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Thursdays with Tynaal: Wheel of Time Christmas Gifts

Tynaal Consen

It's that time of the year again, and you are probably rushing to the store to try and find the perfect gift for that special someone. Well, does that special someone like the Wheel of Time? If so, then I suggest your search stops here. In some of my previous articles, I have discussed Wheel of Time jewelry, clothing, and weaponry. Those would be a good place to start.


Other than getting a Great Serpent Ring, an Asha'man's Dragon Pin, or a Wheel of Time shirt, you can buy an adorable Barbie-sized Accepted dress for your daughter or a stuffed animal version of a Corlm or Torm. All of those are available at Arafel's Dreams. A classic present for an aspiring Aes Sedai is naturally a shawl in the color of her Ajah. I suggest Elishafaerie's Workbasket, or you can head to your nearest tailor and have them make one for you! Last but not least, a great gift idea for those who have not yet read or not completed the Wheel of Time series would be buying the actual books or audiobooks.


At most of the places I listed, you can get awesome specials or discounts on shipping, seeing as we are in the holiday season. So, I suggest that this year, don't be boring and get normal jewelry or a box of chocolates. Think out of the box and buy something fantasy themed and unique for your loved ones.

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Eventually, when I have earned it, I would love to purchase a shawl. The color remains to be seen.

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