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Harriet's Birthday Surprise

Mashiara Sedai

Harriet McDougal's birthday is approaching and we, the fans, want to make it extra special.  Alan Romanczuk has asked for support in sending Harriet some birthday goodies.



Hi, Folks, Alan here from Team Jordan. Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan’s widow and editor, is approaching a very significant birthday (Wikipedia shows the year for those interested) which will be celebrated at a big bash on August 10. She knows nothing about this request, but it would sure be nice and I’m sure she would be touched if some of you sent her a birthday note, card, or other form of media to wish her all the best.

My wife suggested that maybe it would be nice to write what the Wheel of Time has meant to you, maybe in the form of “Because of the Wheel of Time, I…” If that doesn’t work, maybe a picture or just a few kinds words from the heart.  

For the purpose of receiving all these goodies, we’ve set up a special box at the post office. You can send mail to: Harriet McDougal ℅ Romanczuk, PO Box 30385, Charleston, SC 29417. Those of you overseas needn’t worry about your wishes not reaching her in time, as I will continue to check the box through the end of August. Thanks!


Please consider helping all of The Wheel of Time fandom celebrate this wonderful woman!

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Happy Birthday Harriet!

Many thanks for being Robert Jordan's inspiration, and by default, driving force throughout the history of the series. I have been a fan of the series since about 2003, and have had the priveledge of writing to Robert in 2007, and received a postcard in response.

I think it's safe to say that this image, by Jason Chan, best captures how I saw your's and Robert's relationship.



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Guest Nightingail


Will you post an update to let us know how the surprise went?

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Happy Birthday Harriet!!


Because of The Wheel Of Time, I know that even my country has it's share of ambitious people that can turn bad.

I also know that they are not always bad people, just complicated people that make mistakes while trying to live their lives and do what they think makes the country better. 


Thank you for helping bring this amazing reading experience to life.

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