anyone else know if it was ever brought up again?
  7. Oh, didn't remember that scene but, yes, I mean the not so crazy, has all of LTT's memories Rand.
  8. Just about spit out my Diet Dr. Pepper... barely saved the company flat screen and keyboard. Anyway, something hit me earlier today that I've not seen brought up before: Rand meeting the Tinkers. At this point it's highly unlikely to happen; however, if you think about how the Way of the Leaf has changed over the last 3,000 years and the fact that Rand has not only Lews Therin but also the Rhudien experience. One such change: the fact that they were allowed to eat meat and, possibly, not have a restriction on killing anything not human. If memory serves, it wasn't the fact that they had killed that the Aiel were banished from the Daishan but that they killed a human. And that's not to forget as they were looting the bandits they left the sword but picked up the spears/axes because they could be used as tools, specifically the spear to put food on the table. Anyway, just a point of musing for me earlier today. Also, forgive me the sin of mispelling the WoT words... don't have a book handy to double check the spellings.
  9. Heh, kind of the same here. Not necessarily about learning Sadin,though I think I'd go and learn the quarterstaff and Two Rivers Longbow rather than the sword, but definitely would be fun to be in the WoT world... Though, on second thought, I think I prefer reading about Rands awesome balefiring feats from the safety of my couch versus ducking those molten bars of fire Yeah, think that would be what I'd like most (first hand awesomeness) and miss the most (safety of watching the scenes unfold from my couch).
  10. if it's idiotic, it's idiotic. if there is any better tactical or even strategic option, he should take it. tactically, we have too little information to definitely say either way, whereas strategically it seems stupid, unless we are given some more information. i guess because it's just a book, the whole heroic-romantic chaaaaaaaaaaarge to your death thing seems forgivable. On the surface it is tactically foolish. Yet the loss of 12000 isn't going to seriously harm the forces of the light. If that loss--the final act of defiance of the Malkieri--inspires the rest to stand against despair, then it could still be an overall victory for the Light. -- dwn Only on page 2 so hopefully I'm not echoing some earlier posts that I haven't gotten to but... Earlier on page 2 there was a good write up of why the charge wasn't so foolish and I concur with it. What I see here is what I see when I look at the battle of Thermopylae: much larger force attacking much smaller force but much smaller force that a) is deadly to the extreme b) chose the ground to fight on that takes away the advantage the other force has in numbers c) expert in that tactics they are using (I believe the Borderland forces all are well trained in cavalry but my memory is known to fail). Another thing dwn brings up: the 300 Spartans and company lost at Thermopylae but the sentiment that the heroic stand whipped up eventually lead to the routing of Persia (again, if memory doesn't fail me) out of the land and, eventually, lead to the nation of Greece being formed and them taking over the known world from Persia with Alexander the Great. Same thing could happen here though, for sentimental reason I'm hoping for a 9th hour save.
  11. LOL Just read that scene in tSR yesterday! To whoever thought of making these and posting these: I salute you!
  12. Going through the Shadow Rising and Perrin's fight scenes... well, I think it's a couple of things: 1) Dudes ferocious. Attacks head on, full of fury... many of you have already commented on this 2) Dudes tough. In the two fight scenes I've seen Perrin in so far in tSR he takes the hits and keeps on swinging. In the first fight from his POV is when they are just getting out of the Ways going into the Two Rivers Perrin does a number on the Trollocs and Fade he comes against and doesn't realize he's got a fat hole in his thigh. I believe Faile has to point it out to him before he would accept help treating it. In the other, where their ambush against the Trollocs is given away but a certain somebody he takes a Trolloc arrow to the side and still manages to hold his own against a fade. Granted, this is where his tavarenness* comes in handy: as his strength started to fail there was that Warder to lop of the fades head before it could deliver a killing blow. 3) Yes, dudes a tavaren*: You may call this duex machina (spelling) or whatever but in this case it doesn't have to affect much to be effective. The main thing I see is something from my role playing days, not that their completely over with RPG video games, is the concept of HP. One explanation I like was that HP wasn't indication of how tough you were, per say, but how well you avoided damage. At level one you had minimal combat experience and had very little skill making things miss vital areas, like leaning back on a slash so it doesn't cut so deep. A rookie might take the full brunt of the slash but an experienced fighter would be able to make it only a flesh wound by subtle moving. A few examples: A thrust towards your head: an inexperienced fighter might take it on the jugular but a more experienced fighter just has to duck a few inches to take it as a cut on the face if not completely duck under it. A thrust/slash at your chest: an inexperienced fighter might take the full brunt of it in the chest, getting a punctured lung or worse where as a more experienced fighter might twist and take it as a gash on the ribs, still hurts like heck but not an instant death threat. I could go on but I have no idea if I'm actually making sense here. I definitely feel 'woolheaded' right now with this cold so... *Yes, I have no clue how to spell that without looking that up. Maybe I'll look it up later and edit.
  13. Ah, yes. I was thinking of a different chapter as well... don't know how I could have forgotten that chapter though.
  14. Just remember not to ask their lady fans to dance, as doing so may have unintended consequences.
  15. So, in essence, Jordan should have started with LTT? I liken that to George Lucas starting with Anakin instead of Luke... totally changes the series. You would see the awesomeness of those Jedi and then, midway through the series, get stuck with a bunch of scrubs... In WoT terms, the transition from AoL awesomeness to the bumbling civilization (by contrast) would be to jarring. This way left the nostalgia/awe of the previous age in a general sense and allowed the current characters/civilization grow without the full shadow of the AoL cast over it.
  16. Birgitte is one of my favorite characters and I went searching for info not that long ago. Here is the link I found that has a bunch of info that should answer you questions better than I can: click this
  17. Great post. I didn't think that deeply about her but, when you play the tapes, she does seem even more awesome than she was before hand. Granted, she is selfish, power hungry and several other negative things most likely... but there was a reason she became even more so and went over to the shadow. I sympathize with her on many levels and this just puts it in a rational way.
  18. Not to rain on your wishful thinking parade but if she was a dark friend she wouldn't be worried about 13x13 so much. She may have a taint from lasy that was a dude (aran'gar? Or was it the other gar... too long since my last read through) but isn't likely to be a dark friend... unless in the last 1/3 of the intended last book she gets 13x13"d.
  19. For me it's a toss up: I voted Lanfear because, as a character, I like her more. She was smart, calculated in her schemes but remaining passionate about... well, LTT really, powerful enough to be taken serious by all the Forsaken/Chosen. Also like that she did try to help Rand out, even if it was for her own selfish reasons/means to an end. I think the best character, the one I love to hate, is easily Padan Fain. Goes from treacherous peddler that likes attention to hound of the dark one to a possessed mad man, to... I don't know what to call him, but he seems to fit the mad scientist/evil for his own reason persona in the series and Jordan has written him masterfully. I've read where people give Jordan kudos for Rand's decent into madness... well, that goes x10 for Fain.
  20. @ randsc: hard to trim long quotes on me phone or I would have. What I was reffering to, in regards to appolgies to Mat, happens in "What is Written in Prophecy," chapter 55 of the Dragon Reborn: Matt: What I understand is that I got you out of something you couldn't get yourselves out of and you all have as much gratitude as a bloody Tarren Ferry man with a toothache!" Nynaeve: You are right. As much as it pains me to say it, Mat, you are right. Not a great appology but coming from Nynaeve it's like most people begging for forgiveness (flashes expired poetic licence... will have to get on that)
  21. I generally like Egwene... but on this last read through I got to the point of Matt saving Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne from the BA in the stone. Needless to say I was surprised how badly all three treated Matt for saving there skins. I didn't remember it being that bad... or the fact that only Nynaeve had the grace to realize/admit he helped them out. It never mentions an appology from the other two for the treatment they gave him. Didn't want to start a whole new thread just to say that but I think I'm starting to see why Egwene is so disliked. Mind you, I like the character and give her credit for still being sane after what she's been through by the time she was 18 and get .that a lot of her faults are common in ladies her age (ever know an 18 year old that didn't think they knew more than everyone else? It's fairly uncommon, especially with those in a position of leadership/importance). As to how to "fix" her: I agree she will need to be humbled, much like Rand, Nynaeve, and, to aesser extent, Elayne (might not be a popular statement put she has grown in that area... but isn't there yet) have.
  22. So by saying 'likely' your saying chances are he's more likely to change than the Seanchan (spelling)... You do realize that by laying anything to CHANCE with Mat the odds are always stacked in his favor, right? This is a man that diced a guy using loaded dice and beat the throw using the same dice, which is the least of his outrageous chance related activities.
  23. Hopefully got that quote attributed right... :edit: Didn't attribute it right. On mobile so I can't see the name to reproduce name correctly but... Anyway, in that list of names one you should strike from the list is Nynaeve. A) She has had the best character growth of any of the female characters B) She is needed badly for the last battle C) There has been a fair amount of build up to Nynaeve healing death... and considering Rand has to bleed/likely receive fatal wound at Shoual Ghoul (spelling) this is likely to play a big role in the light prevailing.
  24. All right, before I finish the last page I'll add my thoughts: I'm doing a read through, hopefully leading up to aMotL but may have to do 2 read through's at the pace I'm going, and I just read the epic chapter, "What Might Have Been," (can't remember the exact name but I'll know it when I see it) in The Great Hunt two days ago. I'm sure anyone who's read it remembers it fairly well, as shows various 'what if' scenarios of lives Rand could have lived. From staying in the Two Rivers and living out a life with Egwene to having to going and becoming a member of the Queens Guard and fighting to save Camelyn to other stuff in between... all ending with the Dark One winning in the end. I do believe we are witnessing the one world where Rand and company manage to win and it apparently is taking a lot of special deeds/improbable things happening for this to come around. As much as it would have been cool if Rand could have just lived out his life in the Two Rivers with Egwene... well, that doesn't win the last battle. Nor does Egwene dying before learning to control channeling... nor does a life sans Elayne in it... and many other things, most likely. To win it seems like Rand is going to need every weapon, tool and person that he can get to make it to the last battle and to fight for him. There are other worlds out there where major characters die; however, those are not the worlds he can win. It's stated early in the books, I believe I just read this in Perrin's POV when they get attacked while waiting for Morraine to say it's okay to leave their camp, that 'if one leg of the tripod fails then the whole things fails.' If one of the 3 Tav's fall all fall. Through Min we see that if Cads isn't there to push Rand to VoG he fails and the DO wins. While we don't have any conclusive readings on the others, at least I don't right in front of me, we can assume without some of these second tier characters weren't there that the others would have failed, too. Just my two cents on the bullet proofing of the characters. In the end, it's WoT has just been all about sitting back and enjoying the journey the characters have taken. :shrugs:
  25. Heh, I am going through the series one last time, ending with AMotL next year, and have made it to the Great Hunt. I just got to the part where Rand and Egwene are going to visit our friendly neighborhood pedler, Fain, and totally had a "d'oh" moment as I finally realized why the guards and prisoners are acting suspicious, rude in the one guards chase. Bad Fain corupting those around him... bad Fain. Totally should have been obvious on first or at least second read through (started with 8-9 books out already) but just got it on my... what 10th, 12th read through? :shakes head at self:
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