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  1. That meeting was scheduled to be the bait, it was deliberate. Apart from that, terrific post that I agree with muchly.
  2. It didn't. Everyone assumes it's from Verin (I think with good reason), but we haven't seen it read.
  3. This is not an issue from ToM, but this strikes me as wrong (even though RJ wrote it) given Demandred being all 'Nobody kills al'Thor but me' to the point of threatening to kill another Forsaken who does so. P.S. Foreshadowing for Demmy 'protecting' Rand from Moridin in some way, so he can try to get the kill?
  4. Concensus seems to be that the Ashaderai is the BUT. Reason we should have noticed... 1. Fill the wholes in my memory - gets other memories. 2. Be free of Aes Sedai - gets the medallion. 3. I want a way out of here - he gets the Ashanderai as a way out of the tower (I think everyone like me assumed that being dumped outside the tower hanging by his neck was his way out).
  5. So now all of the heroes have iconic weapons! Yay!!! I'm tipping the cover of AMoL to show Perrin's hammer very clearly, probably featuring the three heroes standing together. Justice, the Ashanderai and Mjolnir (or whatever it's called) seems like some nice artwork fodder.
  6. It would make sense, given the preceding events of The Dragon Reborn that Moiraine would have asked about Callandor. Rand needs Callandor (Blade of light etc...), she knows how to use it properly/avoid the flaw, Rand can't succeed without a woman (previously) dead and gone, etc... I guess that's my theory on Moiraine's role.
  7. Sums up my feelings. There was nothing 'exciting' in it at all. I mean, is anyone surprised that the forces of Dark are making attacks? Just another case of something being unable to match up to the level I built it up to.
  8. Is the odd thing their 'always on' channeling? The girl Avi POVs through in the vision thinks about how she always holds Saidar. I originally thought that might be evidence that Avi's vision was more warning than prophecy, since channeling just doesn't work like that...
  9. When I turned to the double page that had the letter printed on the right hand side it required a Herculean effort of will not to just skip the preceding page and a half. I might be against the tide of opinion here but for me the letter was a disappointment. I expected something massive. Unless I am missing something vital I just don't feel the loss of Caemlyn (while nobody we really care about is even there) to be a big deal. I mean, I get that Mat's cannons are in there. I don't know, just didn't have the same impact as other parts of the Epilogue did for me.
  10. Although it was suspected, knowing (well, as good as knowing) that the BT is where the 13/13 conversion process is occuring makes me even more eager for Logain to tear it up. The way everyone is trapped there is, I agree, very creepy and tense. Seems like there is still plenty to heppen in AMoL. EDIT: Surely a Forsaken has to be very directly overseeing this process? It makes no sense that RJ would lie when he crushed Taimandred, but what other explanation is there? The BT seems to be the heart of Dark channeler operations and I can't see it being left to 'high-ranking' darkfriends.
  11. In my opinion Perrin's arc was the most exciting and well developed in the book (possibly over-developed - I didn't need so much dream training, but that's being picky). It was like Perrin himself in a lot of ways. Nothing overly rushed (while Mat's stuff felt really abrupt by comparison).
  12. I'm glad we're going to see another Rand/Egwene confrontation of sorts. If that passage was, as the shapter title implies, Rand knowing the Amyrlin's anger... well she musn't be a particularly angry person. Unless the prophecy meant that he would understand that Egwene was angry with him, which he does seem to recognise at the end of Apples First.
  13. When I first read the scene I assumed that Aviendha was dreaming. It makes no obvious sense otherwise. Not that the explanation needs to be obvious... a disguised Darkfriend/Forsaken seems the most plausible explanation to me. The Black Ajah/Mesaana and Graendal seemed pretty busy, as did the (presumably evil) group of Taim's cronies. Maybe Lanfear or Moghedien actually doing something? Something visible from Demandred?
  14. Rand's Reunion with Tam Version 2.0 was the most emotional moment for me. I agree that the Trakand family reunions didn't have the same punch but I appreciated that there was something reserved and Royal about them for the most part. Gholam kicked through the skimming door way was cool. I may be the only one to think this way, but after the build up, and after reading the blurb a few months ago, I thought the Tower of Ghenjei was kind of brief. Cool, just over really quickly. I remember seeing that I was up to like p750 or so and thinking it had better happen quickly... and it did. Especially considering how much Perrin training in the Wolf Dream we were 'treated' to. Perrin's fights with Slayer and the forging of the hammer were awesome. And Egwene continuing to tear it up in the Tower. I'm sure I've missed good stuff.
  15. As do I... so this is my guess Firebird. Hardly a controversial topic (we all know Taim is bad) but I think 2 RJ comments give the hint. First, the 13/13 process magnifies somebody's not-niceness. Second, RJ said Taim was never a nice guy. Second comment could of course mean he was always a Darkfriend but I personally lean to 13/13 now.
  16. Yes and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yes because it's RJ's world and that's an incredibly powerful theme for him, no for obvious reasons. Does everyone need to be reborn and given a second chance if it's done right? Does destroying the Dark One and making a 'good' world stop the wheel turning and stop people being reborn? Maybe not... Everyone assumes the cycles are fairly simply Dark One sealed and forgotten, Dark One unsealed, Dark One's prison patched, Dark One resealed to be forgotten. What about the idea that the Dark One is destroyed in one age only to be later replaced? I'm thinking about Fain who is like double distilled essence of darkness with the mark of two evils. We would have the satisfaction of Rand 'winning' but the wheel keeps on turning. I don't think Ishamael can be credited with the omniscience he claims.
  17. More probable, Rand will discover that for balance the DO's existence (in a sealed bore) is necessary. Sealing him back rather than destroying him altogether is really the only realistic solution in a cyclical world. If the DO always existed, then he must exist in any turning of the Wheel. If he is destroyed, wouldn't the Wheel of Time unravel because the ages can no longer be repeated without such a major component? I think this was what Moridin meant when he told Rand he can't comprehend the stupidity of that idea. In that, Moridin was correct. I have always wondered about the cyclical nature of time in the novels. In the WoT world ages and circumstances (ie. selaed Dark One) repeat over and over, so the same basic stories happen again and again in WoT history, though they are forgotten or whatever so nobody says 'Wait this happened before!' Having created that world, was RJ's purpose in writing the books to tell the tale of the time when the cycle was broken? Otherwise the ultimate conclusion is somewhat irrelevant. See you in a few thousand years and we'll do it all again. I think some significant cycle-breaking event must be what RJ had planned, for the victory of good (most likely, I mean, come on...) or evil. Of course, I thought Taim was Demandred and that Rand would cleanse the source by breaking the seals so this wouldn't be the first time I was wrong. SPOILER ALERT FOR 7 YEAR OLD MOVIE You never know... However, some of the posts in this thread got me thinking about the end of the Matrix trilogy (I know, right) and the way Neo lets Smith take over his body so that he can be deleted by the big machine supercomputer. My extremely fledgling theory involves this sort of a process, where Rand draws epic amounts of the True Power, then Alivia 'helps him die' and the Dark One is seriously messed up. Clearly I have thoroughly researched this idea and have pages of quotes to support it, I just haven't posted any here. The reality of course is that I think Fain will play a massive role in any process like this, and he isn't involved in that plan at all.
  18. Supposing Amys is a DF (speculation on that is elsewhere in these threads). Could Rhuarc actually be Demandred? Have we ever had a POV from Rhuarc? His rule is secure, he is marshaling his forces for wear, he's close to Rand. It would be a simple matter for him to weave a disguise and then invert the weaves so that it's hidden. I thought about the Aiel possibility but I doubt that Demandred would understand enough about the complexities of Aiel culture to take the place of an Aiel. Those guys are weird!
  19. I always assumed her return would be what breaks his heart of iron and soul of fire. Guess I was wrong!
  20. I don't disagree that it's highly likely that Noal will be number three into the Tower, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being Aludra, or at the very least Aludra hooks Mat up with some fireworks to help him cheat: Courage to strength - ? Fire to blind - Aludra Music to dazzle - Thom Iron to bind - Mat?
  21. I agree that Rand may well get more powerful - I posted in another thread about when Merise talks to Cadsuane about Narishma's jumps in power (of which there must have been a few to merit discussion) and Rand hasn't had many. But I would say the odds are against him going into battle without an an angreal at the very least, or linked, if not using Callandor. Unless destroying the Choedan Kal was his way of saying he doesn't need any of those things. Also my bad on the balefire thing. Myself and the people I usually talk about the book with generally aren't big forum readers/posters, and we all thought it was curtains for eternity.
  22. I assume the Dark One/Forsaken have their own plans to bring to fruition before the Dark One is released and the Last Battle begins (i.e. corrupt the Dragon). Now that that plan seems to be thwarted, they may ramp up their efforts to start the fight. I always interpreted Fel's note as saying that the seals would have to be broken (rubble cleared away) before the Dark One could be sealed away. And now Min agrees, which means its probably wrong (or I want it to be wrong because I like being tricked by RJ). However, that was part of my theory in which the taint was essentially held in the seals so Rand would have to break them to cleanse Saidin, hence LTT wanting them broken (which on reflection may have been giving the LTT 'persona' a bit too much credibility). Whoops!
  23. It wasn't just love, it was a second chance to do things right this time, and not leave things a mess like LTT did in the AOL. This is also why alot of people think Rand is done with Balefire, since it denies people their second chance (and subsequent chances) when their soul is reborn. If I go and read the chapter in isolation now I might find it a bit hokey, but when I read it within the story I was thoroughly caught up. I think you can have moments like that as a writer if you've earned them with character and story up to that point.
  24. When I was in school/university I probably read the whole series (up to WH) 3 or 4 times, but since WH and working life I've just read each book once on release, then read plot summaries before the next book. The point of that is that I found myself enjoying the humour of Mat's sections, but I've become disconnected enough from the books that inconsistencies in character didn't bother me (I really don't remember Talmanes - though somehow I remember Nalesean and his grisly end). What did bother me was that I felt like nothing happened, apart from meeting with Verin (a few pages in a prologue could have handled that, but I guess Verin's character needed a bit more in-book build up for her end). I enjoyed the chapters, but they felt like filler plot wise, when clearly we don't need filler. Did I forget about the whole 'dice in his head' device being concluded? Otherwise, where did they go?
  25. Just a thought that I hope isn't a rehash of other posts... In the War of Power the forces of Dark and Light agreed to stop using Balefire. IF the Dark One's ultimate aim, as Moridin seems to suggest, is to break the pattern in some way, shouldn't he be Balefire's number one fan and tell his team to go crazy with it? Would you unleash the balefire in my service?
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