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Gleeman's Tales: Poor Communication

Meghan Rayburn

Everyone is a woolhead in Wheel of Time, and every character makes sure all the other characters know it. Some of the funniest and most infuriating dialogue happens when one stubborn fool meets another and sparks fly.


from wot-tidbits


This week I present to you "Poor Communication" and the hilarity that ensues. Broken down to the most basic components, the entire series would look something like this:


Quick Summary of the Wheel of Time

Elayne: I'm right.

Nynaeve: No I'm right.

Egwene: I'm more right.

Siuan: Fish guts, I'm right.

Moiraine: The wheel weaves as the wheel wills. But I'm right.

Elaida: You guys are still here?

Cadsuane: *Sips tea and stares* You should listen to me, because I'm right.

Rand: brb not listening to any of you

from embrace-saidar


Or there's the classic sitcom punchlines:


Adventures of Nynaeve and Elayne:  

Nynaeve: Okay, we have to stop the Black Ajah from doing bad things, and here is how we're going to do it.

Elayne: Actually we shouldn't do that, we should do this other thing.

Nynaeve: Don't be silly

Elayne, that's a horrible idea!

*five seconds later*

Nynaeve: Wait! I have a better plan! *says Elayne's plan word for word*

Elayne: *sighs* Okay, Nynaeve

from knifeeared


Oh, Nynaeve. I love you, girl, but you are so guilty of this.


Siuan:   By the Light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, I swear to serve you in whatever way you require for as long as you require

Siuan:   lol jk

from page537


Can't believe Gareth bloody Bryne got sucked into that one, but he certainly wasn't as naive as our main characters when they were lil' babies living in Emond's Field. Famous last words: "It was going to be the best Bel Tine ever."


Moiraine: Boys, don't do the thing

Mat: Bye Moirane! Gonna do the thing!

Rand: Ta'veren! Gotta do the thing!

Perrin: Arf

from page537


As a final thought, I was thinking that I would love to someday do a post (or maybe a monthly feature) featuring hilarious comments from around Dragonmount. If you post a great comment on this blog or another Dragonmount blog, you just might get featured here on "Gleeman's Tales."


The Light illumine you, have a nice week!

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You need to check out Barid Bell Me dar. His quote banner comes from me during the cage match last year.

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