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Fan Art Friday: Presenting Endave


Happy weekend DM’ers! Now this week I was planning on showing you guys something other than digital painting, and then I stumbled over a new artist, and I just had to share his works with you!


Today I’d like to introduce you to Endave, or David E. He’s made a lot of Wheel of Time fan art! I’m going to feature some of it here, but I do hope you’ll go check out his DeviantArt gallery afterwards! Link at the bottom of the post.


My favorite thing about Endave’s art, is how he uses details. Some parts of an image will be really sharp and highly detailed, the rest will be more roughly painted. It’s a great way of drawing the eye to the important parts of the image, and enhances it greatly.



Thom Merrillin


This is Thom charging at the Myrdraal in The Eye of the World. I don’t have words for this picture really; it’s astonishing and mesmerizing. Thom is one of my favorite characters, and this capture is one of his finest moments, the moment I personally fell for him.



Wisdom of the Two Rivers


It’s refreshing to see a painting of Nynaeve before leaving Emond’s Field! I love her expression, her body language says she’s tense and annoyed, but the face shows uncertain and fragile she can be. Excellent capture! The surroundings makes me want to see more of Emond's Field!


Next up we have two different portraits of Egwene:



Egwene Al’vere


Again a portrait back in Emond’s Field before the adventures ever start. It’s Egwene at Bel Tine, and it’ll have to be the year before The Eye of the World starts, since her hair is still loose. The soft, flowing background gives the image an ethereal quality, and I don’t know if this was the artists’ intention, but the flowing fabric in the background can be seen as a subtle foreshadowing of Egwene’s destiny.



Flame of Tar Valon - Egwene Al’vere


And here we have a portrait of the Amyrlin. A bit older, and loads more mature. I like that she’s in a white dress; a strong nod to how she was a forced "novice" and the Amyrlin at the same time. I also really like the architecture in the background; it’s supposed to be Tar Valon, and all the bridges and towers look good!



Madness - Rand Al’thor


What is there to say… A perfect representation of how it must feel like to be Rand around The Gathering Storm! The rough lines are great at showing the emotion, it’s a high-impact picture! That's of course Callandor in the foreground.



Ash’man Kill!


Since we had a picture from Dumai’s Well last week, I just had to include this. The battle of Dumai’s Well is probably one of the toughest things I’ve ever read, and the appearance of the Asha’man was, for me, just shocking. We’d seen over and over how difficult it was for Aes Sedai to be able to use the Power to attack, and then we see the Asha’man just explode with attacking power. A very strong mental image, and this is a very good physical capture of it. I especially like the depiction of Taim and his Dragon coat!



That's it for this week! As always do please tell me what you think of this weeks batch, and go look at the rest of Endave's DeviantArt gallery! This is a quarter of his gallery, and the rest is well worth looking at!

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