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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You ahve teh most epic Picture :P

  2. Hah, same here, I was thinking that this was Chapter 22, The Last That Could Be Done. Same here, I thought chapter 22 too, or maybe chapter 50. When I was reading chapter 22, I was telling myself if Rand kills Min, I would stop reading the book there and then and burn it.
  3. My advice to you is to just hang in there and finish the book first. Yes there are inconsistencies, yes there are stylistic differences and yes some characters act out of character. But overall these are minor things in the grand scheme of things. I too was perturbed early on in tGS but by the end of the book I had come to accept these things.
  4. 1. Crossroads of Twilight only joking. 1. The Shadow Rising 2. The Eye of the World 3. The Gathering Storm 4. The Fires of Heaven 5. Lord of Chaos 6. Towers of Midnight 7. Knife of Dreams 8. The Great Hunt 9. The Dragon Reborn 10. Winter's Heart 11. A Crown of Swords 12. The Path of Badgers 13. Crossroads of Twilight
  5. Well, Rand is the son of the daughter heir of Andor after all.
  6. Could Aes Sedai bond with their horses to give them more stamina?
  7. 1. Aviendha/Nynaeve Avi - I love her POVs and her ramblings about Wetlanders, also her long slow acceptance of her love for Rand. Nynaeve - I love her temper and her stubbornness, her POVs are the funniest, I like how she cares about everyone. 2. Mat Once again for his hilarious POVs, his way with the ladies, his luck, his carefree attitude and his heroics. Despite what he tells himself he's a very caring guy and would sacrifice himself to rescue his friends. 3. Moiraine/Lan These two are awesome in the earlier books, their devotion to their cause is admirable. 4. Siuan Sanche I love her fish metaphors and her distrust of horses, also like Moiraine she is totally dedicated to the Light. 5. Rand al'Thor/Lews Therin Telamon Rand - All the stuff he goes through is enough to make anyone crazy, let alone the taint in saidin. I like his growth as a character, his ups and downs and then his awesomeness in ToM. Lews - I like how he hums when he sees a pretty lady. 6. Perrin I like his wolf related stories and his reluctance to be a leader, even though it went on for ever. In ToM he is awesome. 7. Tam al'Thor The kind of guy you would trust with your life, dependable, capable and very reasonable. The perfect father. 8. Birgitte The awesomest lady in WoT. 9. Rodel Ituralde Out of the great captains, he is my favourite. His battle tactics are the best. 10. Egwene The way she proves that she really is the Amyrlin Seat. 11. Thom/Domon Bayle/Juilin Without these men those silly girls would be dead by now. 12. Sorilea She can beat the crap out of Cadsuane.
  8. I too started in July of 2010 and finished ToM in November. Then I was sad when there was nothing new to read. So I did what any other sensible WoT fan would do, I started tEotW again, I'm halfway through now and it's better than the first time. I used to think the people who have read it multiple times are woolheaded madmen/madwomen, and I was right, but I'm one of them now. AMoL will come and go. We will always have the books to reread and new things to discover.
  9. When I listen to Arcade Fire it reminds me of WOT. Simply because I was listening to them while reading the series.
  10. The Domani have copper coloured skin. South Asians? Illianers seem to have Greek names.
  11. I, on the other hand, find it off putting when I come across a real world name in a fantasy novel. *cough* Gareth Byrne *cough*.
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