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  1. the only right thing would have been to declare this: etc. Declaration of Independence for the Two Rivers Republic. then shove it up Elaynes pretty backside, and afterwards start talking about a possible alliance.
  2. Your "interpretation" is really self-deception. There is not really room for interpretation when she states seat in Andor. Since she is the queen of Andor, Rand is her hubby, the 2 rivers belong to her, which is totally undeserved, but what do you expect from somebody who just walked into the Caemlyn Castle without even thanking Rand, to take the throne that the degenerate Trakand family lost to a forsaken before. Obviously the Trakands are inbred and mentally ill by now like most royal inbreds, Galath being the least affected :) Perrin is now nothing but a seat-warmer, who could theoretically and legally be replaced anytime Elayne and Rand decide to do so, or if they want to give the land to one of their offspring. It was the "easy way out solution" for Perrin and Faile. Of course Elayne has not "real" power over TR, at least as long Perrin lives..., but legally it is hers now (more so than ever before!).
  3. Perrin & FAIL still suck, although Perrin less so in this book - he had some nice scenes, and partly shed his douchebaggyness. Fail is a total failure - one chapter about bitching to some Quartermaster, then another about bitching to Berrelain, while we have to read all the time how greatly she was trained to the subtleties of court and politics. Her ultimate failure is to travel to Elaynes court and accept a mere stuart job for her hubby... The deal may sound good to some, but it still makes Perrin one step below Elayne, which is unacceptable for a Manetheren ruler. I just cant stand anyone who bows to Elayne, she's a highnosed brat, nothing more.
  4. I only read Book 1, and listened to all 12 audiobooks then. I like both readers quite well, especially the woman. The man is good too - except when he impersonates Ogres with that stupid voice - or Perrin - who sounds like a total retard (which he probably is anyway). Maybe Perrin is really gay, just like Pippin in the Lord of the Rings movies. That's why he always behaves like an idiot around women, or brats like Faile. Hopefully he has his coming-out soon, and marries some blacksmith in leather with a big hammer.
  5. hi all! Being the greatest WoT fan on the planet, I must say that I found the beginning of the audiobook ToM rather boring. I didnt get far yet, cause I always fall asleep while listening, but here's what I remember: A pathetic Land part An extremely pathetic Perrin Oi'bama part a pathetic Perrin talks with wolve part an annoying Faile observation a ridiculous (as always) Forsaken part something about Egwene (but I was half asleep already) hopefully I manage to get through these boring sections without falling asleep, and get to the meat - the great stuff soon. cheers!
  6. perfect choice! Berelain is described so much hotter than Faile. He'd be better of with her (or anybody). I'd also tell Rolan to "take care, or that brat will get you killed". Also, I'd explain to Perrin the idea of a constitutional republic. So the Two Rivers folks dont have to become spitlicking groveling authority-worshiping peasants.
  7. That's like saying cooking a steak is something creative, but still the cow has to get slaughtered first. Same with smithing. you need ore for it. Therefore Nature gets destroyed because of smithing... blalbalbla ;D Anyway I have nothing against Hammers, but also not against Axes. Perrin is a narrow minded retard, so I understand his motive to throw away the Axe.
  8. hi I just love lying on the bed and let somebody else read it for me. I only read Bk1 and listened to the audiobook version of the other 12 books. Does anybody know if it will be released as timely as for TGS (the same day that was afaik)? The audio versions are all excellent. Available at http://us.macmillan.com/ and itunes. Read by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer for mcmillan.com. They're a couple. The guy usually reads chapters about male heroes, and vice versa. The only Problem with the Audiobooks is: the guy reads the Perrin parts in an extremely annoying slow dumb voice, makes me hate these parts even more I guess... and Loyal is intonated equally annoying. But besides that, the reading is perfect. imo.
  9. thats technically destruction BS if ever I read some. whats smithing then? destruction of iron, that was gained by destroying mountains (nature). ::) also you can build a house with the wood you got by chopping trees. throwing his axe away was ridiculously retarded.
  10. afaik you could chop wood with an axe. RJ developed Perrin into a retard
  11. I just saw there are like 5 versions of this RPG maker. which one is the best? I'd like to try it out.
  12. Nynaeve has dark (black?) hair. Other than that minor problem, the chars look very good! what a great idea to make an rpg with the book!!! how far have you progressed so far, whats the ETA? do you need some help?
  13. Definitely Perrin, cause I don't like reading about men who can't handle their women. Sure Faile really sucks, but it's Perrins fault mostly. He shouldn't have married her - the pussy that he is. Can't handle a women, but is cruel to prisoners, tortures, a bad leader of the wolves. annoying stuff like "...need throw away evil axe... Hammer good, Axe exil, so lets smash heads with good hammer. blablabla".
  14. the only stuff I really like to skip over is * all of Perrin & Faile crap * Wolfdreams, cause Perrin is such a pussy most of the other stories are very fun to read dozens of times, especially the many "excursions" of Nynaeve & friends, and the Siuan/Salidar parts.
  15. agree 100% Perrin behaves like a desperate fool who clings to the very first person who shows some interest in him. For true love, you first have to love yourself - something which Perrin certainly does not. Therefor his "love" is just flawed, he looks to complete himself with exterior help, but this only leads to a sick dependency.
  16. I just wanted to say that Rand is now cured. He learned to laugh, love, and cry again in his spiritual moment at dragonmount. But there actually is a connection to Archangel Michael too: Archangel Michael defeats Satan (Shaitan) 'aka the Dark One' on Judgment Day (final battle).
  17. reading about how Hurin was treated by Rand made me sad, cause Hurin is such a good hearted guy. He can not be blamed for the stupidity of his superiors.
  18. Rand was 'cured' on Dragonmount, afaik. He's now like Archangel Michael. Moiraine wont be surprised about Egwene. She's naturally talented to rule the AS intrigue and bullying club - cause that's what it basically is, I had more respect for the Children of the Light in that regard.
  19. Perrin is what we would call a retard. He is basically a mindless zombie. His brain is Fail. So he is not guilty of any of his actions, but we should consider locking him into a mental institution.
  20. She'll probably say something along "Among the blind, the one-eyed is king." Well done, child.
  21. Exactly, instead of using them in a smart way (maybe like some Special Ops), he always just leads them to get slaughtered. Also he should apologize to his Axe, because dumping the poor axe did not in any way improve his disgusting behaviour (torturing prisoners, smashing Rolan's head,...). And he needs to apologize to the readers. I am sooo sick of reading stuff like "Faiiile!!! Nothing else matters".
  22. I especially despise Fail for turning the free people of the two rivers into authority groveling spitlicking subjects - and Perrin for letting it happen. Sure it's basically a law of nature, that good calm guys end up with annoying furies, but I don't have to like it :)
  23. Elayne - needs to apologize, and come crawling on her knees while doing so, to Rand. Caemlyn was taken by a frakkin Forsaken because her stupid mummy was in heat. When she hears about Rand wanting to "give her Caemlyn", her nose is up higher than ever, claiming that Caemlyn is rightfully her's anyway, and nobody needs to give it to her. YEAH, but there's no way this brat could have disposed Rahvin herself. So she simpy rides into the abandoned palace, but there's no need to say "thanks", sure. She's a complete joke as a ruler anyway. The whole story about the battle of Caemlyn makes me wanna roll my eyes constantly. First she wonders how to extract money from the citizens, then she sells out Andor to the international banking cabal, because she has no clue about monetary reform :) I wont even go into the laughable battle itself and the various ludicrous sidestories like getting captured by the black Ajah, which reads much like a repetition of Rand's capture. RJ sure was out of good ideas at this point. And she needs to apologize to Mat of course! I mean, if I were Mat, and somebody ever called me "my loyal subject", I'd personally start a Revolution and install a constitutional republic!
  24. I think she's one of the few with a pretty good heart in the books, because she basically only wants to protect her friends from the two rivers most of the time. She's got a temper, and she hates admitting failures, but that's about it. No reason to apologize to anybody, except Mat for not honouring the rescue (but she already did apologize - in a quite funny way after being pressured by Birgitta).
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