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  1. Just finished 'Doses of Forkroot,' lemme just say Androl is one bad man :) Epic use of gateways...
  2. Just wanted to say that of the major Greek v. Persian battles I know of Lans charge most resembles the battle of Marathon. If memory serves the smaller Greek force charges the Persian force as they're landing then fall back into a pass and surround the larger force on all sides and proceed to dismantle enemy, causing a frenzied retreat to the boats that costs lifes in and of itself. Anyway, either way it's not myth so much as ancient warfare.
  3. Rand is the Dragon. A lightly higher pay grade than an Amyrlin. If we count Rands time as LTT wouldn't he be considered 'Tamrylin,' the male eqivilent of Amrylin? (spelling on those two words is from memory and likely botched)
  4. I've thought of this connection myself. A small pass/valley where a much larger army will be bottle necked and unable to make use of it's vastly superior numbers. A small army that's highly trained and probably the best at what they do, calvary in this case, that needs to hold or bad stuff is going to happen behind them. Governments that have yet to send help and, by the looks of things, may wait until the small, valiant force is wiped off the face of the map in a blaze of glory for the ages to actually try and do something about this threat. Many similarities there, just hope it's not a b
  5. Q: Which books would be nice to have? A: Voted Age of Legends novels Really several of those would be nice but I think getting a chance to see this age would be kind of cool, especially if it was pulled off right. Sometimes trying this kills the mystique of the era, ala Star Wars, but if done right you get to see more of the characters you know in passing and get to know them better, again like Star Wars (the one part that really went well in the prequels). Q: Of selected options, when would you want to see them? A: Any time after finishing Prequels/Outriggers Basically, if Harri
  6. I partially agree with Terez here, I agree that she most likely was attack by Whitecloaks because of the use of their term for Aes Sedai, Witches, but don't necessarily think it was Fain's Whitecloaks. Other than that I cannot remember it being brought up again, anyone else know if it was ever brought up again?
  7. Oh, didn't remember that scene but, yes, I mean the not so crazy, has all of LTT's memories Rand.
  8. Just about spit out my Diet Dr. Pepper... barely saved the company flat screen and keyboard. Anyway, something hit me earlier today that I've not seen brought up before: Rand meeting the Tinkers. At this point it's highly unlikely to happen; however, if you think about how the Way of the Leaf has changed over the last 3,000 years and the fact that Rand has not only Lews Therin but also the Rhudien experience. One such change: the fact that they were allowed to eat meat and, possibly, not have a restriction on killing anything not human. If memory serves, it wasn't the fact that they had ki
  9. Heh, kind of the same here. Not necessarily about learning Sadin,though I think I'd go and learn the quarterstaff and Two Rivers Longbow rather than the sword, but definitely would be fun to be in the WoT world... Though, on second thought, I think I prefer reading about Rands awesome balefiring feats from the safety of my couch versus ducking those molten bars of fire Yeah, think that would be what I'd like most (first hand awesomeness) and miss the most (safety of watching the scenes unfold from my couch).
  10. if it's idiotic, it's idiotic. if there is any better tactical or even strategic option, he should take it. tactically, we have too little information to definitely say either way, whereas strategically it seems stupid, unless we are given some more information. i guess because it's just a book, the whole heroic-romantic chaaaaaaaaaaarge to your death thing seems forgivable. On the surface it is tactically foolish. Yet the loss of 12000 isn't going to seriously harm the forces of the light. If that loss--the final act of defiance of the Malkieri--inspires the rest to stand against d
  11. LOL Just read that scene in tSR yesterday! To whoever thought of making these and posting these: I salute you!
  12. Going through the Shadow Rising and Perrin's fight scenes... well, I think it's a couple of things: 1) Dudes ferocious. Attacks head on, full of fury... many of you have already commented on this 2) Dudes tough. In the two fight scenes I've seen Perrin in so far in tSR he takes the hits and keeps on swinging. In the first fight from his POV is when they are just getting out of the Ways going into the Two Rivers Perrin does a number on the Trollocs and Fade he comes against and doesn't realize he's got a fat hole in his thigh. I believe Faile has to point it out to him before he would acce
  13. Ah, yes. I was thinking of a different chapter as well... don't know how I could have forgotten that chapter though.
  14. Just remember not to ask their lady fans to dance, as doing so may have unintended consequences.
  15. So, in essence, Jordan should have started with LTT? I liken that to George Lucas starting with Anakin instead of Luke... totally changes the series. You would see the awesomeness of those Jedi and then, midway through the series, get stuck with a bunch of scrubs... In WoT terms, the transition from AoL awesomeness to the bumbling civilization (by contrast) would be to jarring. This way left the nostalgia/awe of the previous age in a general sense and allowed the current characters/civilization grow without the full shadow of the AoL cast over it.
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