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"Moiraine and Lan" Tees Available for Preorder

Mashiara Sedai

Ta'veren Tees is releasing a new "Moiraine and Lan" shirt design, featuring the artwork of Paul Bielaczyc.


The Wheel weaves as it wills, and it has willed a brand new shirt featuring everyone's favorite Blue Aes Sedai and her stone-faced Warder! The new "Moiraine and Lan" design with art by Paul Bielaczyc is available for PREORDER in both men's and women's styles now at:


Men's: www.TaverenTees.com/moirainelan

Women's: www.TaverenTees.com/moirainelanfem


This is our first shirt design released on the all new, redesigned TaverenTees.com, which is also now available as TheWheelofTimeStore.com. The new site features WoT jewelry, as well as costumes and art in addition to tee shirts, calendars, posters, coins, and playing cards.


You can read more of the release on our blog at: http://blog.taverentees.com/2014/03/moiraine-and-lan-tees-available-for.html


http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/uploads/gallery/album_189/med_gallery_6827_189_97032.jpg   http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/uploads/gallery/album_189/med_gallery_6827_189_152616.jpg

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