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  1. Fain or Tam, I think. Who would be in the first or second episode? Bornhald doesn't make as much sense. Even if he were in it, wouldn't have a huge scene.
  2. Wouldn't be the worst Moiraine but I don't think she is on the Sean Bean level of casting, is she? Would hope for one other big name in the casting. Otherwise, one of the things I'm most looking forward to is discovering some great new character actors. GoT did this so magnificently and I hope WoT can do the same.
  3. This is great but Red Eagle is still involved?!
  4. Lord of Chaos, if simply for the most memorable scene for me (Dumai's Wells): "Kneel and swear to the Lord Dragon, or you will be knelt."
  5. Really liking the book so far, first time I was taken out of it was Rand/Mats interaction where they tried to one-up each other. It read rather awkwardly.
  6. Just an aside, but whither Morgase? I'm guessing she'll pop up at some point but nary a peep about her so far. Thought it would have been good to hear from her regarding Caemlyn falling.
  7. If we assume that Lanfear (Cyndane) will break the White Tower according to that prophecy and we also assume that the Seanchan are going to attack the White Tower again, it wouldn't be a far reach to assume that she is either manipulating the Seanchan to that end already or will be opportunistic when another attack occurs.
  8. I think it's Rand talking to Roedran or Taim, having believed that one of them was Demandred. To Roedran during/after the FoM meetup would make sense. Rand continually tries to puzzle out the Forsaken's plans throughout the series. I wouldn't find him saying this objectionable.
  9. Quick question: Does traveling using the True Power work the same way? I believe it was mentioned somewhere in the series that weaves are sometimes different when using the TP. Could trollocs travel with the TP?
  10. As someone who has lurked for much of the back-and-forth with Luckers and Peter I have found many of the 'inside baseball' discussion utterly fascinating, with some of it leaving me shaking my head. I think we can all see that Luckers cares a lot about the series (perhaps even to an unhealthy degree) but he does have many valid points. I also think it's tough for Peter to be able to respond to a lot of the feedback/questions/criticism raised at Dragonmount because he is not Brandon and he does not represent Harriet/TOR. He can't speak for them. What that has led to is more of a one-s
  11. Epilogue? Makes sense to me. Brandon mentioned the 50+ viewpoints he was writing in a single chapter which has to do with the LB. The end of the book needs to wrap things up (where the characters are after the LB), WoT uses epilogues a lot and Jordon wrote the 'ending', ergo, it's the epilogue. I hope it's Rand smoking some Two Rivers tabac and listening to Loial talk about the book he wrote.
  12. This chapter...It shows events going one direction but it feels to me that events are about to take a hard turn for the worse in the next few chapters. Looks to me that the big meeting for the next day is going to go down in flames. IMO, Elayne will resist Rand' insistence on abandoning Andor, which will create some pretty big problems. I imagine not only with Elayne but perhaps Egwene as well will be against Rand's advice and will probably harden their stance against Rand. Add in the Roedran wildcard (Demandred?) and 'let chaos reign'. Things don't look too bad right now, Ra
  13. I would say doing the art for a number of Stephen King's Dark Tower books qualifies. Perhaps that fan base isn't as rabid, but it certainly is well established.
  14. Definitely my favorite memory is when Lan trains Rand to meet Siuan for the first time in Shienar.
  15. Took an early lunch and bought the book. Started at chapter 3 and got to chapter 7 by the end of my lunch.
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