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  1. *Walks in from the shoadows* Congrats Thorkin my dear *snuggles* you deserve this and as always you will continue to shine. Like all your bonds and close friends Im very proud of you. *hugs Thorkin one more time then vanishes back into the shadows once more*
  2. HI THORKIN *wispers* My Warder

  3. Congratulations Mae Dear!!!! the daughters of Mass destruction are finaly comming together!!!
  4. Im going to be away for the first two weeks of March, im off to Spain with my boyfriend. First over seas holiday together.
  5. Hello Dear how are you? x

  6. lol thanks Mystica no not Aes Sedai yet but will be one day
  7. oh thats beautiful Limi! thankyou! lol I need to close that siggy request thread now
  8. oh my! Late to my own Raising Ceremony Egwene quickly walks in and looks about the room, with butterflies in her stomache she slowly steps up to the first Arch. The First Arch is for what was: I started reading WOT in 2007 thanks to a very old friend, I was helping him pack and move to his new house when I saw his collection of WOT. Hes said it was right up my street and said I could borrow the first book. Since then I havnt stoped and cant put the books down. Before I joined DM I didnt do much with my spare time, watched films or went to the gym. I found Dm by accident one night looking for information about one of WOT books and there it was.I never joined a Forum before but now that I had something in common with DM I plucked up the courage and registered. I love everything about the White Tower and sometime wondered what it would be like if I joined it.........I do alot of daydreaming about WOT world. Holds her head high, takes slow breathes and moves forward The Second Arch is for what is: I have made alot of friends here at DM and have learnt alot from the classes Ive done, from drawing Anime, defending myself against Zombies,and learnt how to debate for the first time in my life. DM has also taught me alot about the WOT books...... I have read them all but being here has made me see different parts of the stories with more understanding. Like the Ajahs and what they represent and my understanding of Warders and bonding. DM even taught me how to use my Tarot cards for the first time in 4years and im proud that I can use them now. DM has given me some very special friends who I can open up to and share my problems with which I have found very difficult to do here at work and home. You know who you people are so I would like to say thankyou Ok.....last one, dont fall apart now The Third Arch is for what will be: As Accepted, I plan to help out with Ajahs and Novices in lots of ways. To be there if anyone needs a shoulder to cry on or a ear to listen. I want to take more classes, Teach a fiew classes and hopefull give some wisdom knowledge back to the Tower. I thought I had considered which Ajah to join but after getting to know alot of Aes Sedai from all Ajahs I still no idea but I am in no rush and it gives me a reason to spend time with you all. I hope to contribute more to DM and to the Tower in the near future. ......oh and to learn how to spell
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