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    Lan Revealed

    While reading (and re-reading) I've always pictured Lan as an Asian Keanu Reeves, so this clip is basically my head cannon coming to life. Amazing. Well done. I want more.
  2. With Aram, and a few others, it seemed RJ may have wanted to do something with the character early on, but then just left them out there to wither on the vine. Aram was a burden to Perrin, and Perrin could have had him keep a distance. But, Perrin chose to keep him close, and I think that went to Aram's head. I never figured that out. Aram wasn't an advisor, he didn't possess a unique skill set, or proprietary knowledge of some sort. He wasn't even a friend. Why he didn't just put him in the Two Rivers formation under someone else, is a head scratcher. One aspect of Faile'
  3. This was my third read of this book. I read it at publication in 2005, I read it again in 2009, and I just finished it a third time this morning. I have a few thoughts. First. This book made me cry at least twice. First, for sure, was Nynaeve and her scene with the gem dealer. It was such a clever choice to write the scene from the gem dealer's perspective, because Jordan is able to sync up the reader's emotions with the gem dealers gradual growing emotional response to Nynaeve. It is so well done, that by the end of the scene the reader is right there with the gem dealer, fully ready t
  4. Elder_Haman, Thanks for the feedback. I remember the first time I read tPoD, it was the first, and only, book in the series that I was actually MAD when I finished reading. I remember slamming the book down and saying out loud, "THEY OPENED A GATEWAY. THAT'S IT!! THAT'S ALL THEY DID THIS WHOLE !##$%#$%$%ING BOOK!!! IS OPEN A M!#$!#$R F!#$%!%ING GATEWAY!!!!!!!" Rand's PTSD and unhinged aggression really didn't bother me. No Mat in the book irritated me, but Egwene... that whole book and all they did was open a gateway... Don't get me started...
  5. I like to travel and solve problems. Simple as that. I'm not going to overthink it. Gray.
  6. "We rode on the winds of the rising storm, We ran to the sounds of the thunder. We danced among the lightning bolts, and tore the world asunder." So ends Book 10 of the Wheel of Time. I have some thoughts. This was my third read of this book. I read it first at release, again in 2009, and just finished again today. First, I'll address what I liked. I enjoyed the structure of this book. That may be controversial, because many others find this book frustrating, but humor me. It went; Mat then Mat adjacent, Perrin then Perrin adjacent, Elayn
  7. We've gotten reliable news that Keira Chansa will be portraying a young Siuan, so that would mean Maria Kennedy could not be playing the older version of Siuan. Pretty sure that leaves her as Verin, or maybe Elaida, but Verin is more important in Book 1&2 than Elaida. Also do we know if its been confirmed that little Robyn Betteridge is playing young Moiraine?
  8. Tenesmus' review of AMOL. I need to comment on the series as a whole before wrapping up with AMOL specific comments. I began reading WOT at the end of 1990. I read EOTW and TGH back to back and thought they were pretty darn good. It wasn't until I read TDR that I realized I was hooked. Then I waited patiently for each volume. I loved them all, but then I remember after ACOS, I thought, "Still pretty good, but I hope the next one is better". Rand and Sammy's battle just seemed like it was phoned in. I got TPOD and remember being quite pissed at the end. I think what really set me off wa
  9. Just finished...Whew! Satisfied. Mat/Fain= Clunky. Needed at least one chapter, paragraph, sentence, something prior to that last scene Perrin/Faile= Meh. Perrin's last scene should have been in Mayene, where he finds Faile and Galad both dead. His POV ends with him crying in Berelain's arms... Noal/Olver= Most emotional scene. Tam= Very well done. Birgitte= Yay! Happy ending! Moiraine= OK. Book not big enough to do her justice Rand's time in SG= Well done. Overall, strong work. An enormous undertaking. I could quibble, but I won't. I'll just send a heart felt and
  10. I really hope this story is Logain's road trip, or it may even be Loial at the Stump, Should be good
  11. I Foretell that Avi will forget the names of her future children when she thinks about changing thier names
  12. I Foretell that the "kid" Slayer saw lurking in an alley in the Town was actually Padan Fain scoping the place out, and that Fain's current target is none other than Shadair Haran
  13. If this was done correctly, every main charecter would die. Each death would be a meaningful sacrifice that acts as a puzzle piece that builds on the previous death and lays the foundation for the next death, so that when the final charectar dies it is the coup de grace that brings about the ultimate defeat of the DO. THE END
  14. It will end up being Roedran. He is mentioned in Chapter 1, and is being set up for something. at the FOM. At the pace this last book will need to flow, it would be too jarring for it to be anyone else. Shara is even looking less likley. We got a hint of red viels in TOM, so if something was coming out of Shara, we would have been given a tiny glimpse in either TGS or TOM. Maybe Shara comes after TLB, when all has been torn asunder.
  15. I think Androl is a very old nomad gifted with the abilty to Travel. I think at some point he will be revealed to be quite old; kinda like the lone male equivalent of The Kin, moving from place to place, staying long enough to make a difference, but never long enough to get tied down. I wouldn't be suprised if he has run into Cadsuane at some point over the years. Could the act of creating with the power also stem the taint effects? Could he be disciplined enough wiht the power to only have made gateways to Travel over the years?
  16. I keep picturing Androl making teeny tiny death gates and flicking them over and over off the tips of his fingers like boogers.... Sorry, I digress. We have to expect Naeff to show up in a disguise at some point, right? I wonder if Androl got 13 Ogiers and 13 channelers then he could compel someone to the Light?
  17. I am not complaining. I have been nothng but impressed with how this series is being brought to a conclusion. It just struck me as odd when Talmanes mentioned the Myrdraal stuck full of arrows becasue in the snippet prior to that one he thought about how all his crossbowmen were guarding thier flanks. So I thought, who the heck shot the Myrdaal full of arrows, because there is never any mention of archers in the Band or later with Guybon.
  18. Just a minor observation. I believe it is the second (maybe third) snippet with Talmanes POV in the Prologue. In it Melten is treating Talmanes and calls him Dreadbane for the first time. Talmanes says something to the effect of, "it had about seventeen arrows in it at the time." Shouldn't it be "bolts" instead of "arrows." I don't believe there are any archers in the Band, only crossbowmen, and they shoot crossbow bolts, not arrows. Excellent Prologue, by the way.
  19. Anyone else think the 'child" that Isam saw hiding in the shadows was actually Padan Fain?
  20. Am I the only one who thought the child that Isam saw ducking into an alley was actually Padan Fain? Just saying... it was the first thing to pop into my head as I was reading it.
  21. Elaida, I have always pictured Nancy Pelosi when I see Elaida in my mind....only thing mising is the agelessnes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Speaker_Nancy_Pelosi.jpg
  22. Hello! Not sure where to post this comment, but there are some broken links in the e-book section of this site. I have been trying to get to the LOC e-book art article and it keeps linking back to the main e-book page Thanks!
  23. I originally assumed it was a "City" but now believe that he was referring to a "Portal Stone" in the Blight.
  24. No, to be honest it reminded me of Mistborn and the ridiculous jumping around with super powers the characters there did all the time. Felt like a comic book. No. It did remind of what the movie Inception could have been. I just knew that there would be a fight sequence like that, to include a fight above the sleepers (Gawyn over Egwene) Just suprised they didn't add another fight over Perrin's sleeping body, ie; Trollocs, White Cloaks or Darkhounds
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