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  1. I hate to burst any bubbles out there but does that image look vaguely familiar to anyone? Need a hint? Look at the covers of books five "The Fires of Heaven" and book the "The Dragon Reborn" (reversed image and embellished) But then again, I'm being skeptical. I've some fuller images of the book covers that I need to find to post here but the one of Rand is vaguely familiar but the image that I'm thinking of is of another character, with a cape from facing away from the reader as it is now. The girl is the same girl from tFoH and the background is familiar too.
  2. THAT in it's self is what led me to originally think of Leane sharif at first because she too met several of the hints as in dress, tapping of the lips etc; however the mere fact of her stilling canceled that out. Messana just seemed to know way to much of what was happening in Salidar which led me to think that she was splitting herself between the tower and Salidar. And as mentioned in the first post, I was listening to CoS and Theodrin just made sense.
  3. I knew that I had seen that thread quite along while back but I picked up on Theodren for a few other reasons which I realized that I had not mentioned above. One of those reasons was that she had not held the oath rod yet and so was able to lie, secondly and I cannot remember which book it was in but she too was described as also wearing a bronze colored dress at one time. Now the most convincing (although I personally am not convinced myself) was Messana's use of the words "The Ferrets.," a term used by the Rebels themselves. The one and only hold back for me to completely convince myself
  4. I've ran a search for this topic and sheesh the list was long but not found. I know it existed once a million years ago but the closest to it was "How to discover....Messana" which was posted in nearly four months ago so, unless it's been discovered already here's my take on it. RJ gave us two very distinct hints at this. She taps her lips thoughtfully and is wearing a bronze dress with a Tairen Maze hem. Well a few Aes Sedia have been mentioned as tapping their lips but only one was mentioned wearing the described dress but no it can't be her she was stilled. Leane Sharif who by the way
  5. I'm 45 and I just started reading WoT last year. I finished KoD 'round December and am on my second re-read and just started LoC though I am finding it harder to read that particular book for the second time. Tolkien is a great author as I've seen some of you mention who else your into. I recently read a quick book by David Weber called We Few and learned that it was book three of a three part series. Weber turned out to be a pretty good author. not the beast mind you but worthy of another read or two.
  6. Hey welcome to the forums. For some reason I think that it was not stolen but mis-placed. If memory serves me correctly, he had the angreal later on in Knife of Dreams. it was in his coat pocket when the Embassy met him before snatching him up and he was not wearing his coat at the time.
  7. Being "reborn" so to speak, as I think lanfear was, does not mean that she will be of the same strength in the one power as she once was. RJ seems to go to great lengths to describe how much power a person can take or hold as being "As much as a body can hold." Which really doesn't say much other than it varies with each individual "body." Luckers is usually always spot on with his thoughts and theories but being healed by another, more specifically a woman..., that just one I can't buy. Other than that Cyndane is very much Lanfear re-born.
  8. talaan and Merille will most likely set it out in Caemlyn or go to the rebels. I don't think that they were killed by the Black Adja myself and I seriously doubt that Merille will take her to Eliada.
  9. I'm 44 and just picked the books up in June and finished book eleven about the middle of September and have started to re-read them again.
  10. Welcome to the Forums and the Profile options are just past your nose and to the right of your screen. Slightly up and about eye level too.
  11. As Luckers pointed out in his listing there are so far only two items that have been either untrue or false and two other things that can go either way. I cannot remember who said it to Rand in Crossroads; but Beldeine was included in a blanket statement of his Aes Sedai. "They will each serve the Dragon Reborn in their own way." Perhaps she does serve him as the keeper. she can serve as the medium between the two towers. The parallels between what Egwene went through when being raised and what has come to pass or has been suggested is just too close. She being raised to Amyrlin, never hol
  12. Here's what came to mind that brought forth this theory that what we saw in the Accepted's Ter'angreal may be what comes to pass in MoL. egwene cannot do as Rand asks which was to kill him and so she leaves him laying there "The way back shall come but once." Ugh, why can I not remember that Seanchen Girl's name when I'm posting, well she, Egwene leaves and that girl comes into play and she does as Rand asks thus helping him to die. It just seems that as I re-read the books, what was said and done in the Accepted's Ter'Angreal with Egwene and Nyneave, and some of what Suan went through has
  13. Way back in book three when Egwene was risen to Accepted did anyone see some possible answers to memory of light as RJ walked us through the Ter'angreal with Egwene? Egwene is a dreamer and as we've been told Dreamers have the foretelling (or sometimes) well anyway Egwene, in one of her trials fails Rand when he asks her to kill him. Remember he was trapped in a rubble heap. Later on we find that one of the Seanchen women will help to kill Rand. Each one of her trials while in the Ter'angreal have had some portence to what happens or what is brought to light later on down the road in subse
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