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Fan Art Friday: Getting Some Perspective


Most people hear the word "foreshortening" and go, "Huh?"


Most artists hear the word "foreshortening" and run for the hills.


Perspective drawing tricks like foreshortening are some of the most powerful tools in an artist's toolbox, and the most difficult to use. They differentiate the masters from the mere mortals like myself.


This week, I've decided to face my fear of foreshortening and get a little perspective.


1. No Crying over Spilt Peas by Makena:


Here's an ambitious and beautifully executed depiction of Mat's inability to stay out of trouble.

The scene shown here is from Chapter 2 of The Shadow Rising, in which a bubble of evil strikes and his playing cards attack him.





2. Lan Mandragoran by solitarium:


This amazing Malaysian fan artist isn't afraid of perspective (and here's another great one he did of Birgitte Silverbow).





3. Race to the Stone by Forbis:


I will never get tired of featuring this artist's work. Here's a fun one she did of Mat breaking into the Stone of Tear (Chapter 54, The Dragon Reborn).





4. Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn by Ariel Burgess (ReddEra on deviantART, and here is her Facebook page):


The perspective on this painting is pretty subtle. Why have I chosen it for this week's theme? Two reasons:

1. Sometimes a subtle use of perspective is all that's needed. Notice how we're looking up at Rand, rather than dead-on. This technique forces us to take a subservient position, making him appear more powerful. The artist's flawless use of perspective and posture (and Rand's crazed expression) makes this my favorite depiction of Rand--not just of ReddEra's works, but of all the depictions of Rand that have landed in my Wheel of Time art collection over the last ten or so years.

2. Ta'veren Tees just announced they will be producing and selling official Wheel of Time playing cards featuring this artist's work. So, a celebratory feature was definitely in order!



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I agree with you about Makena's work; I really wish we could get him to JordanCon for our art show. And of course Ariel (ReddEra) was there for the Taveren Tees announcement for the cards. Next year should be fantastic!

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just kidding :)


i have seen them all.

nothing new for this friday :(


I'll have to look for some more obscure art :) Unfortunately, it's a fairly small art community ... since you follow it, you've probably seen most of the great stuff before!

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