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  1. About the first one... It is based on of photograph I took, which is here http://unefleur.deviantart.com/gallery/11000569#/d232898 . The artist asked permission which I granted though! I like the end result :)
  2. KatrinSedai

    Fanart, Mostly

    My very own Wheel of Time fanart: sketches, digital paintings... Done either traditionally or with a graphic tablet and Photoshop. You can also have a look at me DeviantArt if you like what you see! unefleur.deviantart.com
  3. My profile is crappy, but I'm too lazy to pimp it up tonight.

  4. Here's my own rendition of Egwene on DeviantArt .. I'm just so addicted to WoT fanart, I'll be keeping my eyes open for the next threads :)
  5. Thank you! Actually I was wondering wether I'd give a try at RP or just hang around the community ... I've never tried it before in other series, because I just did not feel 'into it' enough to get in that much involvment with a fictional world. BUT, the WoT world seems a very interesting and fun one to RP in! Anyways, if someone could point me in the right direction for Level zero Newbies ? :P Thank you!
  6. Not sure how this exactly works, but hey. Might as well introduce myself here! Hello hello, my name's Catherine, I'm 18 and I live in Quebec, Canada. I'm a newcomer to the series, began earlier this year. I just started reading A Crown of Swords, can't wait to finish the whole thing so I don't fear spoilers anymore! >.< My two favorite characters are Rand and Mat (well up to now, maybe I won't like how they turn out further in the story!). Rand because he is HOT. And because I realte to him so very much. Mat, well, he's such a badass and it's like every woman in there treats him bad, he really does not get the credit he deserves. I love him. No matter what he does! Ha! Enough chatter. I'm off for a look around! :) The Light shine on y'all hehe!! :P
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