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  1. This is the First Age. It is known. At some point in this Age, the Creator will give us the means to Channel (or we'll discover we've had it this whole time) and portal stones will be created. The Age isn't over yet. There will be a breaking that ends with the Utopian AoL (which may not be/have been as Utopian as it is portrayed in the series, considering how myth usually projects peace back onto a long-ago time when it wasn't actually peaceful in truth). The Mercedes logo and the dinosaur bones in Tanchico are from our age, the First Age.
  2. Just figured that out this morning as I sat down to read Book One of the Song of Wrymm and realized it was actually the second half of the whole Deverry series. Confusing!
  3. BS made some comment about how he and Harriet were worried continued discussion of this topic would spoil the BUT for readers in the next book. A lot of these suggestions, if true, wouldn't exactly be a spoiler. I mean, if I knew right now for sure that Birgitte was going to tell Mat how to solve the Snake and Foxes riddle to rescue Moiraine, I wouldn't feel like anything had been spoiled.
  4. also in PoD when the assassin tried to kill Rand from like 10 feet away and missed So you're saying that Padan Fain must be ta'varen? ;) I think there is the ta'varent luck and then Mat's luck, the dice-rolling luck in circumstances which aren't even important (gambling). This luck he got from SL and is exhibited by Fain as pointed out by Lord Luc in TSR.
  5. Does anyone else think that Mat's luck is due to Shadar Logoth/Mordeth and not solely his ta'veren? I am re-reading TSR and came across a quote where Lord Luc remarked on how incredible Fain's luck was....and of course, if it's merely ta'veren, wouldn't Perrin and Rand be as lucky, or maybe even more so?
  6. Hey just looked these up, and while I'll probably have to hunt around in the second-hand stores, it looks like exactly what I'm looking for. (Dark, eh?) Thanks for the recommendation! Also, JV Jones and Kate Elliot up thread. This is the third female recommendation, and considering I haven't read a book by a female in a long time, someone might be trying to tell me something.
  7. Hey y'all, I'm looking for some recommendations for fresh fantasy, or at least some thoughts on a few books I'm thinking about picking up but haven't yet. Recently, I've read Nights of Villjamur and loved it, as well as all the Joe Abercrombie Books. Of course, I like WoT and ASOIAF. I've also recently read Acacia and The Other Lands and loved them, as well as Lamentations and Canticle. I was disappointed with Gregory Keyes' Thorn and Bone Series (I couldn't finish the last book, which to me was a big macguffin bomb that didn't compel). So hopefully this gives you an idea of what I like. Dark and epic, multiple PoV, not opposed to magic, but not hung up on it. Realistic fantasy. Suggestions? I've been thinking about getting into Brent Weeks and maybe Peter Brett. Also, was wondering about the series with insects (wasps?) and maybe the Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham. Guess I just haven't pulled the trigger on those as I'm not sure they'll satisfy. In anycase, I would love some suggestions. Definitely looking for something very engrossing, compulsively readable but not poorly written, and grand and fantastic.
  8. Just ran across this in TSR, Chapter 31: Alaana Mosvani (so probably true, right): "The Children . . are not Darkfriends, and for that reason they are safe from the Power except in self defense." Seems he meant to include DF in the 3rd Oath for quite some time.
  9. What do we know about the Chora. Why were they so important as to have a whole people tend them? Why so important they needed to be saved? Is the tree of life going to be healed? Are the happenings in the world linked to the tree of life? the "trefoil leaves spreading peace and contentment in the shadows of silvery buildings . . . A city without choras would seem bleak as a wilderness." And now there is only one, and it's burned. Is the peace during the AoL linked to the trees?
  10. Ah, I totally forgot about the Demons vs. Angels in the Old Testament, the demons being Forsaken, of course, and the Angels Aes Sedai. Very cool.
  11. I think everyone expects Moraine's return to be included in ToM, so yes, something unnoticed to do with Mo would fit the criterion, considering she disappeared in the right timefram, and the whole Aelfinn/Eelfinn thing came around too. There are a lot of fox/snake, thom/mat/moraine theories out there, and it's possible some detail or connection has been largely overlooked (hard to imagine how, with this crowd!)
  12. This is a really interesting aspect of WoT, and I hope more chime in on it. I think I use the Jesus parrallel to create a real-world timeline because Tarmon Gaidon = Armageddon. The words are just *so* similar that I think its worth reflecting on. I agree with all your points re: Jesus, except he wasn't *quite* a pacifist. Thinking of the time he threw the moneylenders out of the temple and also the time he said (allegedly) "I didn't come to bring peace, but a sword . . . " Bodhisattva's were also typically apolitical and pacifist. But such an interesting topic, I'm curious how others integrate the timeline into our world, if they do.
  13. Bells tolling--interesting. Not sure that this would be "smack in your face" and something that could continue throughout the series and be as important as Asmodean's death. Can Aviendha be Ilyena reborn?
  14. If anything it could have a Finder on it like Moiraine did with the coins she gives the boys in tEotW. I also think this, and predictions like this one, deserve a bit more consideration than others because of what BS compared the BUT in the WoT to in the Mistborn series.
  15. This is an unbiased forum. There are clear Jesus parallels in WoT. I'm an atheist, btw, but this is someone else's fiction we're discussing. Not my own. Also, what about 3 days? (It was actually more like 36 hours since he died friday night and rose sunday morning). I just said end of seventh age is Jesus' death. End of first age is Armageddon (hasn't happened yet, and it's roughly 2020 years after Jesus' death so we're still well into the First Age.) Age of legends begins after Armageddon ends. (2nd age) This age ends with breaking. Into Rand's age (third age). Thousands of years between all of those events, bud.
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