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Thursdays with Tynaal: The Wheel of Time in 2011

Tynaal Consen

Amazing, isn't it? We have already arrived in 2012. Soon the world shall end, be it by that whole Mayan calendar theory or the fact that The Wheel of Time is finally coming to a close. Personally, I often live under a rock when it comes to Wheel of Time news, so I have compiled a list of major Wheel of Time occurrences from 2011 for you.


January 18th: New Spring: The Graphic Novel was released.


March 15th: We announce that Ta'veren Tees is open for business.


April 15th-17th: The third annual JordanCon was held.


September 13th: The first volume of The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel was released.


September 15th: L.E. Modesitt, Jr. came by for a visit.


September 19th: Dragonmount.com turned 13! Oh dear, it's the teenage years.


October 2nd: JordanCon hosted a fundraiser by holding a drawing and auctioning off the opportunity to have your name in A Memory of Light.


October 11th: Orbit launched their A Memory of Light video!


November 8th: Brandon Sanderson hosted another Great Hunt to reveal clues of what's going to be happening in A Memory of Light.


December 7th: We were hit with the sad passing of Darrell K. Sweet. He will be missed.


December 21st: The first A Memory of Light draft was completed!! We're nearly there, guys!


It seems 2011 has been quite the year for Dragonmount.com and The Wheel of Time, although the single most important event probably was that of the first draft of the final book being completed. People must be jumping out of their skins in excitement!


May 2012 prove just as exciting for all of us.

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If AMoL's cover-art has not been completed, maybe we should leave the cover white to honor the passing of Robert Jordan and Darrell K. Sweet. It's sad to know that Jordan never saw his work completed, and also sad that Darrell never had the opportunity to read AMoL or finish the cover. All we have is A Memory of Light, with those two passed on. Taishar Jordan! Taishar Darrell!

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I thought Sweet had already finished it. Still, a white cover would certainly be appropriate, considering the title of the novel.

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