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Gleeman's Tales: Drinking Game

Meghan Rayburn

I'm sure many of you have already seen or briefly glanced at the Wheel of Time Wiki's Drinking Game, but if not I thought I would share the glorious hilarity of it here. Since this has been around a while, I suppose this is kind of another Throwback post? Throwback Thursday (on a Wednesday) Part 2!


First of all, the disclaimer:


Disclaimer: The following is intended for humour. If you’re stupid enough to actually play it, you probably deserve the damage to your liver and brain that will inevitably result.

Sounds like something Nynaeve would say.


Events requiring one drink:

  • The Wheel of Time is mentioned or alluded to (apart from the first paragraph of chapter 1).
  • Rand wishes he could deal with women as well as Mat, or even Perrin.
  • Mat wishes he could deal with women as well as Rand, or even Perrin.
  • Perrin wishes he could deal with women as well as Mat, or even Rand.
  • Nynaeve tugs her braid.
  • Thom blows out his mustaches.
  • A female character sniffs.
  • A female character folds her arms beneath her breasts.
  • A female character smooths her skirts.
  • A man is caught in his smallclothes.
  • A woman threatens to box a man’s ears.
  • Min has a vision, but doesn’t understand it. (Note: If Min has several visions all at once relating to a group of people gathered together, that only counts as one.)
  • Perrin or Egwene has a prophetic dream.
  • Mat wins money by gambling.
  • Birgitte gives Nynaeve sex tips.
  • An Aiel complains about how weak wetlanders are.
  • Rand determines that he must become "harder." The use of the word hard is essential. Bonus drink if Rand compares himself to some form of metal or rock when describing his hardness.
  • Someone other than Rand comments on how much harder he has become. Explicit use of "hard" is not necessary.
  • Somebody quotes a prophecy.
  • A prophecy (including a prophetic dream) is fulfilled.
  • Loial complains about humans being all hasty.
  • Mat gets pissed off by Egwene, Nynaeve, or Elayne.
  • Cadsuane says 'Phaw!'
  • Mat has a flashback.
  • Birgitte refers to something that happened during the Trolloc Wars or the time of Artur Hawkwing.
  • Mat speaks the Old Tongue
  • An Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah turns out to be a darkfriend. (Does not count if she was revealed to be Black Ajah as soon as she was introduced.)
  • You find yourself thinking the series is starting to get like a soap opera.

Just that right there is enough to knock a person out in the first 20 pages! The wiki page goes on to mention events requiring two, three, and four drinks, but I won't list them all here.



Hopefully you got a good laugh today. The Light illumine you!

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