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  1. damnit Barid!!! Don't Pi** on my parade with common sense:) I want it for xmas:) Pretty Please Team Jordan/TOR go on you know you want to! Also, in all seriousness isn't there a significant date just days away from the Jan 8th release date that would have made a whole load of more sense to release on? 25 year anniversary or some such? I am sure I read something along those lines. That is a clue I think to an early shizz in November. I just wish I could channel Devil Wears Prada and demand Anne Hathaway to get me the manuscript. Sadly it appears it is not to be. After 20 years
  2. Now the preview material has all been released two and a half months before the book is set for publication does anybody think there will be a move to get this out and catch the Christmas market? I read somewhere that there is no more preview material due and January is a long way away to maintain a 'buzz' from the preview stuff, if it really is a January release then TOR marketing needs to be fired as it would have made more sense to do Chapter 1 in November and Chapter 2 in December with a 1 month countdown to keep people talking. I bet we see this at the end of November. Anyone else got
  3. You are on drugs! Perhaps you can be let off as obviously English is not your first language. Should I confront someone then they do not confront me. I confront and they respond, having been confronted. Within the context of that situation they cannot confront me as I have instigated the interaction by being the confrontee. The word confrontation can be used to describe such an interaction, but cannot be used as you have. In you example X confronts Y. Y responds to X, it is impossible for your explanation (#circlejerk) to be possible, contextually and in reality. SHEESH
  4. That would be an interesting development and I guess we have only a few months until we find out:) It might fit the doing the impossible and winning the game.
  5. Absolutely, I understand the difference, it was the mindset of the situation that I was trying to reconcile. Throughout the series Olver repeatedly plays the game to win, all the adults 'know' he can't win but humour him. That was what I was driving at, a real world analogy that we would just insist was impossible (physics being the guiding reason with the Weeble Wobble). We do not have the rules or a framework for Snakes & Foxes so we cannot be specific as to why it is considered unwinnable, I always imagined Talmanes reaction to be akin to that of mine if my two year old told me the Weeb
  6. What is a real world game that can't be won? Say knocking down a Weeble Wobble and it staying down. I think in terms of that. All adults accept it cant be knocked down and made to stay down which is why Uncle Talmanes is so shocked when Olver does beat S&F. I am sure there is some quirk of physics that makes it possible, but in real terms it is so unlikely as to be considered impossible.
  7. Agree on both comments in respect of Logain, paticularly the ying yang shebang. I just cant see Perrin dropping into the ranks alongside Rand, we 'know' that he is going to be dealing with Slayer as his predominant arc in this book, I just cant work out from where and unfortunately this chapter gives no indication of what he is up to.
  8. hmmmm, what a load of drivel I have read in the comments, rape sodomy and BS bashing. Anyway,just thought I would drop my thoughts in. The chapter excerpt was really welcome and a superb treat to find. I enjoyed the story and wasn't bothered to subsequently find out the innkeeper and doorman were fanwank moments. (They both read absolutely fine to me, the Seanchan doorman didn't seem out of place, certainly mysterious if one wanted it to be that he had a heron marked blade, but after finding out who he was based on it made sense and needed no furthe examination in my mind.) As to Matt'
  9. Peter! Giddy with excitement -- have you read the draft?!? Is RJs ending killer good?!? Can I start getting excited now?!? Please tell me you loved the story of the last book - I bet it goes at a million miles an hour! Enough exclamation marks!
  10. I DO not want to be logging into this site on the 20th January to see umpteen threads entitled 'why did they wait so long to release when it is bad/unsatisfying/blah/blah'. I know its gonna happen though. I am just so happy that the countdown has truly begun and we will get to read the final instalment in the wheel of time. Thanks again to everyone involved in getting the story finished and out there for us to consume. In the words of some famous Essex dwellers I am 'Well Jel' of the advanced readers!!
  11. Excellent point, I forgot about Setalle, it would need her to be healed I feel for it to have merit to the plot as a prompt for Tuon to drop her fears. I think without doubt Matt, Joline, Teslin and the former Seanchan Suldam at the tower will be critical to the acceptance of channelling by Tuon, I just think the invasion of the white tower and the recovery of the horn of valere will be the plot mechanism. The big lynchpin to a further change in the attitude of Tuon as I see it now is that with travelling the Seanchan can return home. Although RJ has said there will not be any 'on scree
  12. Yes, i see what you mean. I am thinking that it will come about because Mat will say you must bond me to trust me, and it will be related to the Horn of Valere (crazy thought is Hawkwing ordering her to do so!!). Story wise I can also see this happening at the White Tower during the planned attack by the Seanchan. If Egwene and her army are marching off to the last battle there will be few AS in the tower and the invasion force will quickly take the tower and Tuon would travel there to celebrate/ arrive as the conquering empress just about the time Mat is there looking to collect the Horn. Oh
  13. ToM Ch57 'A Rabbit for Supper': coupled with the insights from Fortuona in ToM Ch47 A Teaching Chamber Sorry for the heavy quoting from the text, but I have just finished a reread of ToM and think that the two parts reveal an event that is certain to happen. Take Mat's words, everytime he says he will never do something obviously it happens so i think we can take it as read that he will be bonded to Tuon, it then comes down to a matter of when. During AMOL or after the fact, perhaps this is something foreshadowed for the outriggers. I take it from the text though that this is
  14. Yup,,, unless the seal Taim gave him is a fake as suggested, but yes it wouldn't make sense for either really to be the case. I am intrigued by the idea of an event as in something happening - just cant twizzle anything in my head to fit...
  15. If it is a something then: Dreamspike? Last seal on the D.O.'s prison? (If it is a city then could this be Demandreds powerbase and secret army?) If it is an event as it seems from the conversation Wilson is said to have repeated as in 'yet to take place' then: I have no frickin idea! As an event that could have happened in terms of one, and there being a happening of such then... yep still clueless. On balance although it will most likely not be a dreamspike it would be carnage for the allies!
  16. Bearing in mind egwene's viewing could Logain be a DF? Could he be Damodred. I have always thought he was a plant for the darklord?
  17. Luckers, how about another poll? Q: If Brandon and Harriet decide that AMOL has to be split into 2 volumes (which BS hasn't ruled out but has said 'is very unlikely') would you: 1. Suspect Tor of intervening to maximising their profits? 2. Be happy there would now be 2 lovely WOT books to come in which all those loose ends could be properly addressed? 3. Just give up, join the Black Ajah and refuse to think about WOT ever again? 4. HEADDESK in a 'Leigh Butler rereading Gawyn stylee' insisting you cannot take any more waiting before reading the fabled RJ 'last scene'? But wait anyway
  18. I created that list last year, but haven't had time to do the same this year. I may yet do it--otherwise there is the Theoryland database. The Future Books section contains alot of the Q&A from the signing tour. Many thanks luckers. I didn't realise that you had collated the list last year, just to let you know I really enjoyed reading it and appreciate your effort in putting it together. Thank-you.
  19. can anyone help me please. When TGS was released there was a link on DMount to the Q&A answers from the signings by Brandon, is there such a list this time? I have tried searching but I am probably just missing it!! Any help greatly appreciated.
  20. I found the blame for Mesaana's death a bit odd really. But taken into the context of three of her peers/rivals dying through her actions SH and Moridin would have cause for concern on her motivation in their deaths and in particular Asmo's. I found the blame for Mesaanas 'death' odd because she still lost in a straight fight with Eg which I assumed SH/Moridin would know. The only one left to report the news of what had happened - Alviarin - didnt witness the death and had scarpered with her other B.A. mates before the mind-melting showdown. So they would have reported that they could not move
  21. I got the impression that Graendel killed Asmo to get herself into favour with the Dark Lord. I felt that by killing a traitor she was manoeuvring for position as the Nae'Blis? I have not done a reread but was it made obvious that Asmo had info on G? could that be the motive?
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