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A Roll of the Dice: Honesty Is the Best Policy


Greeting all! It is Thursday again meaning it is time for another installment of the Rotating Features blog! The dice have been been tossed and the featured topic has been chosen.



From time to time I will cover a YouTube channel or web series I think you will be interested in. These can be something related to literature or the fantasy genre. Other times it may just simply be something I think fits well with the fantasy/sci-fi subculture or something I quite honestly think is cool. This week I will be covering a YouTube channel called "Honest Trailers." 

Ever went to see a movie solely based on the movie trailers and been completely let down? Do you enjoy finding gaping plot holes, even if you loved the movie? Do you simply have a wicked sense of humor and enjoy laughing at almost anything? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will probably enjoy watching "Honest Trailers."

"Honest Trailers" is created by the online movie magazine Screen Junkies. "Honest Trailers'" goal is to bring you a funny, and sometimes brutally honest, review of a movie in the format of a movie trailer. Not only does "Honest Trailers" review new movies, but they will go back and do older movies as well. While movies are the main focus of their attention, television series are not safe from their wrath either, as both Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones have been subjected to an "Honest Trailers" review.

"Honest Trailers" does a wonderful job at looking at the whole picture, not just acting and writing, but also the effects used, the filler scenes, and even the directors. Truly nothing is safe when it comes to the "Honest Trailers" take of a movie. The end result is a hilariously gratifying poke in the eye to many big budget movies. Even if they thought the movie was great, they will still find a way to make their honest review full of knee slapping humor. The narrators voice is great for doing movie trailers.

On a final note, the honest trailers channel is extremely fan friendly. At the end of each trailer the narrator says random words and phrases fans have wanted to hear him say in the “Honest Trailers” voice. Additionally, from time to time the "Honest Trailers" team do whatever movie was most requested. This led to them doing an "Honest Trailers" version of the Dragon Ball movie, something it seemed they were not over excited to do but they did it because they love their fans.

Here is the link to the "Honest Trailers" YouTube channel. Some of my personal favorite "Honest Trailers" are the ones on Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lego Movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Little Mermaid.

I hope you all enjoy the "Honest Trailers" YouTube channel. As always, leave comments or suggestions for future Rotating blog topics below. Until next week this is Azeryn signing off to drink home brewed mead and watch the new episode of Big Giant Swords.

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This is one of the few YouTube channels that I frequent on a regular basis truly funny content and they make you realize things you may have missed while watching the movie originally. Almost like a wheel of time re-read hehe.

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Good point! So many times after watching a movie I watched the Honest Trailer and was amazed at things I missed.

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Super small type in 4th paragraph under the picture i think you meant to say "whole picture" it says "while picture"
But yeah super small. I love honest trailers. Very funny. 

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I love the Honest Trailers. I've watched so many of them. My favorite is probably the one for Divergent, but they're all pretty great.

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