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  • Birthday 07/12/1987


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    WiseOne to Aiel SG/ Accepted of White Tower SG/Youngling of Wolf

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    Books: Robert Jordan, Robin Hobb, Lord of the Rings, David Eddings, Dickings, and lots lots lots lots more!!!

    Art,Geography, Traveling, Culture,Zoo ology, Disney films, Sewing......

    Eating pizza or Chinese takeaway...mmmmmmm
    Playing computer games: Guildwars, Halo, Assasin Creed, Bio shock,COD and lots more.

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  1. HI THORKIN *wispers* My Warder

  2. HEY EGWENE! *whispers* My Aes Sedai!

  3. Happy birthday! Miss you a ton hun^^

  4. Haha, eggy, I love your display photo for your page!

  5. I'm getting a new modem today for

    my laptop, Yays! *Fails*

  6. Booo! Have a great weekend!

  7. Hey Eggie! Long time no see, how are you?

  8. Welcome back! Missed ya.

  9. Hello Dear how are you? x

  10. Evening Eggy! I'll send you something

    very soon. It's been a busy weekend.

  11. Congrat Miss Accepted! You've worked so

    hard to get there. One more step now. =)

  12. Stop looking for her MatrimForever! (I'm calling you MF from now on since your name is so long) Come be MY friend! lol hahahahhaaaa XP

    Not he, Matrimforever is a girl, she's my school buddy lol we're just goofing around :D


    And MF, I'm not accusing, I'm telling it like it is!!! :D bwahahahahahahahaaaaa!

  13. eeeegggwweeenneee wwweerree arrreee yoooouuuu!? Froggie is accusing me of things!! WAHHHH!

  14. lol well you are proberly better at English than me, and I am from England.
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