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Fan Art Friday: Faile


Sorry about last week everyone. It was one of those perfect storms of obligation, plus another round of illness. The last month and half or so for me has been pretty busy and last week was the culmination of quite a few things. But enough of that. You don't care about me. You just want some sweet, sweet fan art.


Faile seems to be one of those love/hate characters. She's pretty young, even compared to the other protagonists who are in their late teens and twenties, and she's not a big of the direct, open, honest communication thing. Her marriage to Perrin isn't always hugs and puppies and a good portion of that comes from her stubborn refusal to just tell Perrin why she's upset.


But despite those flaws, Faile truly loves her husband. She's brave, intelligent and cunning. She is fiercely protective of her people and feels a great responsibility to them. Perrin may have earned his lordship through brave deeds, but Faile that teaches him what that means and how to perform the role.




This fantastic watercolor by Seeshi_suin captures some of that strong character. Faile is never described as "beautiful" or even "pretty". But even with that, she would be someone you'd still look at and pay attention to. You can see her strong nose and slightly tilted eyes. The pose the artist gave her, especially that little head tilt, indicates a strong personality. I think this really captures her well.




This version of Faile by anti-ignoramus also includes her totem animal, the falcon. "Faile" means falcon in the Old Tongue and it's the nickname her father used for her and everyone always says it suits her better than her given name. I like the detailing on her dress. It seems like a very Faile kind of outfit. Rich, without being elaborate or impractical. She is a woman of action.




aiconx's version of Faile is dressed a little sexier than I imagined, but I think still does her justice. I like the inclusion of the fans. It almost looks like she was interrupted in the middle of dancing the sa'sara.


Before I close this up, one thing I've had questions on lately is "How do I get featured on Fan Art Friday"? There's really no process. I just take an hour or two each week and Google like crazy until I have three or four pieces I like for whatever theme I'm going for. If you've got something you want to make sure I see, either upload it to the Dragonmount Gallery. I always check there first. Or, if you have it somewhere else, email me a link. My email address is Jennifer@dragonmount.com. If I can fit it into a theme, I'll use it. I also appreciate suggestions for themes you'd like to see. I've also been known to post things I like, but decide not to use on Tor.com's official Wheel of Time Facebook portal, which I am the host of. So either way, it'll be seen by a lot of fans.

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