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  1. Welcome to dm. You made a good decison. Plus there's so much avaliable here on the boards: from social and discussion boards to my personal favorite. The rp section. Where I currently have an aiel and a warder. Either way im glad u join up man, and hope to see yah around. If you got any questions pm me anytime
  2. Junoku cursed to himself. How had she know that he had left out his other task in the streets. He hadn't even hinted toward his assasination work. He had no time to think for she was out the door in the blink of in eye. He caught up swiftly and as elequantly as a dancer. Keeping to the shadows as much as possible. They walked out into the yard and the woman survey what stood before her. She barked an order to a man who seemed to not be doing anything and he came over. She told him to accompany them to the armoury and then begin his training. The walked aways and came up to a building of decent size when they enter, junoku grinned. Hopping no one saw his face from within the hood. His white hair covered half his face in the wind so he thought he was good, its best not to let people see your emotions. He couldn't quite believe all the weapons and armour that was laid out before Him. The woman told him to go and find his Blade. He didn't know how to just pick one but he didn't ask about how many he ccould pick. He took all of the knives in his person save for his inhertince dagger. He saw a multitude of knives which he simply put bak into his hidden sheaths. It was the finest workmanship he had ever seen. He went onto the see the shields which he quickly put back not liking how it inhibited his movement. Then he went to the swords, he nvr had much use for a sword for they were not preferred for assasination. But that life was over, brushing his hair bak he pick up a heavy claymore. He swung it a few time but couldn't realistically see himself fighting like with it due to his slender frame. He saw a short sword practically a dagger and instantly felt the need for the sword. But due to it size he would need another weapon. Looking around his breath caught in his throat. He walked towards the wall were hung two black scimitars. With a silver steel edge. Instead of a flat back it was all sharp curves and edges. He new it was an exotic pair of blades due to the style of work. He picked them up noticing the left hand blade was shorter than the right. It was for speed instead of power which the right compensated it. He new he must have them taking them and picking out a dual sheath which fight on his back. He put the dagger strung across his waist. He held the cloak in his arms and went to see what the woman thought of his Choices...
  3. Lol seeing how I spoke out of turn to soon. It seems u were refering to social boards really feel free to pm me on rp questions or anything dn related
  4. Awesome ill pm u in a bit!
  5. Lol some people like role playing and others don't. You actually have to perfect it cause its basically writingg. But I strongly encourage it cause its a great way to spend ur time and you can meet amazing people when rping together. If your interested I can get you set up
  6. Arbitur? Lol welcome! If you are only two books in I would suggest u tiptoe around the discussion boards(spoiler) But we still have the social boards and role play section. As for social boards I can't help yah but if your interested in tryin ur hand! I will be glad to get you started .
  7. Welcome! Yes im glad thaat rand is happy now but I will admit that I. Liked it when rand would smite people down when they p***ed him off. But he now just seems to disarm anyone who dares stand up to him and its legit. Anyway look around we have great discussion boards social boards and the RP sections. I believe the rp section is the best and would love to get it up to its former glory. If your interested in any of these things well help yah out and if ur interested in doingg some role plaaying its my job to get yah setup! Hope you enjoy ur stay
  8. Hey how do you do? Im suspecting you are speaking of the RP section! If so thank you! We love every new person we can get. Im quite sure someone from the white tower will come around. And if you get ur characters back to their feet you should come by the waste sometime. Hope you enjoy ur time here!
  9. Junoku listened to the man as he spoke of breaking off all alliances and starting at the bottem of the totem pole. He didn't say anything as he spoke just let it drift in. He guessed he could use his own talents for this new agenda until the time came and he would advenge his uncle. He still remember what he had seen out in the yard. The gliding forms of the men that was a dance of death. The way the sun glimmered on the steel blades and the continous clang being the only sounds interupting the silence. He saw the door open of his own accord moments after the sergeant hammer his massive hands against the wood. He inbedded this accorance into his mind, thinking it wise to know the full extent of these marvelous women. For unlike most dark societies his uncle incouragged women who handle the darkness to participate in underworld activities. So Junoku had great respect for women who deserved it. He heard the voice echo out of the room. "Send Him in." Walkin in he heared the door swing shut. The women studied him for a few moments, eyes like a hawk, strong and unyielding. Kneeling he lowed his hood and bbowed his head, which was custom, he waited for here to speak first and ask him his buisness. To his surprise she told him to stand in a cool, raspy voice. "What is your name child, and why have you come." Standing, slightly unsure of himself, he told her his name and the story that had transpired. Knowing she unlike the guard would be interested in knowing the background of a new man who walk her yards. He waited glad that he had been taught the trick to keep the heat from his mind. He's eyes traveled to each shadow as if waiting soldiers who wanted his execution made would spring forth. It seemed like hours before she spoke but she ffinaly did.
  10. Welcome if you have any questions on the RP side.feel free to ask
  11. Well welcome im not sure why no body has gotten to you yet but im an official newbie greeter so welcome
  12. Welcome! How do u do. Im sure there will be plenty for u to do and help keep u entertained we have amazing discussion boards and some radical rp board were u can let ur creative side escape!
  13. Well u should check out the rp section and see if ur interested at all
  14. I totally want to go to a book sighnin sometime that would be legit. Welcome to dragonmount. Have u seen anything here ur interested in.
  15. Welcome to dragonmount... so have u had a chance to look around the boards yet?
  16. Haha well we would be quite glad to hhave a new wise one or a beautiful Far deris Mae in our ranks in the Freelanders guild. Ill pm you!
  17. Welcome! Im Amegakure aiel warrior and warder inntiate in the RP section... Yes do tell us bout ur self also check out our amazing mafia threads and try your hand with RPing
  18. Welcome to dm. Its a pretty amazing series isn't it. I have reread them all twice. We got some awesome activiets here. Anything you might be interested in trying out!
  19. Nice my faves on heavy metal side is devil wears prada, bring me the horizon, atreyu, and others I can't remeber. If ur interested in writing and being creative I would encourage the RP side. Its really fun, if ur interested I will be glad to get yah started
  20. Haha alright lol. *become addicted*
  21. Welcomme to dm! I am curious on some of ur favorite bands are...I like heavyy metal as we'll as alternative rock. I used to do the same thing staying up so late lol. Anyway what can u see ur self getting involved in here at DM. We have disccusion boards, RPingg, And social boards! Plus plenty of amazinng members
  22. Haha sure you can pm me all u want if read them all at least twice and if ur afraid of spoilers and want something to do feel free to try out RPingg. Its only the most amazing thing ever!
  23. Welcome lol and I love and hates stuff about the wheel of time to. Although I do love mat and rand. Ghaul being another fav. Yes elgee is right the social boards and the RP world will keep u from the spoilers specially if ur already into book 9. If your interested in trying ur hand in rping I can help you out. If ur interested in the social boards there are plenty of people who can help yah!!
  24. Junoku fell into step at an angle from the man, who seemed pleasent enough, but had a air of death about him. This trouble him abit their were a few Junoku had met that had that, and they well best not thought of. The man asked him for his name and his story. "The name is junoku, and im not even sure what this is, as for my story. Its messy but it ended with a failed assasination attempt." Wallkinng forward some more he soaked in the scene as it laid out before him. He figured this was the military force behind the white tower which he had always just believed to be make believe. He guessed that the man was referring to signing up as a warder but he thought it best not to let on how much he knew. He kept the slightly astounded look on his face even though he barely let hiss eyes rest one the sparring. He was looking for escape routes and hiding places. He did not yet know the intention of this white tower as a whole and this warder thing seemed a bit foolish. There was also the matter with his uncle that took a portion of his thoughts. He wonder what he would do about that. Or if their was much to do. It seemed that the sucession had been sucessfull and he doubted they would follow him out here. Looking around he noticed they had entered the tower and had finally approached their destination.
  25. Well I can't say that I do but I aslo wasn't around that long! Im sure ull find the new dragonmount to be quit amazing.. And from one rper to another I hope to see you around maybe u can even stop by the freelanders sometime. May you always find shade and water. Amega
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