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Fantasy Review: Kushiel's Dart


The review might contain a few spoilers.


Kushiel's Dart

by Jacqueline Carey




The story revolves around Phedre. She is a child of the Night Court but she was born with an imperfection in a place where any sort of imperfection is unacceptable. The imperfection is a red mote in her eye which actually marks her as chosen of one of the gods, Kushiel. She is sold to a House of the Night Court who later sells her to a man named Delaunay with a mysterious past. Not long after she receives a warning that she would curse the day she learns Delaunay's past. Meanwhile, she starts a new life in Delaunay's household where she is taught how to observe and how to think. But when Delaunay and his household is killed and she is sold into slavery to Skaldians she learns of a plot which threatens her country and warn her people of the danger.




The plot is interesting and Delaunay's history keeps you going when the story seems to be stretching with nothing interesting happening. There are some stories which can be related to the real world which makes it easier to understand but there is a big twist in the way they are expressed.  It's interesting how the plot twists and changes and how Delaunay's teachings help Phedre save the day.




There are parts which are boring where it seems that the story would not progress. Either I was in a great hurry or there were just huge gaps between important events. And sometimes even important events stretched for so long that they didn't seem important anymore. With nothing interesting even happening, slowly the suspense begins to die at times.


Night Court. I don't like the concept of this whole stream of thinking of Night Court, though it's understandable if seen through the history of the place. Some of the Houses are just creepy.



This book is good for reading when you want to read a story with love, romance, intrigue, and mystery. It is a good read when you are not in mood for a light story but neither want to attempt something huge. Well, almost any sort of mood would suit reading this.


My Rating

I give it 4 out of 5



If you are interested in reading this, you can buy it here at Dragonmount's eBook store.

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