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Fan Art Friday: Charles Vess


Hello all! I'm back from Dragon*Con and slightly more together than I have been for the last month. And as promised, I have a special treat to make up for being as flaky as I've been recently.


As previously covered on Dragonmount, Tor Books has been re-releasing the series as eBooks. The original plan was to release all the main series books, along with the prequel novel New Spring AND the young adult editions as eBooks complete with new cover art. For the young adult editions, they also commissioned new interior art.


To catch everyone up who might not know, The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt were each split into two books and marketed as young adult editions. Not only was new cover art painted by Charles Keegan, but interior art was commissioned as well.


Unfortunately, Tor has decided not to publish these editions as eBooks after all. Luckily for us though, Charles Vess and Tor Books have graciously given permission for Dragonmount to host these images in our gallery for fans to enjoy. I've selected a few to highlight for Fan Art Friday this week.




This is what would have been the "cover" of the eBook. It looks like it features all three ta'veren plus Egwene fighting Trollocs. One of the things I like about these images is the very old fashioned fairy-tale illustration quality they have. I'm not sure if it's as good a fit for the tone of the story, but it's very striking and distinctive. I particularly like the contrast between the brightly colored figures in the foreground, and the more drab Trollocs in the background. It makes things really pop.




This one looks like Trollocs attacking Emond's Field or the al'Thor farmhouse. The expression on the Trolloc's face is adorable. "Come back!" he says. "I just want to snuggle!" The detail of shading and line on this is just amazing. I keep stopping to look at it again.




Rand eavesdropping on Moiraine and Egwene. I love how it manages to be detailed and yet ethereal at once.




Ahhh! Moiraine! Scary, spooky Moiraine! This one is my favorite. I love her "This is totally no thing, guys. I do it all the time." half smile.


To see the other images (there are eleven total) please visit our gallery. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/gallery/album/137-charles-vess-album/

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Mashiara Sedai


These are very good. Although I personally like the fairy tale-type theme, I agree that it's not particularly fitting for the Wheel of Time. Even so, the rest of the pictures are amazing! I love Fan Art Friday!



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I read an anthology called, "The Green Man," with fantastic cover art by Charles Vess. I loved it - that genre was definitely the perfect fit for his talent.

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