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Fan Art Friday: Aes Sedai


Would you believe that I had this done and then something hiccuped and I lost everything? So annoying. I had to redo this from scratch in a hurry. But I think I found even better art this time around for you.


This week, we're looking at the women of the White Tower. The Aes Sedai are a huge part of Robert Jordan's story. The Tower itself is the backdrop of many plotlines and a good chunk of the female characters are either Aes Sedai, or have trained at some point to be Aes Sedai.




First up is this portrait of Leane by Fee-Absinthe. Leane was Siuan's Keeper of the Chronicles until her stilling. Not knowing if she's ever be able to channel again, she turned to being a sexpot for something else to fill her time. It's kind of fun watching a woman who had denied herself sexuality for so long, decide to complete own it. This portrait captures that transition I think.




Elaida, by sicilianvalkyrie Elaida is a Sitter for the Reds, who masterminds a coup against Siuan Sanche and becomes Amyrlin herself. The Tower coup is the shattering that sets a good deal of the plot in motion making Elaida a key character. She has now held prisoner by the Seanchan and by all reports, she is NOT a good damane.




Ah, Liandrin. She pretty much drips "Black Ajah" from the moment we see her. This is by ravenwing136


And that's all I've got time for today. I'll have to do this theme again and see if I can find some of what I originally used.


Speaking of time, I'll be Chairing JordanCon next weekend. I may not have time to write this column ahead of time so it can run while I'm gone. So if you don't hear from me, you know what's going on. And if you'll be at the convention, be sure and say "Hi" to me.

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I always envisioned Elaida to be chunkier and a lot meaner looking, Liandrin... thats a pretty good start on a mean looking woman, but not ageless enough.

Very good artwork though

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Mashiara Sedai


The picture of Leane is stunning! It really shows her Domani side. Elaida also looks very good; I think it captured her meanness. Its funny to remember that Liandrin is a beautiful woman. The picture does a good job of reminding me. Very nice all around!

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I agree with starvinator; I've always pictured Imelda Staunton in my head when I read about Elaida. She's the one who played Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter movies. Put too much makeup on her for that slightly pinched, ageless look and I think she'd be perfect.

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