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Wheel Funny: Pick-Up Lines (Wheel of Time Style!)


Everyone needs a good ice breaker, so I've compiled a list of them used by various individual and groups in the series. 


Aiel: "I have caught you stealing my heart, you now have toh to me."

       If you are ever going through an Aiel phase, this is prefect for you.


Rand: "I have real staying power, I am He Who Comes with the Dawn."

     If you ever want to show how serious you are, just do what Rand does.


Cairhien: "Nothing is happening in my bedroom, no need to got there."

   You might need to emphasize quite heavily and maybe a couple of winks, just try not to creep her out.


Tam: "The Dragon Reborn is the fruit of my loins."

    Gross, ewww, and I can hear Rand groaning when he overhears his dad using that.


Domani: (Like they need a line.)

    Fair enough....


Illuminator: "I want to light up your night."

   To be honest, this is sweet.


Anyone: "I'm friends with Bela."

   This is jackpot, it's been proven time and again that it's the most effective pick-up line, to be honest, that can be used in almost any situation....

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