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Fan Art Friday: Symbols


Welcome to Fan Art Friday! This week's theme is symbols. Just a note here that many of the artworks used were made as wallpapers.


Symbols are an important part of The Wheel of Time. From the Aes Sedai rings to the Dragon pins; from the servant of all symbol to various flags and chapter icons we see. The most common symbols are the Great Serpent, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Dragon's Fang and the Wheel of Time. Here are some artworks using symbols.


Wheel of Time Wallpaper by Darksider0


Great Serpent with representations of saidar and saidin.


Wheel of Time pile-on by thequiet1k


A lot of symbols. How many can you guess?


The Wheel of Time by Darksider0


Another way of seeing the Wheel with saidar and saidin


The Wheel of Time by ajkareze


Saidar and saidin are in the center of the Wheel of Time with seven spokes for the seven Ages.


The Fires of the Wheel by SakamotoKaito


The Wheel of Time on a background of fire.


Saidin vs Saidar by spiritofthewillow


Saidar with Nynaeve, and saidin with Rand, symbolizing the dual forces of the One Power.

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