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  1. That meeting was scheduled to be the bait, it was deliberate. Apart from that, terrific post that I agree with muchly.
  2. It didn't. Everyone assumes it's from Verin (I think with good reason), but we haven't seen it read.
  3. This is not an issue from ToM, but this strikes me as wrong (even though RJ wrote it) given Demandred being all 'Nobody kills al'Thor but me' to the point of threatening to kill another Forsaken who does so. P.S. Foreshadowing for Demmy 'protecting' Rand from Moridin in some way, so he can try to get the kill?
  4. Concensus seems to be that the Ashaderai is the BUT. Reason we should have noticed... 1. Fill the wholes in my memory - gets other memories. 2. Be free of Aes Sedai - gets the medallion. 3. I want a way out of here - he gets the Ashanderai as a way out of the tower (I think everyone like me assumed that being dumped outside the tower hanging by his neck was his way out).
  5. So now all of the heroes have iconic weapons! Yay!!! I'm tipping the cover of AMoL to show Perrin's hammer very clearly, probably featuring the three heroes standing together. Justice, the Ashanderai and Mjolnir (or whatever it's called) seems like some nice artwork fodder.
  6. It would make sense, given the preceding events of The Dragon Reborn that Moiraine would have asked about Callandor. Rand needs Callandor (Blade of light etc...), she knows how to use it properly/avoid the flaw, Rand can't succeed without a woman (previously) dead and gone, etc... I guess that's my theory on Moiraine's role.
  7. Sums up my feelings. There was nothing 'exciting' in it at all. I mean, is anyone surprised that the forces of Dark are making attacks? Just another case of something being unable to match up to the level I built it up to.
  8. Is the odd thing their 'always on' channeling? The girl Avi POVs through in the vision thinks about how she always holds Saidar. I originally thought that might be evidence that Avi's vision was more warning than prophecy, since channeling just doesn't work like that...
  9. When I turned to the double page that had the letter printed on the right hand side it required a Herculean effort of will not to just skip the preceding page and a half. I might be against the tide of opinion here but for me the letter was a disappointment. I expected something massive. Unless I am missing something vital I just don't feel the loss of Caemlyn (while nobody we really care about is even there) to be a big deal. I mean, I get that Mat's cannons are in there. I don't know, just didn't have the same impact as other parts of the Epilogue did for me.
  10. Although it was suspected, knowing (well, as good as knowing) that the BT is where the 13/13 conversion process is occuring makes me even more eager for Logain to tear it up. The way everyone is trapped there is, I agree, very creepy and tense. Seems like there is still plenty to heppen in AMoL. EDIT: Surely a Forsaken has to be very directly overseeing this process? It makes no sense that RJ would lie when he crushed Taimandred, but what other explanation is there? The BT seems to be the heart of Dark channeler operations and I can't see it being left to 'high-ranking' darkfriends.
  11. In my opinion Perrin's arc was the most exciting and well developed in the book (possibly over-developed - I didn't need so much dream training, but that's being picky). It was like Perrin himself in a lot of ways. Nothing overly rushed (while Mat's stuff felt really abrupt by comparison).
  12. I'm glad we're going to see another Rand/Egwene confrontation of sorts. If that passage was, as the shapter title implies, Rand knowing the Amyrlin's anger... well she musn't be a particularly angry person. Unless the prophecy meant that he would understand that Egwene was angry with him, which he does seem to recognise at the end of Apples First.
  13. When I first read the scene I assumed that Aviendha was dreaming. It makes no obvious sense otherwise. Not that the explanation needs to be obvious... a disguised Darkfriend/Forsaken seems the most plausible explanation to me. The Black Ajah/Mesaana and Graendal seemed pretty busy, as did the (presumably evil) group of Taim's cronies. Maybe Lanfear or Moghedien actually doing something? Something visible from Demandred?
  14. Rand's Reunion with Tam Version 2.0 was the most emotional moment for me. I agree that the Trakand family reunions didn't have the same punch but I appreciated that there was something reserved and Royal about them for the most part. Gholam kicked through the skimming door way was cool. I may be the only one to think this way, but after the build up, and after reading the blurb a few months ago, I thought the Tower of Ghenjei was kind of brief. Cool, just over really quickly. I remember seeing that I was up to like p750 or so and thinking it had better happen quickly... and it did. Especially considering how much Perrin training in the Wolf Dream we were 'treated' to. Perrin's fights with Slayer and the forging of the hammer were awesome. And Egwene continuing to tear it up in the Tower. I'm sure I've missed good stuff.
  15. As do I... so this is my guess Firebird. Hardly a controversial topic (we all know Taim is bad) but I think 2 RJ comments give the hint. First, the 13/13 process magnifies somebody's not-niceness. Second, RJ said Taim was never a nice guy. Second comment could of course mean he was always a Darkfriend but I personally lean to 13/13 now.
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