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Fan Art Friday: The Children of the Light


One of our more popular requests for Fan Art Friday is the Children of the Light. Disparagingly known as "Whitecloaks", this is an independant military organization dedicated to wiping out the Shadow and hunting Darkfriends where ever they might be. Their symbol is a golden sunburst.




This is Galad by ToranekoStudios Galad is free from many of the prejudices that plague the Children. His own sister is an Aes Sedai and he trained for a time in Tar Valon with the Warders. While Galad is notorious for always doing the right thing, no matter the cost, he knows the difference between a regular adversary and one sent by the Shadow.




This is a pretty cool version of the Children's sunburst. It looks like it was done in neon lights. It's by LMSP




This is a great comic book inspired version of a Child by Glenn Art. I love the pose. It looks like it's about to real where ever he is.


And that's all I've got for today. If you've got suggestions, please send them too jennifer@dragonmount.com

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