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  1. 'Aes Sedai work. One thing to hear about it, another to see it, and touch it. You know that don't you? For an instant it seemed to Rand that a shadow rippled through the milk-white structure.' Page 380 TEoTW I can't remember where but I'm convinced I have seen RJ mention it in interviews that this line would be explained.
  2. Sorry my abbreviation PoD referred to his final battle with the DO in the Pit of Doom. My mistake
  3. This could already have been mentioned somewhere else but I was just wondering if anyone have information on what the shadow at Whitebridge in EotW was. RJ had said that it would be explained, i think.
  4. Despite the source of his 'tricks' the fact is that he is able to pull out a lot more than any normal channeler should be able to do. And I agree that Jesus Rand is not what it's about, quite the opposite, he in fact has less freedom and less control than anyone in Randland. He is a tool of the Pattern, a corrective mechanism built into Creation, now his powers does not make him a God, God-like is just a term to reference his comparative level of strength. The crucial part I think is the awesome display at Maradon. A feat that is so much more than channeling, he's like a Sa'ngreal without a bu
  5. 'That couldn't have happened without the TP which only the DO can grant however.' True but the choice to employ it was the Forsaken's, had they been better people they'd never chosen to use it, despite it's destructive and seductive qualities. And it reinforces the point that the DO supplies the goods as it were but he nneds living minds to actually do the deeds. 'The bore is everywhere, it doesn't exist in one place. The blight was created by the DO's taint on the land.' Also true but story-wise Shayol Ghul and the Pit of Doom is the epicentre of his power on earth. regardless of
  6. Hello long time lurker and loving it. My thought is this. The Dragon is The Chosen One, he is the answer to the incursion from the DO, he is whatever the Pattern needs him to be. In the AoL LTT sealed the Bore, albeit imperfectly, but he did not have the almost God-like powers that Rand displayed at the end of the series. Because he didn't need it! he had the advanced powers of the AoL to help him. And the reason for the War of Power in the first place was arrogance and a thirst for power. Had the Pattern produced a full blown Dragon with Rand powers, the Breaking would not have happened
  7. Hello, long time lurker and loving it, thought I'd share a theory of mine pertaining to the cyclical nature of the wheel and why I think that the cycle can, and will be broken without freeing the DO and dooming the world to his dubious mercy. In my opinion the whole concept of a cyclical time like the WoT is an allegory for the education of man by God or in Randland the Creator. Following creation the DO's prison is intact and even though his influence is felt as an ethereal presence inciting the choice of evil in the world he cannot touch the world directly, he cannot speak to humans or e
  8. Well it's ok now that we have more books afterwards but when CoT came out... Not a happy puppy then...
  9. Hello, first time posting for a year... I think the Steddings are not apart from the pattern at all. I think that at the arrival of the Ogier from, well wherever they came from, the lands where they first made landing changed. This in response to the way the travelled. a sort establishment of beachheads inherent in the way the Book of Translation works. I think that whatever the Book of Translation does when it travels it ensures that the Ogier using it can survive where they make landing. This change, brought on where the Ogier came through is permanent. This change would stay with the l
  10. Perhaps, but I wonder at the level of their technology, all the great researchers we've heard about through the series have all been channelers. perhaps their technology was based on the power, perhaps not a hundred percent directly, but their advancements all seem linked to the Power.
  11. A few thoughts on the Final Battle and the nature of the Power. The ability to channel the One Power seems to be linked to a genetic curiousity in a few humans. That it is linked to genetics is fairly clear as it follows bloodlines. (and also the Reborn Souls) The Reborn Souls ability to channel seems to superced the biological aspect. Anyway there are hints in the last few books that the reliance on the Power as a vehicle for progress (as in the AoL) might be coming to an end. The hints that the newly invented steam engine will transform the world. also the emergence of militarized use
  12. I think it predates AoL, linked to the wheel as it is it might not even have anything to do with the Power.
  13. Only meant as a hypothetical question, however it underlines something interesting, The Power as the ultimate cause of the whole DO problem.
  14. Just thought I'd throw the idea out there and see what you think.
  15. I think it's more of a case that the Pattern allows or is unable to stop the existence of Balefire due to the existence of these paralell worlds, a sort of existencial redundancy system. Another point that the lingering memories hints at is that memories in Randland seem to exist outside the Pattern. hmmm not sure what that would mean...
  16. I agree with Jenn Hama there's something fishy in that response, have to think on that one.
  17. What I meant was that it doesn't make sense to view it as a prison if a hole can be constructed the way the accounts say it was in The Age Of Legends, and the DO still wouldn't be able to fully touch the world. In my mind it only makes sense if there is another variable preventing the DO from touching the world than the convenional prison concept. And his touching the World is not so much touching the world as influencing it through his minions (not in a direct way but in the conduit of influence sort of way), the very fact that he has worshipers allows him a modicum of influence. ( I think)
  18. If you take the relatively "normal" time paradox of balefire itself it gives a clue to the question. Say for instance you Travel to a particular spot, instantly get balefired and dead. Something that could well happen in WoT, well then you died before you Travelled thus you weren't even there to be balefired. If the Pattern allows that possibility then why not balefire yourself. Personally I think that the worlds that could be, accessed through the Portal Stones holds the key to the paradoxes of balefire.
  19. Hello, joined up about a month ago or so and have yet to post a proper theory so I thought I'd have a go at it. Hopefully It hasn't been discussed to death before. Right there are two things that always bugged me when the subject of the Dark One came up. 1. His prison, exactly how is it structured and how can it be that even though he supposedly broke out of it in the Age of Legends is Randland still ticking along. 2. Why would a Divine, Immortal all powerful being care a whit about the world in the first place. I have formulated a theory that would explain it (I think) bu
  20. Very interesting, I love the Prophecies in Randland. I always thought that the Hammer referred to the descendents of Arthur Hawkwing and that the Ancient tree referred to the community on Toman Head, as they are descendants from old kingdoms with an emblem of Avendesora still on their banners.
  21. From what I gather the Old Tongue is quite fluid, filled with phrases that although identical mean different things in different circumstances, I think "The Grave" and "Death" are similar enough to warrant similar name. "The Grave" could also just be a artistic elaboration in order to make the prose roll a bit better of the tongue. I blame the Gleemen and Bards of Randland. Confusing us all.
  22. Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the site used to be a Wotmania member (long time ago) and just recently found out about you guys here at Dragonmount. I live in London UK and have been a RJ and WoT fan for a very long time. Anyway will be good to reconnect with a WoT community again.
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