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Thursdays with Tynaal: Wheel of Time Clothing

Tynaal Consen

The last time I brought you information on Wheel of Time fan paraphernalia, it was all about jewelry and accessories. Well, this week, I'm going to bring some Wheel of Time clothing retailers closer to your home.


Despite my intense Internet searches, I only found two places other than Amazon which sell Wheel of Time themed t-shirts. The first and only officially licensed retailer is Ta'veren Tees, which you might recognize from other blog articles on the Dragonmount front page. They are a fledgling retailer, but are steadily increasing the amount of designs that they have for their shirts. There are seven female and six male ones. Whether you're a steadfast supporter of the Band of the Red Hand or Loyal to Loial, I'm sure you'll find a suitable shirt at Ta'veren Tees. If there isn't one to your liking, just keep an eye on their site and you might find new designs that get released or some specials to spice up the designs currently available.


Another place that has some Wheel of Time themed clothing is the TarValon.Net CafePress store. Their products are not aimed at the general Wheel of Time fans, though, but rather members of TarValon.Net. I'd say still give it a look and see if there isn't possibly something to your liking.


So, get out there, buy a shirt, and flaunt your love for the Wheel of Time on a shirt for all to see.

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You can also go down the road of making your own. I've done this with a couple of the chapter icons. Mainly the dragon icon used a lot for Rand's chapters and Mat's five dice icon.

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