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Forum Roundup: February


Welcome to another Forum Roundup.  I look forward to bringing you some of the monthly goings on here at Drangonmount.


I'd like to start with the "Wheel of Time Discussion." Think you have heard it all? Readers continue to discover the series and present new theories and questions such as "What happened to those who were 'turned' and other issues not addressed in the Companion" and "How can I get people to read it?"  


Now onto the Tinker's Guild. The Writer's Wagon notes that our very own Mashiara Sedai has finished her 6th novel and in the Arts and Crafts Wagon, Nynaeve continues to bring us her wonderful and creative bead animals.


The Aiel presents with some interesting topics such as “Relationships that have changed you” and a discussion on the merits (or not) of “Higher Education.”


The Band of the Red Hand offers a fun place to relax and have a beer with “The Beers of the Red Hand.”  In addition, the Band has a very active Skype Group.


In February, the Black Tower hosted a Valentine’s event and “Book Challenges and Reading Advices.”  Most importantly, the Shadow wished two newlyweds well.


The Ogier Social Group offers many games!  Hangman, Winter Unpleasantness as the Stedding protects us-from A-Z, The Name Game: Plant Edition, Movie Quote Game, Change a Letter, and Choose your own Adventure: Journey under the Sea, just to name a few.


Shayol Ghul has started a “Mating Dance” and announced a “New Moridin.”  They also offer a new story “Grayman’s Task” and “The Executioner.”


The Brown Ajah of the White Tower and Warders held a “Chocolate Fest!”  Check out "Chocolate Videos" and "Chocolate recipes."


The Wolfkin are “Freezing their Tails Off” and engaging in “Chili Dunking.”  Their discussion this month is “Magical things in Life” and the game is “State the Obvious.”


As you can see, Dragonmount offers something for everyone.  This is only a short selection of the "goings on" and if you don't see something that interests you, suggest a new event, activity, or game!


See you next month at Forum Roundup.

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