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Fan Art Friday: Storytelling Through Art (Part 1)


To preface, I know almost nothing about comic strips, comic books, storyboarding, and the difference between Japanese manga and the American graphic novel. If you're deeply passionate about the distinction between these unique and beautiful forms of storytelling-through-art, you may be appalled by my treatment of them over the next two weeks. Being the ignoramus that I am, I plan to just lump them all together to bring you the best of what I'm going to call "multi-panel" Wheel of Time art.


Each of the works featured today and next week either represents or reinterprets a scene from The Wheel of Time. Follow the links or click on the images for the full-size versions. :wink:



1. Maradon by liruichen


Scene: Towers of Midnight, Chapter 32, "A Storm of Light". Rand rescues the city of Maradon by singlehandedly destroying an army of Shadowspawn.


The artist submitted this for the "Badassery" contest hosted last summer by the Wheel of Time fan art group on deviantART. I have to say, it was one of my favorite submissions. This painting gives me more chills than the scene in the books did.





2. Apocalypse Perrin: Redux by johnplaystuba


Scene: Knife of Dreams, Chapter 30, "Outside the Gates," and Towers of Midnight, Chapter 47, "A Teaching Chamber." Perrin rescues Faile from Malden. Later, he recounts his adventures to Mat and Thom.


If you liked Perrin's story arc in the middle of the series (what the artist refers to as the "Plotline of Doom"), you may not want to read this hilarious reinterpretation of it. BE WARNED--his construal is probably not for diehard fans.





3. Page 100--The Shadow Rising by Kimiko (Nadia Attlee):


Scene: The Shadow Rising, Chapter 4, "Strings." Mat moans to Thom about being stuck in Tear.


Just a bit of well-executed cuteness.





4. Wheel of Time 10 page 2. Lines by Andy Tong, colors by Nicolas Chapuis (BoOoM)


Scene: The Eye of the World, Chapter 14, "The Stag and Lion." In one of the many dreams the three boys have of Ba'alzamon, he attempts to turn Rand to the Shadow by encouraging him to drink from a jeweled goblet.


A discussion of multi-panel adaptations of the Wheel of Time wouldn't be complete without including a page from the official Wheel of Time comic book adaptation by Dynamite Entertainment. This is my favorite of the pages posted online by the colorist before the text was added.



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The Perrin strip--Thom's line has me on the floor!! This perfectly captures my frustration with Perrin's story line. Brilliant.

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I agree... "And what do you mean by <<books>>?" :D

Great topic, can't wait to see some more, and especially the comic ones.

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i like in the 1st picture how Rand is just strolling, and than BOOM, multikill. I think the Perrin arc would have been much batter if it went like that, But my guess is that Jordan just needed to stretch time (Perrin needed to be doing smth until he could catch up with the others). Btw love the style of the last two.

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