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    WiseOne to Aiel SG/ Accepted of White Tower SG/Youngling of Wolf
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    Books: Robert Jordan, Robin Hobb, Lord of the Rings, David Eddings, Dickings, and lots lots lots lots more!!!

    Art,Geography, Traveling, Culture,Zoo ology, Disney films, Sewing......

    Eating pizza or Chinese takeaway...mmmmmmm
    Playing computer games: Guildwars, Halo, Assasin Creed, Bio shock,COD and lots more.
  1. *Walks in from the shoadows* Congrats Thorkin my dear *snuggles* you deserve this and as always you will continue to shine. Like all your bonds and close friends Im very proud of you. *hugs Thorkin one more time then vanishes back into the shadows once more*
  2. HI THORKIN *wispers* My Warder

  3. HEY EGWENE! *whispers* My Aes Sedai!

  4. Happy birthday! Miss you a ton hun^^

  5. Haha, eggy, I love your display photo for your page!

  6. I'm getting a new modem today for

    my laptop, Yays! *Fails*

  7. Booo! Have a great weekend!

  8. Hey Eggie! Long time no see, how are you?

  9. Welcome back! Missed ya.

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