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Fan Art Friday: Whitecloaks


It is time for another installation of "Fan Art Friday," and this month's topic is an ambiguous one: Whitecloaks!  Also called the Children of Light, I for one flip-flopped back and for a few times; are they good or bad?  It almost seemed to depend on which individual you were thinking of.  


The first bit of artwork I found made me laugh.  I am almost tempted to make little bookmarks out of it and pass them out at the next JordanCon.



New Children of the Light PSA ~ minniearts


This next piece shows my personal favorite Whitecloak: Galad Damodred.  The style this artist used reminds me of a playing card; deal me in!



The Knight ~ ToranekoStudios


I also wanted to show off a work of art done by one of our own members of Dragonmount!  I think this manga style lends a bit of cuteness to the often stern character that is Galad.



Galad Damodred ~ Dawnflower8


Eamon Valda is one Child of the Light that you don't have to bother asking if he is bad or not.  I think this piece really captures the scorn Valda is so well known for.



Soldier of Light ~ ianxfalcon


My last selection for this week is one that I think captures the real emotion I get from most Children of Light in the series: condescension.  They tend to think that they are better than others, and have a real sense of disdain for anyone who is not one of them.  This I think is captured by the quite literal way in which he is turning his nose up.



Child of Light ~ AndreaRule


That's all for this week; stay tuned for next month's "Fan Art Friday!"

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