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Fan Art Friday: Dragonmount's Gallery


Instead of a theme this week, I thought I'd just browse through Dragonmount's Gallery and see what's been posted recently. If you don't know, Dragonmount's Gallery is free to use and lets you display your art to an appreciative community of fans. So if you've got Wheel of Time art, consider hosting it here.


src='http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/uploads/1287131573/gallery_1227_35_837261.jpg' alt='Young Moiraine Keepin it Real' />


This one caught my eye because of the title: "Young Moiraine, Keepin It Real". I don't think it's a particular scene from the books (if it is, it's probably from her testing for Aes Sedai), but I like the idea of an action scene with Moiraine and the composition is very nice. It's a very good sketch overall. You can see more of Liriuchen's art here.


This next image has small spoilers for Towers of Midnight. Nothing that would ruin your enjoyment of the book however. I just feel obligated to give the warning.


src='http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/uploads/1290330182/gallery_11250_61_411751.jpg' alt='Tarmon Gaidon' />


This one has been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter since Towers of Midnight was released. It's the details, I think, that make it such an instant classic. You have Perrin with his hammer, Mat with, well, he's just being Mat, and Rand holding Callandor, maimed hand behind his back and green grass growing around his feet. You can see the rest of Demander's gallery here.


src='http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/uploads/1295656414/gallery_18049_71_60857.jpg' alt='WOT Perrin' />


This is a scene I don't think I've ever seen illustrated before. It's Perrin verses the Whitecloaks in the stedding. You can see Egwene huddled behind Perrin under Hawkwing's hand and one of the slain wolves (Hopper?) at his feet. The style on this one is interesting. The pen and ink style always looks very old fashioned to me. This is by isamux.


If you're interested in having your art featured on Fan Art Friday, the Artists, Writers and Crafters Group on Dragonmount is doing a challenge this month. The theme for February is "Love", so if you have a piece of Wheel of Time fan art that fits that theme, post it on the forums and I'll choose my favorites to post next month.

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Kudos to Demander for his rendition of Tarmon Gaidon, looks pretty sweet. I thought it was pretty clever to include the grass growing underneath Rand's feet.

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Demander's rendition of the three Ta'veren is OUTSTANDING. Best rendition of them I've seen (including the professional work for the books, ebooks, and comics). This is really how I picture them.

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Demander's Perrin looks a bit like Gerrard Butler.



Awesome artwork.

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I love the picture with all three of them. I have to say that it's one of the best I've seen.

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